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Last year I sculpted up a few portraits of Bryan Cranston as Walter White from my favorite show "Breaking Bad". I was finally able to put the finishing touches on 3 custom figures of Walt, all of which were given to the creators of the show this past week.

It's been a helluva lot of fun, and a tremendous thrill to get to meet the artists behind this terrific show that has been so inspiring to me. Kinder people you will not meet!

So here's a look at the finished custom figures. These were pieced together from various sources, using Hot Toys bodies, and clothes I found on ebay and then altered. The heads were all painted by some talented friends of mine, and they really brought Walt to life. It's been a lot of work to try and piece these together in my free time, but I really enjoyed doing it.


ps- A random winner was chosen from my last giveaway. I'll do another giveaway in the coming months, I'm sure. :) thanks!

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They look like they would be easy to sell to robot chicken
TrevorGrove's avatar
That would be fun to see!
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These are beyond brilliant.  The head sculpts are out of this world perfect.  Nice work from a fellow BB fanatic!  
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Please I need to buy at least one xD
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hello all, i have a 1/6 scale fully custom Heisenberg figure that i might let go. The head sculpt was done by this great guy Trevor Grove himself. Email me at if interested. I am located in El Paso, Texas. Thanks
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hello all. i have a 1/6 scale heisenberg with a headsculpt by this man trevor grove that i might sell. email me at i am located in el paso, texas
Are you selling these guys?
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Oh, these were just made as a gift for Vince Gilligan. I offered castings of the head for a while, but the molds are no longer good, I'm afraid. Thanks for asking, and sorry for the news.
Ped360's avatar
hello im looking to buy this set could you please let me know what it will cost to buy thanks
also is there a jesse too
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You gotta do the "Granite State/Felina" look!
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How can we buy these figures?
These are absolutely amazing! I really want to get the yellow jumpsuit one. Amazing work as always Trevor. I am a huge fan of your work!
lol also love the wallabies... hes got em in every color.
wow these are amazing are these custom make only or can you buy these?
hi, where can buy this figure????
Michelangelo would be proud of your sculpting skill. Bravo!
TrevorGrove's avatar
:) Maybe the Ninja Turtle!
myrefuge's avatar
Wow! I want one! Ah No. I want all three! You're doing a great job, man. :D
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brilliant... i seen these once awhile ago in a search and i've been looking for them since, now i realize why i've never found them and never will. :-) the fly swatter and barrel really blew me away.
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the greatest thing since the show aired! awesome job man
TrevorGrove's avatar
:) Right on! Glad you like them!
paulcrooks's avatar
like them? i love them. :)

hopefully those Mezco figures you sculpted reaches the Philippines man. great job on those by the way!
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