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A little Patreon support goes a long way! 
Not only making it possible for me to do the job I love full-time, it keeps the comics coming & lets me keep creating loads of new stories! 

Pathways will continue to update twice a week, and will update twice a week as long as we stay over the goal! 

Also, for this month only, any new patrons or patrons who increase their pledge will get this month’s monthly dragon special offer! A printable illustration and a websize version for your enjoyment ^_^

There are two new reward tiers as well, some levels that'll cover "How to Comics" ^_^ 

The lower level, Tips & Tricks, will give a compact lesson on that month's topic.
Tipsntricks by TriaElf9

The higher level, Deep Dive, will go into detail with more information and images, as well as the ability to ask follow up questions and pick my brain all month about said topic.
Deepdive by TriaElf9

For more information, check my post about it here!

*Patreon Exclusive Gag Strip!* I'm continuing my video game gag strips, but they will be Patreon exclusive! Early comics and up patrons will get a new one each month, and then the following month, that comic will unlock for all patrons. But only for patrons! So if you liked my gaming comics, now's a great time to become a patron! ^_^

Check the patreon out here! -->



Want a great way to support my comics and my artwork, and also get great rewards? 
Check out my Patreon!

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Happy to make my small contribution! Still a big fan of your comics!
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Oh, no contribution is small, they all mean so much to me! ^_^ Thank you so much, and I hope you continue to enjoy the comics! ^_^
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That's so awesome! I hope to contribute one day when I'm in a better financial situation. Good luck!
(Sorry if the lateness of this is weird, it's not often I check dA these days Sweating a little... )
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Not weird at all! It's an ongoing campaign, so it's open to whenever! ^_^ Thank you so much!
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Chihaya Yes Icon 
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Thank you! ^__^
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