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So back in June, I was invited to play in a Tal'dorei campaign (yay, more D&D!) where some of the other players are playing Vox Machina kiddos, so I thought hey, why not live the dream ^_^

I’m playing Ronan, a dwarf fighter (Battlemaster, with a glaive of course), who is the adopted child of Allura and Kima and when they’re not at home with their moms in Emon, they’re off wandering, discovering, and enjoying the world and life. I’ll also be doing a one shot with Ronan in Osaka with some Japan Critters and SUPER looking forward to it ^_^


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Ahhh, Allura and Kima's kid, that is fantastic! I love their character design, they look like they're ready to go on an adventure. A campaign full of Vox Machina kids sounds like a lot of fun :) 

Best of luck with the oneshot, too!
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Thank you so much! Oh yes, they love adventure ^_^

I can't wait! It's this weekend, and I'm super looking forward to it ^_^
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Oooh so lovely!! <33
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You're welcome!! <3
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What a fantastic character design! I really like the way you're framed it with the oval backdrop, it really makes it feel like we're peeking into Ronan's world. I love playing D&D too, so very happy to spot character artwork for it ^_^ Great work!
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Thank you! ^_^
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