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Name: Vanessa C. Aldrin

Service Tag: SX24

Rank: General

Date of Birth: March 22, 2502

Place of Birth: Phoenix, Arizona, Earth

Current Age: 24

Height: 6"

Weight: 152lbs

Armor: Rogue Helmet, Left Shoulder Recon, Right Shoulder Commando, HP/HALO Chest (All purple)

Summary: Second in command of The Bolt. One of the only two girls of The Bolt. Paints all of her belongings in a dark purple. She is very comic in her ways of leading, she usually calms her men by cracking a few jokes. She hates whenever someone brings up her past.... especially the deeper parts.

Weaponry: A Purple Assault Rifle with a modified barrel(for extra damage) and a clip size of 75. Her secondary is a purple Battle Rifle which is modified to switch between 3-burst mode and Semi-Automatic. She also has a purple pistol which she only uses in extreme situations (She's not much of a gunslinger).

Bio: Born into a loving family, she had a younger brother and sister. Her father worked as a doctor and was always there for his children. He died of a brain tumor at age 31. He died when Vanessa was eight. Her brother and sister were both seven. Her mother became a very heavy alcoholic and abusive. She dealt with it for almost a year until she finally snapped. She burned the house down and made it look like a gas leak. She got her brother out of there but her sister refused to leave. She lived on the street with her brother for a year and then was found by a UNSC soldier. His name was Johnathan Lobbs (age 35). He took her and her brother into his home and introduced them to his son, Greg. When Johnathan died (honorably protecting his commander) two years later to a Covenant Wraith. All three children were taken by ONI and put into the Spartan III program, secretly. They served for 3 years and were all the rank of Major Grade 2. The UNSC punished all three of them for the murder of General Jerome (which they had no part of). They were sent to a cryogenic "prison" on Reach until they could think of a punishment suitable enough. They were stuck in them until January 17, 2546 when she was 21 when she was rescued from the ruins of the prison. She was initiated into Project Swift Defense, or The Bolt. She serviced as a General and was put into training with her brother, Thomas Aldrin, Greg Lobbs, Jake Rawlings, Seth Carver, and Sara Forte. She became Second in Command of The Bolt after Jake died in a Super Nova explosion on [REDACTED]. She blamed herself for his death and never forgave herself. Though there was one perk to his death.... She was closer to Seth.
Bio of Vanessa Aldrin
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