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  "Karen, you there?" asked Lightning.
"Yes, Lightning," Karen answered, "did you need something?"
"I need you to get me the blueprints of this facility." Lightning said quietly.
"Actually, I already have them. That Elite, Nar'ik, told me to obtain them." Karen pointed out.
"Really?" asked Lightning.
"Yes, as surprising as it may be. He also told me to give you a message." Karen said.
"Okay," said Lightning, "what is it?"
  She paused as she began the video message. A small hologram appeared on his visor. It showed Nar'ik holding a marine by the back of his neck. "Hello, Seth. The man I have here is a member of your squad, you probably remember him. In case you don't, this is Colonel Daniel Stern, one of your four marines. He along with a few others, including you and your cellmates, will be interrogated tomorrow. I wanted to alert you of this because I know you didn't get the information I promised you during our last… conversation. Let me just say, I hope you remember all of your assailants on Circumstance, because she'll be asking you all about them and other things. I want to wish you good luck, she enjoys torture." The image of Nar'ik said with another of his dark grins. The message then ended.
  She? Lightning thought to himself, "Is that it Karen?"
"Yes, sir, that is all."
"Good. I have one more thing for you to do, Karen." He said.
"Yes sir?" asked Karen.
"Find out all you can about Nar'ik."
December 17, 2545

  "I request an audience with you, my fellow Councilors," Boomed a voice from the stands.
"Yes brother? What do you require?" asked another Councilor.
"I have intelligence that could be a dangerous threat to our holy Covenant. It may be a devastating weapon that could destroy High Charity, or worse, Sanghelios!" The first Councilor exclaimed.
The crowd of Councilors grew loud with worried chatter. "What is this 'weapon' you speak of, brother?" asked Rasan 'Natuaamee
"The 'Office' calls it, the Super Nova Bomb. It supposedly has the power destroy an entire planet." The talk amongst the other Councilors became panicked at the release of this news.
"How is it that you believe we can do to stop this, brother?" asked Rasan.
  "I suggest we use… 'Them'." The first Councilor proposed.
"Our strongest assets should only be used in emergency situations! We do not want the Prophets to catch wind of what we've created. And what's more, they have not been approved by Ryza for live combat." stated the only Councilor that was a Brucal.
"Indeed, I agree with the Brucal," stated the high Councilor, Tetraam 'Ottomee.
"And where do you believe this 'weapon' is, brother?" asked Rasan.
"I don't 'believe' to know anything. I know for certain, brothers, that this weapon is located on the human colony of Circumstance." Replied the first Councilor.
"All right, I will not ask how you have gotten this information, 'brother'. But when do you suggest we send them in?" asked Rasan.
"On the day they will least expect it, on the Human holiday 'Christmas'." The first Councilor answered.
"Do you not think that is harsh, brother?" asked another Councilor.
"No, I believe that we must take as few risks as possible, even with, 'them'." A subtle yet dark grin formed on the Councilor's mandibles.
"Alright, we will discuss this further. In the mean time, what is your name, fellow Councilor?"
"My name?" asked the first Councilor.
"Yes, Councilor, your name." said Rasan.
"Nar'ik," The Councilor answered, "Nar'ik 'Moramee."
Present Day

  "So how did Franklin get the gun?" asked Lightning.
"Those damn Brutes gave it to him!" shouted Grubbs.
"Look Grubbs, think about it, it was a good thing he killed himself. He doesn't have to suffer anymore." Lightning said, trying to console Grubbs.
"I don't care! He shouldn't have died in the first place!" Grubbs snapped.
"Grubbs, everyone dies, it was either now; with him ending his suffering, or later; getting burnt alive and ripped apart by the torturer!"
"Torturer?" asked Grubbs.
Karen cut in, "Lightning, I think I've got something on Nar'ik!"
"What do you have Karen?" Lightning asked.
"What torturer, Lightning!" Grubbs shouted.
"Shut it Grubbs, I'm trying to hear what Karen's saying!" Lightning chided.
"It appears Nar'ik has a very, very interesting past. Unfortunately, there's not much on him… Most of his files have been heavily redacted." Karen explained.
"Tell me everything you've got."
December 22, 2545

"Nar'ik, I believe the rest of us have come up with a decision." Rasan said.
"Excellent, brothers, and what have you decided?" asked Nar'ik.
"We have decided it is not in our best intersest to send 'them' in." stated Rasan.
"you have betrayed the Covenant!" yelled Vaht 'Lhenatee.
"Heretic!" Yelled Garr Komtaree
"Calm down, Garr!" snapped Rasan.
"How could you accuse me of treachery?" asked Nar'ik. As he spoke, four Honor Guards walk up behind him. Before they can grab him, he jumped over them and knocked two of them over. As one Honor guard fell to the ground, Nar'ik grabbed his pike from the air and stabbed an Honor Guard behind him. He then grabbed another pike off the ground. One of the guards that fell to the ground tried to get back up, but Nar'ik stomped his neck. The last two guards started to surround him. Nar'ik then jumped into the air and threw the two pikes down. One of the guards couldn't move in time, so the staff went straight through his head. The other pike landed in the second guard's foot, preventing him from going anywhere.
Nar'ik landed right beside the now screaming Honor Guard. "Now, brothers, why do you have no faith in my allegiance to the Covenant and the Sangheili? I have given you the chance to save the Covenant from complete annihilation, yet you do not agree. It is time for me to go directly to the Prophets with this information, and the information on your little 'pets'. I do apologize, for now I must go to these extremes." He said adamantly.
  "Wait!" yelled Rasan as Nar'ik turned to leave.
Nar'ik smiled.
"We shall debate this topic longer. Just do not announce our ignorance to the Prophets. We must keep 'them' a secret."
"Alright, my brothers, I shall not announce your ignorance of our little experiment." Nar'ik said as he pulled the pike out of the Honor Guard's foot. The guard fell to the floor, screaming as Nar'ik walked out of the council chambers.
Present Day

  "Not only is he a Councilor of the Covenant," Karen said, "He's also an ONI infiltrator!"
"WHAT?" asked Lightning.
"I'm just telling you what I see here." Karen replied.
"Is there anything else?" asked Lightning.
"I'm afraid not."
"But how is he with ONI?"
"I wish I could tell you, but I can't" said Karen.
  After she finished, a group of Brutes came over and threw a marine into the cell.
"Daniel, is that you?" asked Vanessa.
"Yeah… How did you get here?" asked Daniel.
"I'm a Spartan," She joked, "I should be asking you the same thing. So, how'd you do it?" asked Vanessa.
"My pelican was in the atmosphere before the bomb went off, but we only lost half the ship. Luckily, I wasn't in that half. We crashed but only me and two others survived." Daniel explained.
"Who were the other two?" asked Lightning.
"Aaron and Vladimir." Daniel answered.
"So, how'd you end up in here with us?" asked Grubbs.
"I'm not sure. All I know is that when I woke up, I saw a Councilor talking into a transceiver."
"What was he saying? Do you know?" asked Lightning.
"Something about a person… Fanok?, Fanik? Something like that.  I'm not sure. All I know is he was talking to some female Elite in weird armor… At least, I think it was a female… Looked female."
"Look you need to get your fucking facts straight!" said Lightning, annoyed.
"Lightning, give him a break," said Vanessa, "He just went through a lot!"
"Alright. Sorry." Said Lightning.
"He gave me a message to tell you," Daniel whispered to Lightning. "your brother is still alive."
December 24, 2545

  "So what is your decision, my brothers?" asked Nar'ik.
"What else is there that would be worth risking our secrecy?" asked Rasan.
"ONI prototypes and blueprints…"
"Then why send them in? Why not a normal Covenant strike force?" asked Vaht.
"ONI has a secret defense force protecting the facility." stated Nar'ik.
"And why would you believe that our warriors are unable kill the imps that the humans brand 'special'?" Vaht asked.
"Because, they are not simple ODSTs, they are a compilation of different kinds of Spartans. Plus a few ODSTs and Marines." Nar'ik explained.
  "…Alright… we will send 'them' in." Rasan proclaimed. The other Councilors started to argue amongst each other, not wanting to risk their secret becoming known to the prophets. The bickering started to get out of hand as the Councilors began yelling and fighting with each other. Then, from his chair in the rear of the chambers, the High Councilor raised his hand for silence. The other Councilors quieted themselves almost immediately. In seconds they were ready to listen to what he was about to say.
"Brothers," Tetraam's deep, commanding voice echoed throughout the chambers as he stood from his throne and walked into the crowd of Councilors, "no matter what actions we take, this human weapon of mass destruction must be eliminated, before they are able to turn its burning devastation towards us," He said calmly, looking around at the others, "However, it would be well within our best interests to complete this challenge as swiftly as possible." He then turned to the young Councilor, Zuka Brucal, and with complete adamancy, he gave the order, "Unleash our unholy fury upon these humans. Send in the Shadow Guard."
3rd Chapter of The Few

Mainly flashbacks of Nar'ik and a huge topic in the Council.

Special thanks to Lolsforlife for editing my story.
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BOO YAA!!! Shadow Guard reference. though there is still something i must discuss with you.
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