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Stand-in Chapter Five 98

By Triangle-cat
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Stand-in Chapter Five 98

"Something Just Like This" The Chainsmokers & Coldplay - Piano Orchestral Pop Cover by David Solis
Recently I quite enjoy listening to this cover before sleeping, and I think it may be a good choice when you read this update, too.

By the way, the film tape is the real thing. Thank my dad for letting me have the old ones.

(and here's some ranting about DA : Now it's A LOT more difficult for me to manage the activity notifications on the new version and we can't switch back anymore. This website is still the most ideal platform for me considering my art's form. But why would you do this?!)

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○ Ask the author before you do anything with the comic
○ Relationship: Sans x Frisk

○ Undertale belongs to Toby Fox
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I keep coming back and rereading this particular set of pages. First, because they are absolutely gorgeous- the lines and composition are so interesting and dynamic, it really pulls you into the comic while reading!

Second... well, many people agree that Sans might not remember the resets... but he is aware that they are happening. And for someone who has depression, the idea that everything will eventually just... disappear and that choices don't matter... that is a very, very trapping thought. It is represented very well in this comic, without him even having to say "im sad because of resets." the way many will do. You showed it visually!! I hope that makes sense.

And lastly, the relationship between Frisk and Sans! That is... such a difficult thing to show, the love between two people that can become saving. The gentleness and kindness of it.

Aaaa I hope this comes across the way I would like - this comic has been such a delight to read <3

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Oh my. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful review.

Yeah, this is one of the most important parts in chapter 5 for me (it's Sans' confession, after all) So I did take it prudently. Although I could share a lot about Sans, Frisk, and their relationship, I still prefer to show them through the comic.

But what you say is true, personally I believe Sans and Frisk could have the most unique relationship based on their background and characteristic.

Thanks again. It's really nice to know how you enjoy it<3

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It's just amazing how you can complete a page this long in a month or two

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Thank you for the recognition, friend.

I just want to do something that makes me and maybe some others happy. Even though my arm has some injuries at the moment, I will still make the comic progress whenever I can.

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Are you dead?

Why there no update

Triangle-cat's avatar

Not yet.

Read the FAQ or the last line of BIO. You're welcome.

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I read all the chapters up to this in a day and I'm longing for another! My heart tho nuuu

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Thanks! Glad you like the comic!

GingaNingaxox's avatar

Np! hows it coming along?

Triangle-cat's avatar

Not bad. still in the progress. :)

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Aww don't cry!! *bring tissues and hug*

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Okay i accidentally went to your account while typing my comment and when i pressed to go back it was all gone

So here's essentially what it was:


Wow this story was amazing i read it all in a few hours

Thanking you for going through the work of making and drawing this amazing story

I can't imagine how much work went into making all this

Thanking you again for making this

Laughing at the reasonable image width and the insane image length (not that i was complaining)


Btw this was all typed out on my tablet so now my thumbs hurt for having to type all this lmao

Anyways thanks for making this.

Hope you have a great day/night/year/life/whatever

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Thank you so much for trying so hard just for giving me your support <3

glad you enjoy this comic. yeah, the strips appear long and I think it's the best way for people to read them both on PCs and mobile phones, so I guess the length isn't that "insane" ;)

And hope you can take good care of your fingers!

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I'm curious as to why i couldn't zoom into the images on my tablet and had to open the images in New tabs

I too hope i can keep my fingers from turning inside out

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You don't have to "zoom in" though. Just click the image twice and it will be presented in full size, or you can just download the picture instead.

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oowwwiiiiiiiiiii Omg so cute

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The tape seemed drawn in the comic until I've read the description and looked closely. It blends perfectly, very nice touch.

-I was waiting for a new page for so looooooong aaaaaaaa-
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Thank you! Using a ready-made item was a new attempt and I was honestly a bit worried about if it would work. But I believe trying something new will eventually bring me some useful experience with the creation.

Thanks for waiting for soooo looking and it will be like that again... but you will see the new pages as long as I can get them done xD

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Well I'm glad you decided to try something new, the result was LIT :D and do take as much time as you need, I will always have enough patience for your comic c:
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Your comic was always a big inspiration for me and with each new episode, I get the same excitement as in those early times when I first started to read it :') Thank you for the effort you put in this comic but please don't forget to take care of yourself! No pushing yourself too much for drawing! ;P

Triangle-cat's avatar

Aw, you<3

I can't thank you enough for being super supportive. And your arts are my inspiration, too (I know you're still changing and testing your art style, which is good. and I love it anyway)

Thanks for your caring as well. will do, and same to youˊˇˋ

edensmooth's avatar

It's impressive that you managed to like it even though I change it every 10 seconds. %100 respect! 😂 But god I'm really flattered by your words, I am really glad my art somehow interests you! And, yeah, I don't know how supportive I am to you but I try my best to be right beside you and support you whenever you want me to! I have a big respect on people who keep up with long projects and not complain even once. Your patience really inspires me a lot y'know (*^▽^*)

Wish you have a great day! (*~▽~)

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