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So after years of having a DA account and honestly, barely using it, I'm considering posting some of my graphics work here as deviations. Mostly wallpapers, icons, the occasional landscape/sky photograph and world textures. If I were to do that would anybody be interested? It's been a while since I posted any of my artwork anywhere, and it isn't what I used to consider the kind of art that could be put up here, but I know ideas about that have drifted over the years, so... testing the waters. And with that, I'll link a few existing walls (one of each size) and this sky photograph here and see what you think. Please, don't spare me if you don't like them, feedback of any kind helps me improve.

800 x 600
NCIS: Ziva David (also available in 1366x768)

1024 x 768
Pablo Neruda & brushes

1366 x 768
Mary McDonnell

1280 x 800
Sanctuary: Helen Magnus/Nikola Tesla (lyrics from 'Combat Baby' by Metric)

1920 x 1080
Doctor Who (2005): River Song/Eleventh Doctor (done by request; I've never had a screen this big)

(If anyone can source the brushes used on the first one, please do let me know, as the computer on which I made it was stolen some years ago and I've never been able to find them since!)

As I said at the top...any feedback is welcome. Icons can be browsed here, but if anybody's interested I may upload them over here in sets. Thanks for reading.
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Submitted on
July 4, 2014