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Anything I can get my grubby little hands on. Paper, pencil, pens, Tablet etc.
Hi all! I come with a bit of serious news, especially after so many years here on Deviant Art. I have really unhappy with how this site has been treating artists for a number of years now, but with the introduction of the AI stuff, and automatically opting us in really solidified my decision to cancel my Core membership. I just can't justify spending money on a place that goes against my core (bdum tsh) values. Now, this sadly affects the few folks who have kept reading the comics here all these years because, post March 15th, I will no longer be able to schedule my comics, which means I won't be able to regularly post here anymore. I understand that folks really liked the ease of being able to access new pages from one place, so I have set up a mailing list for any of you all who want to keep up with my comics, but don't really want to join a new website (which is TOTALLY fair, mind you). If you sign up for this list, you will get comics on the day they drop straight to your inbox
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Tip Jar open!

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Check this out! So I have a tip jar option here now too ^_^ Currently, my Core membership is until March 10th, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to renew this year for a number of reasons, but if I can make enough to pay for it, or make enough to be able to afford to schedule posts each month, then I can stick around ^_^ Otherwise, some things may have to change, given how things have been changing for artists online recently ^_^;; But yeah, if you want the usual Patreon/ko-fi monthly perks for the $2 level and access to the private discord, here's a super easy way to get all that without joining another site ^_^
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This month's perks! Enjoy! Wallpaper: Deadline stuff gumming up the works, but to celebrate the upcoming vol 1, I'm revamping some art of the Pathways characters! I hope you enjoy ^_^ All the files are here to download! Chibi: Benoit Blanc! Being gay and solving crimes XD You can download the file here! How to Comics: No requested tutorial this month, But you can download all previous tutorials here! Of course, backers on the How to Comics level are able to request new topics, and ask questions for more clarification ^_^ There is now a Discord room on the server just for this level! Monthly WIP: A sneak peek at my sketchbook where I plan illustrations I want to make! Or character designs. And a few doodles that aren't likely to go anywhere (including a Ludinus design ^_-) Please enjoy! And don't forget, the patron discord chat is open! Here is the link to sign up: **IMPORTANT!!** Now that stuff has changed around a little, you are going to
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Why does your gallery not have a ToaG folder? I want to read them all from the beginning!

It does, it's linked in the "read more" at the bottom of all the comics. It's also under a new name in the gallery section, Aichi Adventures.

Oh, you're right, sorry. Thank you! Love your work!

Hey Elaine! I'm curious if there is a printed version of your Peter Pan manga available for purchase? It would make the perfect Christmas gift for my Sister In Law this season.

Ah not at the moment, due to Japan and shipping issue, but also I wasn't able to get the whole series printed up. I am working on getting a more consolidated version out, but it's slow going at the moment given work stuff.