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I'm back everyone. I've been writing ALOT actually and have found alot of inspiration and motivation to write up some of my projects. I need some input, please. If anyone is still here, active and sees this.. Please let me know if I should continue with 'The Few'. I'm slightly less motivated on that one but I'm sure I could get back into it if I tried. I've already actually written  most of the second book so.. I do really want it done. Just need people to reassure me that its even relevant anymore. If not.. I'll move on to me next project.. Aftermath.. Its a sci-fi story that I've spent the past year flushing out the details of and even made an RPG out of it. There are many stories I still want to share with the world and I would like to know if its a worthwhile investment of my time. Please, somebody get back to me on this. I would love any support or advice possible. Thank you to my friends and followers.
Most of this is about Aftermath so.. Enjoy..? Hopefully people are looking forward to it and reading my stuff, or else you're not going to have fun, because this is all I'm working on for the next few months or so.

1. Aftermath race backgrounds are going well. About one per week so.. I have about 7 more important races left.

2. After I complete all the races, I'll give specific histories and descriptions to things, places, wars, and events.

3. The first chapter of Aftermath may be released in the next couple weeks. Depends if I can get to my grandmother's house at some point.
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A few things this time...

1. The Few: Prologue part 2 is almost complete... possibly expect it in the next couple weeks.

2. I've begun a new project, a story in fact, completely original. In other words... not based on Halo. Expect Chapter one in the near future, possibly before Prologue Part 2...

3. I'm grounded for a while so... don't expect me online for a little while.. :\
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A bit to discuss this update...

1. Internet is broken once more, however, I may be able to keep doing my story without. We'll see.
2. I've begun to draw once more so expect to see an updated bio on my characters WITH pictures?
3. I love you all. :P
4. Sadly with interwebs broken, I still can't postv videos to the channel. Sorry, I was really hoping to get started soon.
And last and possibly most excitingly 5...
5. With my new drawing software I may post some concept art I'm working on for my game I'm making. So look out for that interesting stuph. I look forward to other's insight and criticism. Q and A soon to follow. :P
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Long time no see everyone! I have a bit to say.

1. I finally solved the internet issues so expect videos to be coming to the YouTube channel in the near future (link will be down below).

2. Deviant art has become more accessible, thus expect more deviations from me.

3. One more week of break so I'll be getting to work on said deviations immediately and will hopefully post some soon.

There's a bit more I want to say but I'm not quite sure how to word it so I guess that's it.

Link to channel:…

Not alot of new, but what I have is pretty good.

1. My first video is up on my Youtube channel (F4E Studios). I've got the first "Lets Play" video done and edited, I'm waiting to finish a couple more before I post it. I have two other videos ready to go, but I want to start with a "Lets Play"

2. E3 has opened my eyes and I've realized Microsoft sucks ass, but their exclusives are pretty sick. I mean, look at Titanfall! I think I'll get both consoles however, starting with Xbox (because majority of friends are probably sticking with it) and eventually the PS4. DESTINY!!!!!!!!!!

3. Prologue is going along well (its very long) it may have to come out in parts... I'm about a third of the way through and I've already used about 7 pages. My secret project has been recontinued and let me just say, if you wanted to see some of my "artistic skill" you'll be very pleased.

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Lots of stuff has happened!!!!!! LETS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. Finally finished and posted my "What We're About" video. Please like and subscribe, but most importantly, enjoy.…

2. My Prequel is near half completed, hopefully I will complete it by the end of June. No guarantees though.

3. Beginning to record "Lets Plays" After I've recorded a few, I'll start to post them.

4. The playlists for my Youtube channel have been named. All the first episodes for them are completed, but I won't post until a few more episodes are recorded.

5. I've almost got her! ;)
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Lots of stuff has happened!!!!!! LETS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. Finally finished and posted my "What We're About" video. Please like and subscribe, but most importantly, enjoy.…

2. My Prequel is near half completed, hopefully I will complete it by the end of June. No guarantees though.

3. Beginning to record "Lets Plays" After I've recorded a few, I'll start to post them.

4. The playlists for my Youtube channel have been named. All the first episodes for them are completed, but I won't post until a few more episodes are recorded.

5. I've almost got her! ;)
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Lets get this done!

1. The first video has been delayed a bit longer, maybe next month. I've also started recording for our Minecraft Lets Plays so look out for those sometime after the intro video.

2. School just got out for me but I'm starting my summer college course this Tuesday (May 28) but I will be off every Friday-Sunday.

3. Last weekend I got some work done on the Prequel, now its about a fourth of the way done (Its a very long chapter).

4. My secret project is still a little delayed, no definite time period of release for that.

5. I think things have settled down, I've come to terms with whats happened and even befriended it. I'm alot happier now, basically my old self.

And, just for anyone whose wondering... My character in Destiny will be an Exo Titan- Bad ass robot with bad ass weaponry and armor!
                                                            -See you star side!
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Not really in the mood to do this but I thought I should keep you up to date. So here we go...

1. Take a look at my Youtube channel, . I fixed the name problem and my first video should be posted sometime next week (week of the 20th)

2. I'm kind of pissed off because my past 2 weeks have been pretty shitty. Sorry if I don't sound to pleased about many things. I hope things will get better :(

3. "I" have been drawing really well lately so look out for that in the near future.

4. My secret project has been delayed for personal reasons, I'm sorry but it may be a little longer wait than I expected.

5. My story has still made no progress for personal reasons, I'm very sorry everyone. Hoping things turn around in my favor soon... :(
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Hello once again my fellow deviants! Welcome to my first update for May. Lets get this started.

1. The "What we're about" video I've been working on my Youtube channel… should be finished and up on my channel by the end of this month.

2. I've recently been having strange things happening and feelings I thought I'd never have for anyone. I swear it won't get in the way of anything I'm currently working on.

3. I've been working on a secret project for Deviant Art for the past week. No info is coming out about that yet but I hope you enjoy when I release it.

4. Summer draws nearer and my activity levels raise higher. I will have a Custom Games lobby on Halo 4 sometime later this month. I'll keep you posted on its exact date.

5. I'm sorry to say my story has still made no progress since December. :( I'll try to spend what time I get for summer to work on it a bit.
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Sorry about not much happening, I've been pretty busy on my Youtube channel (F4E Studios) and still haven't raised enough money for Word. But, lets go.

1. Watch my channel, my first video will probably come out sometime next week explaining what my channel is all about.

2. I am apologizing in advance for the summer because I will only get 2 weeks of summer break. I'll still be on on the weekends but during the weeks I'll be at college.

3. Please please please subscribe to my channel if you want.

4. I have about $20 saved up so far so I just need aother $40-60 and I'll be able to continue my story.
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This is my first update so please bear with me.

1) My capture card will be here in one to two weeks so look out for that.

2) I still need Microsoft Word, so new chapters won't be posted for a while. Sorry :(

3) If you would like some info on my next couple chapters just comment on this update and my next update will state a few main plot points...

4) Check out my YouTube channel F4EStudios videos will soon be there.

5) I still need a couple bodies for my machinima, if anyone is willing to help me with that please leave a comment.
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OK, so I've had some issues with some stuff and here is a brief run down of a bunch of new things about to happen.

1. I will start page "updates" to keep my followers in touch with whats going on and what I'm doing. I'm hoping they'll be weekly but don't quote me on it... It will probably be a monthly update.

2. I have recently come across a lump sum of money and have purchased a capture card for my Xbox, which means I will be posting things on my YouTube page soon. So keep your eyes out on my account F4E Studios.

3. I currently am finding a new Word program, the one that came with my computer is complete and utter poop. In other words, no new chapters will be released until I come across another nice lump sum of money, sorry.

4. I have recently went back and renamed my story chapters so they have actual chapter names now.

5. I am currently looking for people to help me produce a machinima on Halo 4. Any takers?

6. I will try to stay in the loop on Deviant Art so if anyone needs anything, I'll be on DA just about everyday.

7. WHERE ARE YOU TROY!!!!!!!! >=0 It's been a long time.... I miss you man....
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Hell yeah! (for a limited time)

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 5, 2013, 4:23 PM

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I am very sorry to announce that my prequel will not be released until January at the earliest... I got a new computer yesterday and need to hook everything up to make my machinimas and such, then I need a USB so I can transfer my story to my computer. Though, I am happy to announce my stories will be coming more frequently and hopefully I'll be keeping you guys updated a lot more.
                              This is for Zuka: YOLO
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If you've been wondering exactly what happened on Circumstance I've got something in store for you! The first prequel is coming soon... Hopefully on christmas, think of it as a christmas gift from my computer to yours.
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As you might know, Halo 4 is coming out in a couple days and I'm pumped. Its going to be amazing. I can't believe I'm going to say this ,but I think 343 did something revolutionary. They deserve the 9.8 out of 10 IGN gave them. Can't wait to see you on Halo 4. And as Bungie would say, see you starside!
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OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG.... starting tomorrow (9/2/2012) there will only be 15 days left until release (in America)! HOLY CRAP! Can't wait! I've been watching the crap out of it and just can't wait any longer! ARRRRRGGH, I wish it would just come out tomorrow. I'm just going to play the fuck out of it..... Vask in the same excitement I feel! OR ELSE! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

1. Collect brown rocks
2. Kill Ug-Thak, Lord of Skags
3. Pilfer lost staff of Mount Schulfer                                                       
4. Defeat the Destroyer of Worlds
5. Dance, dance, baby

Now dance for my enjoyment!

SPOILER: Turn around
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I've realized I can't just keep doing what I'm doing now.... So I've decided to ask the public what I should do. I'm still going to do my story and my cards but.... I'm going to have a vote on it... please respond so I know where to go with my art....

A. Sidestories

B. Drawings (I suck but i'm taking an art class so I'll get better)

C. Cards about other things [I'll even try other types of cards(like pokemon or something)]

D. Other (leave your suggestion in a comment)

Please tell me, I need input (tehe) on what to do, and where to go from here. Thank you.
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