Princess Revolution Issue 1 in stores now!

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By TriaElf9

Hi all! Some exciting news, I've revamped Princess Retribution and I'm now publishing it with Scout Comics! It comes out today in stores, and there are some copies available online at Scout's website so check it out there!

Princess Revolution 1 cover small by TriaElf9

It has all new art, some story fine-tuning, but it's still the princesses' stories ^_^ But yes, Issue 1 will be in comic stores in the US, and then in August the full trade will be available! All 5 chapters in one book ^_^ Preorders are likely to go up some point in the next month for those, and I'll drop that code here when it's available. Until then, keep an eye out for the comic, and it'd be really awesome if it does well! I hope you'll get a copy, if you're able!



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Congratulations! That's awesome :D Any advice on how to get hold of it for people who aren't in the States? 
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Ah yeah, mostly it's stores that work with Diamond distribution, and it's online on Scout Comics' website, but I don't think they ship outside the US. I have a few copies in my store though ( ) , and possibly the trade in August will be more widely available, as it has an ISBN ^_^