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Castor-Chapter 1
Chapter 1: The Vitrix Defensive
'Vitrix.. What a shit hole' thought Castor Vel Torah. Castor, a young Endravo, only in his early adulthood at 17 years old. Castor wears a tannish brown robe to help repel the desert sands around and hopefully block out some of the three suns' heat. His turquoise-blue skin has become slightly faded after his hour and a half walk. His skin cracks and dries in the heat, his squid-like body trudging through the hot sand. His steps are slow and slightly weak. This scorching planet is a complete contrast to his underwater oasis of Exvillia, his home planet.
'I can't believe the Council sent me here on a "secret" mission..' He knew it wasn't secret. Hell, his buddy Cordon, from the Great Library, knew about it. Castor knew that the mission was just a routine check up on the Krillian home planet, Vitrix. It was normal for the planet to send out some distress signal about "being attacked by the "Darkness"".. But normally its just a huge desert storm or an
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Robot Profile
ROBOT (picture to come)
Home Planet: Earth
Average Lifespan: Begin having systematic failures around 130 years, usually decommissioned around 145 years.
Average Height: 4'8-6'10
Language: Human
Appearance: Usually of a titanium alloy, new models (created by other Robots) are occasionally made of Bronze or Iron-Aluminum alloy. War bots made of a newer alloy only known as Robotorium (developed by the Robots).
Average Career: Robot Manufacturer, War bot, or maintenance bot for ships.
Average Tech: Bullets, Rockets, Nuclear Weaponry
Race Statuses: No government (directed by humans, but few still on Earth), achieved self-sentience, still follow main directive of protecting Humans, not part of Council
Background: Robots have been a part of Human life since the late 1920's when the first humanoid robot was shown at the World's Fair 1928. It wasn't until March 3, 2210 that Humans began to manufacture Robots meant for combat scenarios, implementing AI systems within them to combat the Corvan as
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Krillian Profile
KRILLIAN (picture to come)
Home Planet: Vitrix
Average Lifespan: 183 years
Average Height: 6'4-7'2
Language: Krix
Appearance: Bug-like bipeds. They have antennas and mandibles and fold up wings. Their bodies are very thick skinned and are resistant to radiation. Usually found in gray, tan, or black colors. Occasionally a lighter tan-olive color. Krillian will almost always have a red, orange, or blue paint on them for distinguish-ability.
Average Career: Assassins, black market dealers, or smugglers. Also found as bodyguards for diplomats.
Average Tech: Plasma weaponry, 'Del Comprus' sniper rifle, Kanto Armor
Race Statuses: No leader (sort of an organized Anarchist government), idolize the Gravii, strong alliance with Corvan, not part of Council
Background: The Krillian were discovered by the Gravii in 2024 as an undeveloped race. The Gravii met on the planet of Vitrix and assisted the Krillian in finding enlightenment towards the future. The Gravii, very attuned with De-kin-Fo (the ma
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Mitoflurian Profile
MITOFLURIAN (picture to come)
Home Planet: Mitos
Average Lifespan: 97 years
Average Height: 6'8-7'10
Language: Miton
Appearance: (imagine a snake man, but with 4 arms and a taller stature.) Usually green, red, black, or blue in color. Their snake bodies are normally solid colored with the rare chance of splotch or stripe pattern.
Average Career: Mercenary or naval soldier. Sometimes a soldier of the UFFH (United Front for the Freedom of Humans)
Average Tech: Vibroblades, Arc Weaponry, Veraxis Ship Drives
Race Statuses: Previously Monarchical now a Republic, not part of Council, sympathy towards Humans
Background: The Mitoflurians, ruled under a monarchy, were discovered by the Corvan in 2150. The Mitoflurians controlled only their home world, Mitos, at the time and upon discovering the Corvan's existence, they hijacked a Corvan Cruiser to obtain its star charts and find where inhabitable planets were. The Corvan took this as an immediate hostile threat and the Corvan were invaded, thei
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Corvan Profile
CORVAN (picture to come)
Home Planet: Corvus
Average Lifespan: 127 years
Average Height: 6'10-8'
Language: Corvan
Appearance: (imagine a reptilian centaur, except the horse body is replaced with a spider's including 8 legs and hair) Usually tan, red, or an olive green torso with a black or brown body.
Average Career: Soldier (usually foot soldier, occasionally naval)
Average Tech: Energy rounds, Photonic Devastators, Ship shields
Race Statuses: Empirical, military leaders of the Council, protect the Ark naval-wise, strong alliance with Krillian, respect Mitoflurians, enslaved Humans
Background: The Corvan are ruled by an empire. The Corvan, a very imperialistic and militaristic race, were originally found by the Aviars in 1992. The Corvan had just conquered their 2nd solar system with life and the Aviars found their military might very useful towards their goals. The Aviars made peace with the Corvan and in 2001 the Corvan were admitted as the 3rd race into the Intergalactic Council. I
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Human Profile
HUMAN (picture to come)
Home Planet: Earth
Average Lifespan: 132 years
Average Height: 6'2-7'
Language: Human (ends up being English with Spanish words thrown in)
Appearance: Humans... you know what they look like. :)
Average Career: If not enslaved, usually a smuggler or a soldier of the UFFH (United Front for the Freedom of Humans)
Average Tech: Bullets, nuclear weapons, robotic engineering
Race Statuses: Democratic Republic (UFFH is all that's left), enslaved by Corvan, created the Robots whom now control Earth with remaining Humans, not on Council
Background: Second lowest technological race in the universe. The humans colonized only Earth, Earth's moon, Mars, and Jupiter's moon Europa, by the time the Corvan found them in 2209. Humanity's first response to the Corvan was a meeting between the races' leaders. Earth's President and the Corvan's Emperor met at Paris for a peace agreement but the President was assassinated as he arrived. 2 days later Earth fired nukes from Russia and
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Prologue: Part 1
The Few
Prologue Part 1
“It’s cold...” Snake whispered to himself from atop the large 150 floor building. “Any eyes on those infiltrators?”
“No sir, nothing.” responded a voice from the other end.
“Um, Snake, I’m getting a little chatter from the UNSC Paris-Class Frigate Under Harm’s Belt.  Would you like me to transfer?” Asked another soldier.
“No, we need to focus on our mission at hand here, Josh.” Snake retorted.
“But Snake, you’re going to want to hear this” Josh insisted.
“Fine, put me through.”
“This is the Paris-Class frigate Under Harm’s Belt, is this Alpha?”
“This is Alpha leader, what’s your status?” asked Snake.
“One of our Stalwart-Class’ found a blip on the radar a minute ago but it went away… Should we do anything?” Asked the communication officer.
“Just keep your eyes open” answered Snak
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Mature content
Chapter 5: The Art of Torture :icontrfrdavis:trfrdavis 1 1
Chapter 4: Assassins and Interrogators
Chapter 4
  Aboard the Palphazarč stealth ship, The Knight of Earth, Travis was finishing his book that he started when the mission began.
The book 's words were the most interesting thing that Travis could give his attention to at the moment. "... And out of the corner of Tom's eye, he saw the bloodied remains of his murdered wife. He turned and laughed, then looked down at his checklist. He checked off Martha and threw the bloodied list to the ground. He frowned realizing that his game was over. He then thought, it was time to start a new one."
The End, he thought.
  He looked outside and started to wonder where the others were. He wondered about what could have happened but couldn't think for a second that they had died, there was no way. He then decided that since he was the only one in the control room, it was time to make a call. He dialed in a twelve digit code and waited.
  "This is UNSC weapons and munitions factory Alpha 3-9, Sector 4. Who is this?" asked the operator.
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Chapter 3: A Council of Secrets
  "Karen, you there?" asked Lightning.
"Yes, Lightning," Karen answered, "did you need something?"
"I need you to get me the blueprints of this facility." Lightning said quietly.
"Actually, I already have them. That Elite, Nar'ik, told me to obtain them." Karen pointed out.
"Really?" asked Lightning.
"Yes, as surprising as it may be. He also told me to give you a message." Karen said.
"Okay," said Lightning, "what is it?"
  She paused as she began the video message. A small hologram appeared on his visor. It showed Nar'ik holding a marine by the back of his neck. "Hello, Seth. The man I have here is a member of your squad, you probably remember him. In case you don't, this is Colonel Daniel Stern, one of your four marines. He along with a few others, including you and your cellmates, will be interrogated tomorrow. I wanted to alert you of this because I know you didn't get the information I promised you during our last… conversation. Let me just say,
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Gravemind by trfrdavis Gravemind :icontrfrdavis:trfrdavis 0 0 Flood Juggernaut by trfrdavis Flood Juggernaut :icontrfrdavis:trfrdavis 0 0 Tank Form by trfrdavis Tank Form :icontrfrdavis:trfrdavis 0 0 Ranged Form by trfrdavis Ranged Form :icontrfrdavis:trfrdavis 0 0 Flood Stalker by trfrdavis Flood Stalker :icontrfrdavis:trfrdavis 0 0 Shield Form by trfrdavis Shield Form :icontrfrdavis:trfrdavis 0 0


Regional Map-Ground by HWPD Regional Map-Ground :iconhwpd:HWPD 18 14 Teth by lols4life Teth :iconlols4life:lols4life 1 0 Garr Komtar by lols4life Garr Komtar :iconlols4life:lols4life 2 1 Fanok Ottomee by lols4life Fanok Ottomee :iconlols4life:lols4life 2 3 Krana Ralsamnee by lols4life Krana Ralsamnee :iconlols4life:lols4life 1 4
The Chronicles of Teth Zameer, Friend or Foe?
Chapter 1. High Charity
  The flight to the landing pad was long and silent. Darkness filled the pilot's cabin where Teth resided, his eye apertures sealed shut. The only light in the room came from the pilot's control console as he directed the path of the Spirit drop ship. Teth merely stood silently as they got closer to their destination. "So, does this mean the Prophets don't like us anymore?" asked persona 5, innocent as ever. "I don't think they ever liked us in particular, 5. But yes, the Sangheili are all now enemies of the Covenant." thought Teth. "We're all heretics now." added persona 1.
  "We have arrived, Commander. Shall I activate the gravity lift?" asked the pilot. "Hard drop." replied Teth. "Understood." said the pilot. A hole in the floor opened right under Teth and he fell through, landing on his feet with a loud crash. Sazek and his troops were waiting for him. "Quite the entrance, Commander." He said. "The troops know the plan, right?" asked Tet
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The Chronicles of Teth Zameer, Friend or Foe? pt2
  As the tour progressed, Sazek and I'lef found themselves arguing more than guiding. "I installed and enhanced those Tyrant cannons myself! I'm pretty sure I know how fast their shells go!" I'lef snapped. "Obviously you are mistaken. Their shells move much slower than what you are suggesting." replied Sazek. I'lef's eyes widened as he stared at Sazek as if he had the cognitive ability of a small rodent. "In atmosphere! We've only had to use those cannons in atmosphere once, you bumblin' arse!" I'lef shouted. Sazek was speechless. "Yeah, you can't outsmart me when it comes to my ship, Sazek. Now let's get to the hanger. I have a bet placed that your brother is gonna get his arse handed to him." said I'lef. "Hmph. I will take that bet." Sazek replied. "HA! As you wish." said I'lef. Their arguing ceased at last and they continued toward the hanger.
  "So, what do you think of my fair lass, Sovereign and Serenity? A beautiful ship ain't she?" asked I'lef as they approa
:iconlols4life:lols4life 1 14
The Chronicles of Teth Zameer, Friend or Foe? pt3
Chapter 10. A gift from mother
  Teth's room was silent as he slept after a long night of searching the Keep for a place to rest. The only reason he had trouble finding his room was because he had only used it a few other times in the past. It was midday before he awoke. He sat up in his bed; a concave circle in the floor littered with cushions and blankets, and yawned before snatching a blanket off of his head and looking around. Throughout the room lay decorations that Teth either put there or tore apart. One of the walls was lined with shelves holding an assortment of arum puzzles.  Sitting next to Teth's bed was a broken comm. panel and in the corner in the room was a navigational console projecting a miniature hologram of the keep.
  Teth rose from his bed, his black robes draped over him and covering up the bandages that were wrapped around his torso. He made his way over to the shelves and began solving the arums that he had put there. He quickly so
:iconlols4life:lols4life 1 3
Mature content
HALO:RETRIBUTION Prologue :iconrougewarrior74:Rougewarrior74 3 4
Mature content
HALO:RETRIBUTION Part 1 Chap.11-12 :iconrougewarrior74:Rougewarrior74 4 7
Mature content
HALO: RETRIBUTION Part 1 Chap.9-10 :iconrougewarrior74:Rougewarrior74 2 7
Mature content
HALO: RETRIBUTUTION Part 1 Chap.7-8 :iconrougewarrior74:Rougewarrior74 3 4
Mature content
HALO: RETRIBUTION Part 1 Chap. 5-6 :iconrougewarrior74:Rougewarrior74 2 5
Mature content
HALO: RETRIBUTION Part 1 Chap. 3-4 :iconrougewarrior74:Rougewarrior74 2 4
Mature content
HALO: RETRIBUTION Part 1 Chap.1-2 :iconrougewarrior74:Rougewarrior74 2 9
The Chronicles of Teth Zameeree, The Final Mission
Chapter 1. Reason and Revelation
Date: 2552, 9th age of Reclamation

            Sovereign gleamed in the bright, beautiful moonlight as Teth gripped its handle and angled the shot. The cold air of this frozen world was only magnified by the fact that he was high up on the side of a mountain. The gleam from his rifle's chrome frame would have revealed his location to his prey, had his armor not been emitting a cloaking field.
Thank you, Brucals, He thought as the simple concept of the gleam from his rifle set off the chain reaction that was his thought process. He soon regained his composure.
Teth hated this job. The mere idea of sending a Shadow Guard to deal with Unggoy extremists was an insult to Teth's skills.
This is a job for mercenaries, He thought as he prepared to take the shot.
But then again, One of his multiple personas chimed in, Aren't we a mercenary, a
:iconlols4life:lols4life 3 26



trfrdavis's Profile Picture
United States
I am writing a story: The Few. And now a new one: Aftermath.
My Xbox Live gamer tag is Cmdr Travis.
I'm back everyone. I've been writing ALOT actually and have found alot of inspiration and motivation to write up some of my projects. I need some input, please. If anyone is still here, active and sees this.. Please let me know if I should continue with 'The Few'. I'm slightly less motivated on that one but I'm sure I could get back into it if I tried. I've already actually written  most of the second book so.. I do really want it done. Just need people to reassure me that its even relevant anymore. If not.. I'll move on to me next project.. Aftermath.. Its a sci-fi story that I've spent the past year flushing out the details of and even made an RPG out of it. There are many stories I still want to share with the world and I would like to know if its a worthwhile investment of my time. Please, somebody get back to me on this. I would love any support or advice possible. Thank you to my friends and followers.



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