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ToaG: Naginata Weekend -- Panic by TriaElf9 ToaG: Naginata Weekend -- Panic by TriaElf9
So I had a Naginata weekend back in February, and I thought I'd do a little two parter on the things I panicked about vs the things I was, weirdly, totally okay with. Let's see if we can see a pattern... ^_-

So in the first panel, we're using the second level of practice naginata, the solid wooden one, one we don't practice as much b/c you have to be a certain level to learn it. So here I am going in cold, about to make a fool of myself in front of a room of higher level people ^_^;;

Then we have the practice for judging the Engi part of tournaments, and whenever there's a close vote, they always make us say why we voted the way we did and it's all OH GOOD now I get to explain in my second language a feeling I don't totally understand myself yet ^_^;;

So we stayed overnight in the budokan, and breakfast the next morning was like a billion little plates (which is standard) but I was so worried I wouldn't be able to eat it all and it would seem so rude to these super cool people I was with ^_^;;;

And the final panel is judging the matches which I'm really not great at telling what a hit is, coupled with the etiquette of being a judge and it's just generally AHHHHH

(also if you guessed that my panic is rooted in social anxiety, huzzah, you win internet points :P )

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March 24, 2018
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