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Finally, I have found this page for myself..
A friend introduced me again and again and what should i say? I said yes.. x'D
Well then let's see how far we get there and what it finally brings to me. x3 ♥
If you want (and you like my pictures) you may also like to follow me there :meow:

My Insta Profil is:…

Many thx for your attention ♪

Over and out,

your Trey ♥
Hello everyone, and welcome to my little Dream Land! :D

My name is Trey and I'm 23 years old.
Since i was a little dwarf, i've been drawing with great joy. :)
It is and remains my biggest hobby, which I also like to share with others. That's why I found my way here to Deviantart. ^^
I hope you like the stuff I put here purely and give me comments and suggestions for improvement and other things!
Every opinion here is important to me and means a lot to me! :)

So do not be afraid to ask me anything if you want it or write me. (I do not bite ;3) ~~~

Your Trey


Visit me on Facebook! :D  ~… ~