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October 30, 2015
Aegon by Tri5tate is the most downloaded Desktopography 2014 wallpaper for a good reason. The seamless blending and realistic lighting make you forget that this scene is composed out of several different photos.
Featured by ErikShoemaker
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Yeah, more landscapes coming. Another personal project. Gotta say Im stuck in the "traveler lost in ancient world-"theme. ;) This one took me a while to do, atleast 8-10 hours.
Hope you like it! :)

You can watch a step-by-step here:

Details here:…

UPDATE: Feature in Desktopography's 2014 exhibition! Download the fullsized wallpaper here:…
UPDATE: Desktopography's most downloaded wallpaper of 2014!

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Hey. What is the maximum resolution available?

Damn!! That's good!!
This is amazing!! . . .

btw is this full photoshop or did you hand drawn some part??? like the fog or the tree or the shade. . . 
and how many hours did you put in this work approximately?
im still new and i want to be able to draw like you someday!
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I only used Photoshop for this. Most of it is just a so called "photobashing" technique where you blend photos and paint over some of them to make them blend in.
The atmosphere is created using custom brushes in Photoshop. You can search for fog/smoke brushes here on DA to find some similar. Lighting, shadows are also drawn.
Like it says in the description, this look my around 8-10 hours.
Thanks for the reply by the way.
Is this considered matte painting?
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Yes it's a matte painting. It's created using painting and photos.
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Amazing. So realistic and beautiful.
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Wow!Fantastic work!:floating:
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amazing Work..

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Great pic but I hate it when credits doesn´t link directly to the used stock.
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Thou art a God of Art !!!!
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So cool! I'm new here, what do you use to make these?
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Thanks! Mostly stock pictures, custom brushes and some textures. :)
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this is such a stunning scene, awesome job!
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very handsome picture !
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I love open space works and this piece is really excellent realized!
DD well deserved at 100%
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