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This is the front cover of "Stand-in" Undertale fan comic.

The first page

Undertale belongs to Toby Fox
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Sounds like an anime.

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That’d be annoying 
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sounds like a lovesick comedy DX 
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Before I enter I thought it was soriel, because I thought sans had to take care of frisk and chara with toriel, my mind XD. Anyway, this looks interesting, this looks like troubles in love because of the share the same body someone who he hates and someone who he loves. 
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hahaha yeah, Toriel here actually has nothing to do with sans. So she didn't show up on the second cover xD
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Poor Sans, that just sucks, and definitely explains Sans over protectiveness of Frisk.  But seriously, bad luck man.  Plus nice, cover, I love Stand-In covers, and ur Stand-In stuff in general, & ur Undertale etc stuff, and all ur work in general, esp. ur Stand-In stuff, and I like the texts u have on top of the covers, they are funny, & tell a story all in its own.  Though, one critique.  I love the text at the top of ur covers, I however think it would flow better, and would be better grammatically if done like this, "What if the person you and the person you loathe share or shared the same body?", or "What if the person you love and the person you loathe both shared or shared the same body?" (If u are wondering why I'm saying share or shared, it's because I don't know which one would be better grammatically), instead what u have now.  It's a minor difference, and I understand what the text is saying, I love it a find it funny, and I think it completes your (Stand-In) covers, I just think it's better, & if u ever have time to go back and do it, that's cool, if not, well it's fine as well.  Anyways, I love this series, & ur other Undertale etc. stuff, and other stuff as well, and hope they lost a long time, and are completed from start to finish, though take ur time ur pages are incredibly and awesomely long, and ur art style looks difficult, I hope Frans lasts as well.  Sans, just looks fed up with this, & not knowing what to do, ohhhh, poor Sans, I know you will this out, a way to be happy with the one u love, and I way to deal with the one u hate, hopefully not a murderous way that could hurt or upset Frisk, because while Chara can be Chara, he is also inside Frisk's body, and since Frisk cares for both Sans & Chara, if anything happen to one or the other she would be upset, esp. if they did something bad to each other, she probably might not forgive.  Anyways, love this, time to catch up on this, and then wait for more of this/ur wonderful work.  :)
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When I start making this comic, I did not really know how to use English properly. So the language might not very natural sometimes although I'm improving.
I might not be able to change the early texts unless I have the time. But still thank you very much for your suggestion!
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Not really a fan of shipping like content, though I have to admit based of the cover and what ive read here and there, definitely an interesting concept
 Like im just imagining Sans is just hearing something like "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing" OR "Nightmare" (both by "Set It Off")  24/7 in his head 
Like well..... 
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I know there are some people read my comic while they don't ship frans. I'm glad you find the concept of the story interesting no matter what.
And thanks a lot for recommending the two songs of Set It Off, I really like them, especially the "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing" one (it really fits Sans' situation in my opinion). 
I wouldn't have a problem to let it stuck in my head 24/7 xD 
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yea , surprisingly A LOT of their songs can be apt to undertale, though some may be more on the Chara side. i mean... one of their songs is literally called "Partners in Crime" soooooooo.... (granted it depends on how far/how much you look into it may not be completely accurate.  Though the basis/ tone is definitely there, especially themes like "never take us alive" or "we will haunt you". The song ITSELF is more of a "Bonnie and Clyde" / "Joker and Harley Quinn" vibe)
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I love this comic so much, so i'm going to read it again! catching love 
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Aww I'm so glad! Please enjoy it  Hug 
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this look interesting story (just saw in the recommendation)
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wow may I ask where you saw the recommendation?
Just curious :)
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cute sans o.o
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Omg, this artwork is super awesome, and i love the story behind it!
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Thank you so much :)
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haha a friend rec this to me... this cover is really cute.. it says alot about the comic world your creating before i even start... 
nice job... also love the shading ... im not very good at that
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Thanks a lot. I'm glad you like this comic. Enjoy it, please. :)
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This is so cooolll!!!
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