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Whelp, it looks like that's a yes on the FAQ's ^_^

Always updating! Feel free to ask any questions at any time, and I'll update with the answers!

Do you do requests/art trades/commissions/will you look at my comic? 
I don't have the time for requests or art trades, but I do have a commission status page. I don't consult on comics, and don't really have the time to read over anyone else's comic for feedback, sorry!

What art program do you use for your comics?
I use Comicworks 2 Max, a Japanese program. There is an English Version, but it's very old, and doesn't have as many nice things as Version 2 Max.

What coloring program do you use?
I use Paint tool Sai, mostly, but with a little help from Photoshop 6 (yes, veery ancient version, not CS6) and occasionally some Open canvas.

You draw on the computer. What Tablet do you use?
I use a Wacom Cintiq 13hd

You live in Japan. Are you Japanese?
No, I'm not. Born and bred in the US. Same with my wife. We moved to Japan in 2009, and still live here. But we both speak Japanese ^_^

You have a lot of digital art in your gallery. Do you do any traditional?
Not often. Sometimes, I'll get the urge to copic marker something, or watercolor. I guess you could count hand painting figurines as traditional. My comics are entirely digital work, but my illustrations I tend to sketch on scrap paper and then scan the sketch in and use it as my sketch layer in Sai.

May I use your artwork for a youtube video/school presentation/icon/site wallpaper etc.
You're always free to use my work, but you must credit me ^_^ And of course, never claim it as your own ^_^

So I know you're a teacher but what does your wife do for a living?
I'm only a teacher part time, I mostly draw, but my wife also teaches English, English conversation specifically.

And why did you two decide to move to Japan?
The simple answer was that I found a job out here, but nothing at home ^_^ The long answer is that I majored in East Asian studies and minored in Japanese and I've wanted to move to Japan ever since I can remember. When I was young, we had many Japanese exchange students stay with us, so I grew up surrounded by the culture and the food, so it's always been a part of my life.

I was wondering how you learned to speak Japanese fluently. I've been trying for years but i just cant seem to remember it. And do you know the best English program to use to learn it?
I'm by nooooo means fluent, at all. ^_^;; I'm mostly conversational.
There is no one right way to learn any language, there's only the best way for you to learn. Find a way that helps you learn and go with that. I learn by association: I read something and remember hearing it elsewhere. (Ex: Oh "unmei", yeah, that means "fate", I remember because they wouldn't shut up about it in Escaflowne.) I use that same process to learn kanji too. I'd recommend some classes, you give you a base, and then there are tons of study programs that you can continue with. Find the one that helps you retain the most info.

I wanted to know what kind of games you and your wife play?
Well, when I actually have time to play, I play mostly JRPGs. Zelda, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Tales of games, etc. I also really love puzzle games ^_^ My wife likes strategy, tabletop and first person shooters ^_^

And what do you usually do in your free time or when you are not drawing or teaching?
I...draw. Like, it takes up pretty much all my free time. Sometimes I play some games, or paint a figurine, but usually, I just keep drawing. My non drawing free time is the commute to work on Wednesdays, and that's sometimes got story boarding in it. I read manga or books, but yeah. It's  not that much free time ^_^;;

What was the biggest culture shock you experienced when you moved to Japan?
Ah yes. I had something a bit weird...perhaps you could call it reverse culture shock? I was shocked that I wasn't shocked.
It definitely comes from the fact that I grew up immersed in the culture (spent a good deal of my childhood living with Japanese exchange students) and then all the studying in college put me over the top. It's gotten to the point where I'm getting confused by how things used to be back in the states.
If there is anything I was surprised at, it's not cultural really, but I have a fear of crowds, and I was utterly terrified when I went to NY back in high school, and even San Francisco can scare me. But while Tokyo is tiring to spend too long in, I'm not scared of the crowds there. I did not expect that ^_^;;

Do you ever do the tagging things or those things that say "I love you, pass this on, or YOU'RE A TERRIBLE PERSON"?
I don't. I don't have time to answer all those questions, though if you have a direct question, please ask. And I don't do anything that resembles a chain letter. So it's not that I don't like you, it's just that I don't do them.

Any other questions, please ask below! Seriously, as long as it's not a super personal question, or something like "I wanna draw better, please write me an essay on how to draw" I'll answer pretty much anything. So ask away! I'll add the questions to this list, and it'll always be linked to my journal in the header, so check back in for additions!


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Hi 👋🏼 I really admire how much talent and effort you put into your Peter Pan Manga webcomi, and stayed very truthful to the source materia. I was wondering if whether or not you’re planning to make physical copies of your series?