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Nightrunner Character design

So here it is again... although it probably won't get as many hits this time around, I promise it won't come down with in the next 24hrs.

Although it was a brief story I did this character sketch for myself to figure out Bilal's physical changes over the years. I usually like to do a quick sketch of the main character in any story I do before I start drawing the pages, helps to visualize the panel shots in my mind.
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The faces on age 13 and 16 look kind of the same. Otherwise, good job.
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I LOVED his character, Design and all. It was probably my favorite section of the arc as a whole.
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Cool I wish I had the issues he came out in.
any chance you can get DC to do a NightRunner mini?
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I like this addition to the Batman Inc. I really adds a different take on the team.
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I may have to use his hair style at 16 years for a character I'm developing with the same ethnic background.
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here's the link to the basic char sheet: [link] I didn't really use the hair after all, but I thought you would like to know. Also, if there's anything I can do to make him look a little more arabic, or if you know a good English to phonetic arabic translator, it would be appreciated.
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Thanks. I was having a hard time trying to figure out what hair style would work, and I think that's the one. If you'd like I'll link it here after I can finally get the time to draw him.
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Did you design his uniform? It's one of the best character designs I've seen in quite a while, man. Congratulations.
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Thanks, but actually no I didn't design it. Not really sure who did actually, I think it was the guy who drew the main story in the book. I just tried to do the best with what I was given. I did however come up with the other looks for Bilal through the years which I'm pretty happy with.

The truth though; I would redesign the costume a bit if I had the chance. In parkour any sort of padding is a huge no-no, and is very much frowned upon so those pads kinda take down his street cred a bit. I'd ditch em, pads that are obvious are weak in my opinion. I do love the bat symbol though, and the mask. Kinda reminded me of Iron Fist's, and I always loved his.
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Cool, the different ages are really good too. I know how hard it is to draw a character at different times in his life and you've done it quite well here.

Didn't know these facts about parkour, thanks for sharing!
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I love this character sheet. Nice evolution of your character.
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Like I said on the other one, this is a very good way to get a feel for your character. I really should be doing something like this for my characters too...
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