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  Grubbs started to yell and scream at the Covenant that were holding him prisoner. "Hey! You mother fucking pussies get the fuck back here! You fuckers killed him and I'm going to avenge him you Covie bastards!" He screamed. "Remember me because I'll sure as hell remember you. We'll get out and when we do, we'll kill every last one of you, just like we did in Vecxtsar!"
  The Drone that was guarding their cell cocked its head then flew towards a group of Brutes. "Yea you better fly to your superiors you bitch!"
  "Maybe you should be quiet about the attack on Vecxtsar," Lightning said, "they probably don't know about it."
  "I doubt it," replied Grubbs, "an explosion like that? They should know we did it. Besides, why rip poor Franklin apart if he didn't do anything?"
  "Look, two things; One, they're fucking Brutes, the real question is why didn't they rip all his body parts off and eat them in front of him? And two, It could have been the impact and pressure that did that to him." Vanessa chided.
  The squad of Brutes and the Drone then returned to the cell, with them came an Elite Councilor. The Councilor said something to one of the Brutes, who complied with the obvious order and grabbed Vanessa from the cell. Vanessa kicked and screamed as they dragged her away, Grubbs cursed and yelled at the Covenant, and Lightning just sat on the stone cold floor staring at Franklin's Dog tags.
  Vanessa was thrown into a room with the Councilor, both unarmed, both unrestrained.
"Welcome human." The Councilor said in a condescendingly polite tone.
Vanessa became dumbstruck, "Welcome? Welcome! Fucking welcome! You put me in a god damn cell with no food or water for six hours and you say welcome!? You've got some nerve!"
"I do apologize for the behavior of my associates," The Councilor continued as he gestured towards a Brute. "They do not know how to act around… guests…"
"Oh, this is how you treat guests? Put them in a prison cell! Why don't you refer to us as what we are here… prisoners?" Vanessa said.
"Cells?" The Councilor said, confused, "I thought I told them to give you a hut to share with Grubbs, Seth, and the injured one, what was his name? … Ah yes, Franklin."
"What? Who are you? How do you know our names?" Vanessa asked, now even more confused than the Councilor.
"Ah, now where are my manners? I am Nar'ik Moram and you are General Vanessa C. Aldrin, Second in command of ONI's top secret BOLT project. Your parents are Steven and Catherine Aldrin. Your father passed when you were eight and your mother was never the same. You had to look after your younger siblings from that point on. Your mother later became a heavy alcoholic and very abusive. One day, you snapped. You and your brother left, your sister and mother were found dead in the burned remains of your house." Nar'ik answered. "Might I say, you had a really tough life. But not as tough as Ligh-" He was about to continue until Vanessa tackled him and wrapped her hands around his neck.
  Vanessa didn't want him to go on about her life, not knowing he was moving on to Lightning's past. The Brute in the room with them stood up and ran towards her; but before he could grab her, she pulled an energy sword off of Nar'ik's side and jabbed it straight through the Brute's chest. She let go of Nar'ik, but held the blade to his throat as he lay on his back, staring at the enraged Spartan.
  "How do you know all this?" she hissed.
"I do not feel obligated to speak abou-" He was saying until the sword came closer to his neck, "All right… All right… I will talk… We have been keeping an eye on you, all of you. It is a pity really. Travis has so much potential that you do no-" He was saying until Vanessa's boot interrupted him.
"Stop changing the subject, we don't even care about Travis, he's useless. ONI gave him to us as our little pet." Vanessa said, laughing at her own joke.
"Oh, but on the contrary…" Nar'ik started to say until the superheated blade began to singe his skin.
"Why have you been 'watching' us?" Vanessa asked.
"Because, my dear, you are The Bolt. ONI's slaves of defense; However, not needed by them anymore. So now, Abandoned and left on the side of the road like an ill pet."
"That's not true!" Vanessa snapped, "We were just sent here to prevent an invasion on Reach! Those Elites were military threats! Class 5! They were making a Super Carrier!"
"Were you all so blind to not to have seen the city that you destroyed?" Asked Nar'ik
  Vanessa thought about the civilians that were murdered before they had placed the bomb. "Well no but," She said, lifting the blade away slightly. Nar'ik saw his chance and took it. He grabbed her hand that carried the blade and broke it. Vanessa screamed in pain and dropped the sword. Nar'ik then grabbed the blade and put it to her neck.
"Now," He said in irritation, "what do you say we go and put you back in your cell? I was about to give you humans the privilege of a hut, but you ruined that with your uncivilized manner. Now go!" He ordered. He pushed her out of the room and led her back to her cell, his sword at her back throughout the walk. As they walked by the cells, Vanessa noticed a familiar face. One of The Bolt's Riflemen, Colonel Sara Forte, The only other female of The Bolt.
"Sara!" She yelled but was instantly silenced when Nar'ik hit her over the head with the now extinguished sword. She then fell to the ground, unconscious.
  She awoke in a beautiful field full of exotic flowers. She and Lightning were there, gazing at the clouds. She glanced over to him, he looked perfect, not a mark on his body. His perfection seemed unreal. She didn't mind, she knew she was dreaming, but tried to stay asleep so she wouldn't have to wake up to the nightmare she was living in.
  She leaned in to Lightning and tried to kiss him; but before their lips could make contact, there was an earth-shattering quake. She tried to finish her dream with this simple kiss; but the closer they got, the further they were driven apart. She eventually woke up being shaken.
  She almost stood up and kissed him, but then realized it was Grubbs; so instead, punched him.
"Where's Lightning?" She asked, rubbing her fist.
Grubbs groaned, "After the Councilor dropped you off here, he took Lightning." He said as he rubbed his jaw, "I don't know where to, I was too focused on you. You looked really concerned. What happened?" He asked.
"It's a long story…" replied Vanessa.
"Oh trust me," Grubbs said as he glanced around the empty cell, "I got time."
  "So, Seth…" Nar'ik said smugly. "You, of all people, must know what is going on."
"How do you know my name?" asked Lightning.
"I believe that I am asking the questions here, 'Lightning'. We both know that you know what is going on!" Nar'ik snapped, momentarily losing his cool.
"That depends, what do you want to know?" asked Lightning.
"What happened on Circumstance?" Nar'ik asked.
Lightning narrowed his eyes "I can honestly say that I don't know," He said, "all I know is that's when ONI started to get a little shady on the facts."
"So you don't even know who struck you?" The Councilor questioned with a chuckle.
"Well… no."
"Really now?" asked Nar'ik.
"Something tells me you already know all this, you just want to tempt me."
"Perhaps…" mused Nar'ik.
  "So what do you want in return for your information?" asked Lightning.
Nar'ik's mandibles curled into a dark grin, "Let us just say you will 'owe me one'."
"Hmm… Fine, I'll bite, what happened?" Lightning asked.
Nar'ik continued his sinister look, "It was a division of assassins known as the Shado-" An alarm sounded, cutting him off. Outside the room, Brutes ran down the halls. Nar'ik ran out the door. Lightning was stuck there, bound to a chair, waiting for information he may never hear.
  About ten minutes later, Nar'ik walked back in and unbound him from the chair. He then brought Lightning back to his cell and threw him in. Vanessa was crying and Grubbs had a tear in his eye. Lightning didn't care what they were crying about, all he cared about was his info he wanted.
  Right then he noticed that Nar'ik had left Lightning his helmet on the floor next to him. Before putting his helmet on, he realized what the others were crying over. Franklin, with whatever strength he had left, had put a bullet through his head; the gun was still lying in his lifeless hand. He had committed suicide right in front of them. It didn't phase Lightning's already twisted mind, He was used to death, and after all… he did kill his own parents.
My second chapter.

Intro to Nar'ik, Beginning of major events to come.

Special thanks to Lolsforlife for correcting my errors.
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WOOT WOOT! Very nice very nice! Though, you should not write in the present tense, but in the the past tense.....other wise very good!
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NOTE: the Councilor at the top isn't how Nar'ik looks...
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