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About Deviant the triads will kill you all!!!!Male/Singapore Group :iconstrong-anthro-ladies: Strong-Anthro-Ladies
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Faith and Nipha at the beach (DAcantero's art) by triadenforcer
Mature content
Faith and Nipha at the beach (DAcantero's art) :icontriadenforcer:triadenforcer 6 0
Tawny And Carc Inking Exercise - (Type 1) by triadenforcer Tawny And Carc Inking Exercise - (Type 1) :icontriadenforcer:triadenforcer 1 0 That's more like it. (Addlesee's Art) by triadenforcer That's more like it. (Addlesee's Art) :icontriadenforcer:triadenforcer 1 0 So the next time... by triadenforcer So the next time... :icontriadenforcer:triadenforcer 0 0 3 Stooges Army Poster by triadenforcer 3 Stooges Army Poster :icontriadenforcer:triadenforcer 5 4
Tom cat.....there’s no need to feel down….
I say....tom cat….get your paws off the ground
I say….tom cat….cause you’re in a new pound
There’s no need to feel unhappy….
Tom cat…..there's a place you can go…..
I say….tom cat….when there’s no food in your bowl….
You can stay there….and I'm sure you will find….
Many ways to have a good time….
It’s fun to be a stray at the S.P.C.A….
It’s fun to be a stray at the S.P.C.A….
They have everything….for you cats to enjoy….
You can play with all the toys....
It’s fun to be a stray at the S.P.C.A….
You can get yourself can have a kibble meal….
You can roll around whenever you feel....
Tom cat….are you listening to me?
I say tom cat….who do you want your owner to be?
I say tom cat….you can make real your dreams….
But you got to know this one thing….
No cat….does
:icontriadenforcer:triadenforcer 3 10
Self-defense against fruit
(the location is in the triad headquarters….four triad members are undergoing hand to hand combat training
under the watchful eye of a triad combat instructor)
Triad combat instructor:
Good evening recruits!
Triad members:
Evening sir……..
Triad combat instructor:
Where’s all the others recruits triadenforcer tasked me with?......
Triad members:
Not here………
Triad combat instructor:
I can see that……what’s the matter with them?
Triad members:
Triad member:
Perhaps they got flu…..
Triad combat instructor:
Flu?.....flu?......they have eaten to much fresh fruit…….right!…….self-defense…….tonight as we carry on from where I taught you from last week……where I was showing you how to defend yourself against anyone who attacks you armed with a piece of fresh fruit.
(the triad members sigh and groan)
Triad member:
You promised you would not do fresh fruit this week…..
:icontriadenforcer:triadenforcer 4 11
nacho man
nacho...wanna eat some nachos....
nacho...wanna thrill my tastebuds with nachos.....
nacho...wanna try some nachos....'s a snack called nachos...
Check out some nachos nachos....
Don't you doubt a nacho nacho...
talkin' bout some nachos nacho....
check out some nachos....
every snacker wants to be.....a nacho nacho man
eating the kind of snack.....Ignacio Anaya says we can
opening a's a breeze
tastes good with sourcream......and some cheese
nacho are kinda pointy.....better eat them slow
otherwise your facecheeks might get some holes.....
hey! hey!....frito-lay!
nacho nacho man.....nacho man yeah....
I've got to be.....a nacho man
nacho nacho man
I wanna eat a nacho!....ow!
nacho nacho man....yeah...
I've got to be.....a nacho man
nacho nacho man...hey hey
I wanna eat a nacho!
nacho nacho....nacho.....nacho....wanna eat a nacho.....
nacho....nacho.....nacho.....gonna buy a bag of nachos......
nacho....nacho.....nacho.....don'tcha take my nachos......
:icontriadenforcer:triadenforcer 1 6
tomoko's rescue
(inside a dark lecture room......a group of men are seated facing the front of the room......with the screen shining with a bright blue light normally seen when the video projector machine is on standby mode)
(the location is of that of a triad crime group's base of operations.....under the leadership of triadenforcer)
(unlike most crime groups.....this one also had played the role of mercenaries.....what was even more suprising....was that the big man himself.....triadenforcer.......perfered to accompany his soldiers on any mission in which someone hired their services for money)
(right now....a platoon of chosen men are waiting briefing for a mission which they will take part in soon.......but this was no ordinary they were not paid to do it.......they were doing it not for money......but to save someone)
triad soldier:
what's gonna happen?......(turns to face his friend beside him)
triad soldier:
shh.......our leader is gonna tell us now.......
(the lights of the lectu
:icontriadenforcer:triadenforcer 0 6
battle at triad HQ
(bonus points if you can guess the movie this is a homage of!......)
(the names are in chinese and western)
(the streets are littered with dead bodies as the two gangs continue of the triads uses a telescope to analyse the amount of enemies)
triad member...1:
comrade!,..a cursory evaluation of the italian's capabilities indicates a distinct tactical deficiency!
red pole fighter...1:
In other words, comrade?
triad member...2:
.....We're outnumbered! (he fires a grenade at some attacking italians)
red pole fighter...1:
chang! and chou attend to the wounded!.....hui!....tell ling to radio our leader,triadenforcer for backup!
triad member...3:
red pole fighter...1:
you can help me alert the others!
triad member...3:
Absoluteypostivelydefinitely! NobodycangetthejobdonefasterthanIcan, nobodynobodynobody!
red pole fighter...2:
come on Cui hua....lets go!
triad member Cui hua:
but comrade fang and m
:icontriadenforcer:triadenforcer 1 4

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the triads will kill you all!!!!
Current Residence: Singapore
Favourite genre of music: heavy metal,rock
Favourite style of art: Western Comics
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: IPhone
Shell of choice: sniper rounds
Wallpaper of choice: decepticon insignia
Skin of choice: automatic ghillie suit
Favourite cartoon character: megatron,soundwave,starscream,optimus prime,statler,waldorf
Personal Quote: you should lock your doors 24/7,its a dangerous world out there!,full of criminals and terrorists!


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triadenforcer Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2018
For this person:…

Yeah Yeah Yeah.

I've heard worse threats from fresh conscripts from my time in the Singapore Army.

Fuck Off.
SkinkenRed Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2018
RockBarnes Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2015
Hi, I just noticed a little problem in your signature: Whoever strikes first, is the attacker :)

Just saying.
triadenforcer Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2015
The signature is modified from Cliffjumper's own quote.…

Based on the notion of a "preemptive strike", Because sometimes the one attacking oneself will not give you any chance to recover from an attack, leaving oneself no choice but to retaliate in self defense.

Granted, such action should strictly be used for self-defense.
RockBarnes Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2015
The problem I see here is the use of the concept in context of Defense.
"Striking first" in any way always makes you the attacker and aggressor.

> Based on the notion of a "preemptive strike"

A "preemptive strike" is an attack, even an unforced one, where the time to strike is decided by the attacker alone. Not a reaction to a move of an opponent.

> leaving oneself no choice but to retaliate

Retaliating & "strike first" contradict each other.

> Granted, such action should strictly be used for self-defense.

That's exactly what I meant: This is impossible.
No need to restrict it to self-defense, btw., you can't use an attack a.k.a. act of aggression as a means of "defense", not even to defend others. You can use it to (try to) get rid of a potentially aggressive opponent. But I'm glad that such a thing was never tried during the Cold War, or we wouldn't be able to talk about it.

I don't know the context of the original use of the quote, but it was most likely not in connection of defense.

Sorry for drumming it up but the idea looks like a great misconception to me.
Or even an excuse for an unprovoked attack.
Thereby creating a great urge to speak up.
triadenforcer Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2015
Chill out, I'm not the type for mindless violence. I'm not a chickenhawk.

"Fighting not good. But if must fight... win." - The Next Karate Kid (1994)
(1 Reply)
JiLinn Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
Just got back from a convention actually.  Things are starting to get better.
triadenforcer Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014
Well, If your watching Steve, I would like to express my sympathies.

He has not received any comments from quite a few people in a while, and has become frustrated enough, to the point where he's blocked said people.

You might be one of them, if you wish to say something, tell it to me and I'll forward it to him. 
MaggieMun Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the fave :)
triadenforcer Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2014
Personally, The date at which you posted the picture, Goes well with hearing of Fred Phelps kicking the bucket.

Now, We just need to picket his gravestone.
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