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Stand-in Chapter Five 92

By Triangle-cat
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Stand-in Chapter Five 92

The next part needs some more arrangements, so let me just put up a rather small update now.

And Merry Christmas everybody! Christmas La 

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○ Relationship: Sans x Frisk

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Toriel just can't take that blindfold seriously can she? Then again I don't think anyone could. lmao

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Because it looks annoying when Sans's speaking with that mask xD

mangaanime4life's avatar

That mask that sans is wearing is gonna hunt me in my sleep

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Now whenever I picture Sans he's in that mask...

Triangle-cat's avatar
Talk about correctly visualizing Sans ;) (Wink) 
DarkIllusionists's avatar

Yes, but actually no. 😂

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LazarixGamingWarrior's avatar
Sometimes it's hard to take Sans seriously with that mask on. XD
Triangle-cat's avatar
You don't have to ;) (Wink) 
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yes do enlighten us sans
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I can understand why Sans wouldn't want any outsiders involved in this case. It's certainly unheard of and involving unfamiliar individuals can have risks

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Yep. Not to mention Sans was aware of something suspicious among the human group. 
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Oh new episode

Now waiting next update

Fall asleep
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I dunno how I want to read this comic serious or not but Sans wear the mask that kinda makes me confusion XD

In panel 6

Sans: Yes, but no actually

In panel 7

Toriel be like:
Alright Sans, I start getting tired of your hiding some shit from me  Angry Toriel Icon 

(This is a joke plez don't kill me :') )

Also at the end of the panel, I know this is hard to do that Sans will explain "everything" to Toriel  (this is not pretty end well but still, Toriel really need to know the truth for what Sans plans of about it)

And Merry Xmas Triangle Cat :)
I hope you have a nice day ^^
Triangle-cat's avatar
Of course I won't kill you. I like how you put that Toriel's emoji there xDD

Basically Sans is in a pretty awkward position: They need humans' help but they don't know who can be actually trusted.
So that's the thing he and Alphys had to deal with. And the method might not be plain "decent" to Toriel's standard...
Anyway, we'll see more of it :)

I appreciate your greeting. Merry Christmas and I hope you can have a great new year, too!Love 
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Thank you :'>

And happy new year 2020 to you too
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Goatmom is NOT happy.
Triangle-cat's avatar
She's just being serious :)
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Oh, i am really enjoy this story :> Waiting for thenext :3 Merry KRIStmas, Triangle-catSans Flirt. Underswap Sans Icon 
Triangle-cat's avatar
Thanks so much and Merry Christmas & Happy new year!! 
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