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Yeah, you got it right. Once again another war image, but then again I love to make big scenarios.
The image contains over 350 layers. The reason for all the layers is because all the soldiers, vehicles, dirt on the ground, explosions and other stuff + all shadows / highlights are on seperate layers. 
In total I added in 57 soldiers in the image. Ofcourse I merged alot of the layers in the end but the image originally contained that many layers, if not more.

It took me about 20 hours to create it.
It's made out of stock images and some stuff that I created myself.

Original size: 5050x2441

Creds to/stocks used:

Thanks to Nemesis for the large collection of soldier stocks:
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War is bullet hell.
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are they British or American? Challenger tanks, hummers, and M16s plus either a AH 1 Cobra or Super Cobra
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Actually I didnt think too much of factions here. Rather just composing a large scale fight and practicing mattepainting. :)
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What all programs do you use?
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Only photoshop. :)
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Nice it reminders to my favorite game series Battlefield love it mate
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what program did you make it in?
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Photoshop CS6.
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lot of layers XD
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invasion of the ukraine 2014
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Well...Dunno about that.
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Hey dude I'm making a video game and need loading screens still if your interested email me at
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lot's of fubar in there(headlights on, guys firing at-4s with people behind them, vehicles exposing their broadside in a fight)
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yeah, lets go with the nonsense response
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I thought you could've seen that I didn't produce this image with total realism in mind, it's sort of like a game picture. Chill out man, it's Christmas. Go grab some turkey.
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sorry, one of those things that get me, alot.

Hell can't even watch movies anymore
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