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SORCIERE 4 is alive, the bxtch is invicible

Taylor R. (Deal with it) - Icon

She is back from the dead

with fresh news from the underworld


And GAMES !!!!

Heres how it goes,

1> fav this journal

2>tag a friend in the comments,

here is the type sheet model

"There is a rumor that sorcière magazine is alive, @ nameofyourfriend , thanks to you I have a skullticket, you should play too !"

3>I give you your skullticket

4> on the 31ST JULY 0:00 LONDON TIME

13 numbers among all skulltickets distributed will be picked,

using a random number generator

those 13 people will receive

the "prize"

-3 first issues of "Sorcière Magazine"

-large format print, and stickers

-a -golden skull ticket-

5> the golden skull tickets

are pretty self explained

they will give you more chances among the summer to win

more prizes



I -would- follow

the TrezeTreze

if I was you

Peace <3

TReze TReze

© 2021 trezetreze
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guys don't be shy this up only 10 days...

tag some friends...

ok it's only a magazine.. but it's offered...

We working hard on this new issue

@BrainNectar @kirtzz @iThinkImEli @YummyKitty @FrankiesBugs @Shorlixa @belenfanyaoi @HaraaJubilee .... @laydqotton @mylittledeadbunny ..i can't tag everyone...

BrainNectar's avatar

So far I've shared on my social medias, so this can get seen more.

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thanks you're a partner... either they on vacation, either they don't give a sh, or both,

maybe another failed game to add to the collection

The golden skull ticket was such a nice addition to the game rules, I don't understand,

I can't fun more, the rules are reaching perfection

one day we'll go viral thom...and we'll be bathing in skulltickets

I promess you'll be the community manager