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The dialogues are revised by several volunteers. They will be listed on the last thank post.

The Translations of Stand-in:…

The rules of Stand-in: (If you want to do anything with Stand-in comic, read this please)…

Commission me:…

*English is not my first language, so if there is any incorrect use in the dialogues, please let me know. Thank you.

*Being busy with life.

*There's no update schedule.

Stand-in FAQ

Stand-in FAQ

This is Stand-in’s FAQ prepared for Tumblr’s ask. Some information may be helpful in general, so let me just put up a DA version here, too. Q. What is Stand-in comic about? [The first concept art of Stand-in] Stand-in is a Frans comic where Frisk disappears over seven years after Chara’s power was counteracted. One night, Frisk returns without a sign. Everything starts to change within Sans, Frisk, and Chara; and their inner truths are going to be ultimately revealed.   Attention: This comic contains Sans x Frisk. Frisk is “she” and Chara is “he”. Please make sure it is acceptable for you before yo

Hitting 100 comic posts

Hitting 100 comic posts

The number of my comic posts has reached 100 already. Some talked about this and I also noticed it. I’m not going to draw a new picture for it (But you are welcome to draw me fan art if you want uwu). So this time, let me just put up something I never posted on my blog. First one: the outfits and character design of Undyne/Papyrus and the new character. And the design of seven researchers/scientists. It also includes the former designs of the cat man and......the eye mask Sans worn.  Yeah.  Finally, I will end it with the most recent drawing I made: Me drinking a cup of tea! I was drawing this for my new profile picture. But in the end, I still prefer not to change my current one. So I will just share it here. Maybe someday I will use it. Who knows? Thank everybody for reading. It’s amazing to have all your concern and support. Stay safe, healthy, and determined.

Temporary commission close

Temporary commission close

Hi folks! I just want to say that my commission will be temporarily closed. During the time, I will still continue Stand-in comic as much as I can. And when I reopen my commission, I will let everybody know. Please don’t worry! As always, thank you so so much for supporting my comic and arts in any way. (This meme is not relevant to the commission announcement. I just want to make it for the story(?

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Hello! I'm new to deviant, so I really don't know what I'm doing. I just wanted to tell you that you are amazing and so is your art! I hope nothing stops you from doing what you like. Thanks for posting!

Thank you very much! I'm glad you love this comic (and me?<3).


Yes lmao, luv u both <3 Should I love the comic for allowing me to discover this amazing person? Or should I love the amazing person for drawing it?? Huh.......

No matter which one you think you do, I'll appreciate it<3

I love how you expose the feelings, especially the fear of loss, despair, the feeling that everything is going too well and at any moment something really bad is going to happen ...

Thank you so much. It's my pleasure :)

I really love how sans talks to toriel, how he covers his face with his arm, it's so touchin'