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Phoenix Wright: A Summary

By TriaElf9
So, been replaying all the Gyakuten Saiban games recently, and I found an old comic that I'd sketched up a while back summarizing the Phoenix Wright story line of the Gyakuten Saiban series and one covering the first game of Gyakuten Kenji (thought I assume Gyakuten Kenji 2 will not deviate much, aside from the chess thing).

Soo, I figured I'd ink it. So, here we go! The Phoenix Wright central games summarized in 4 panels.


More Gyakuten/Phoenix Wright/AAI here in my gag comics folder: Gag Strips
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For some reason the 2nd panel reminded me of Jesse and James' Team Rocket Motto.
togepi1234's avatar
You forgot investigating
TheGoodEnchantress22's avatar
True... But not ashamed to admit it! :D Great art! :hug:
TriaElf9's avatar
Heheh thanks! ^_^
TheGoodEnchantress22's avatar
You are most welcome! I love all of your Phoenix Wright comics! :huggle:
TriaElf9's avatar
AWw, thank you so much! ^///^
TheGoodEnchantress22's avatar
Reiji Mitsurugi (Bow) [V2] My utmost pleasure!
AngelflyXD's avatar
wut bout manfred von karma?
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game is kinda like that. i like godots expresion on this picture tho
yep that summs it up pretty well :D 
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somehow explains all phoenix wright games except the innocent is always screwed and is the same person 2 or 3 times in the series
Luce-chan's avatar
Cool! I always love how Phoenix always help people, I like his attitude :)
I love Ace attorney!
By the way, good job! I like the drawing a lot XD
TriaElf9's avatar
These games are great ^_^
Glad you like the picture!
Luce-chan's avatar
You're welcome :)
Phoenix Wright is amazing! :D
spade9180's avatar
(by the spoilier if you are gonna play this far)

actually, phoenix wright justice for all, has a client who deserves to be guilty because he hired the an assaissan to kill someone and lies straight to your face until you found out the truth. and worse, he gets his assassain to kidnap maya to force you to defend him
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Yeah, that is the lone exception for sure, but I didn't want to spoil it for everyone. But who knows, they might bring that sorta thing back in the 5th game ^_^
spade9180's avatar
i'm still surprised that I was happy to get a guilty verdict. but no matter what, this series is too awesome
TriaElf9's avatar
Oh too true ^_^
spade9180's avatar
I just can't believe I only found out about this series about a month ago
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Prosecutors: Arrrggh...
Defense: HOORAY!
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yep that pretty much sums it up.
That's how most of the game in Phoenix wright go.
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