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Howdy folks!
Some quick photos I took of the IT Pennywise toy just released from NECA. I got to work on the headsculpts for these, and I'm delighted by how fantastic the production work turned out on the final toys. Getting any prototype to turn out well through the production process is always surprising, to me. No easy feat. It's especially interesting for me to see the work shrunk down to toy size.

Pennywise Well-House Version

I hope those of you who are interested enjoy!
Fred over at "The Goonies Blog" was kind enough to ask a few questions about the recently announced NECA Goonies toys that will be coming out later this year. We discussed the sculpture process, and you can see some alternate views of the wax original headsculpts. Thanks to Fred for such a nice article.

The Goonies Blog

(I don't know that this link is working here, so if not, you can just search "The Goonies Blog" and it should come up)

Merry T-REX-MAS Everyone! The Elf didn’t make it…

Trex Christmas Card by TrevorGrove

My very best to all of you, and thanks for caring enough to look at any of these little things I've made over the years. It's never been taken for granted

FYI, this T-Rex is NOT my sculpture, it's a resin kit that I managed to get my hands on a few years ago made from the Stan Winston Studios 1:5 female Rex maquette. Great fun to assemble/paint! She looms over my desk, and she's always hungry....

Have a great holiday, everyone!
Making a Scoundrel: Sideshow Han Solo Premium Format Statue

Hey folks! Sideshow wrote up a great article highlighting all the artists that worked hard to make their latest Han Solo Premium Format statue. I'm very happy to have been part of it with my sculpting contribution.


Hey folks!
I got in a sample of the Grandpa Munster I helped sculpt for Tweeterhead. I thought they did a fantastic job on the production, and wanted to share. 'Tis the season for ghouls, after all! Once the entire family is released, I'll have to put them all together for a family portrait.
 photo Grandpa_001_zpsijg7gx9j.jpg

 photo Grandpa_004_zpspifgzvkh.jpg

 photo Grandpa_005_zpsvmjmvv8t.jpg

 photo Grandpa_003_zpsnkqztlnw.jpg

 photo Grandpa_002_zpss6dqxdc1.jpg

I wanted to share the production piece of 1:4 scale Venkman that Hollywood Collectibles Group just released. I only sculpted the Bill Murray headsculpt, the rest was done fantastically by another artist. It was a joy to see the final production piece, as they really did an amazing job on this and I'm glad I got to be a part of it. Hope you like the pictures!

 photo 005_zps0aenx2ze.jpg
 photo 001_zpscfvvxjn4.jpg
 photo 002_zpsx7jsev3s.jpg
 photo 003_zps93xwctnj.jpg
 photo 004_zpsvcmnupjd.jpg

Ok, I promise this is the last update. :) Well, I may have to post pictures of him on my wall, but otherwise....No more!

Here's the two versions of the Tom Waits wallhanger I'm offering. If you have any interest, drop me a line. Faux bronze resin or grey resin. Cast hollow and ready for hanging on your wall.

"I'll shoot the moon right out of the sky for you baby"

 photo 13335791_516019478605541_4950709629961734601_n_zpsbcyahjd9.jpg
I love how this is coming out. KJ sent me more pictures and I was very excited. I need to do more sculptures for bronze and faux bronze...I absolutely love the look of it.

more to come.
 photo 13319853_515529148654574_4365541218732380909_n_zpsdoudyczz.jpg

 photo 13322203_515568091984013_2426308882411099343_n_zpsksw4euxr.jpg

 photo 13331171_515580105316145_6808994573846183658_n_zpsyjjzbso1.jpg
Got in updated pics tonight of the faux bronze Waits wallhanger...Love seeing the burnishing that's been started on his brow. :)
I'll post more as I get them!
 photo 13321783_515350228672466_2164770344072512167_n_zpsxrfc3lcr.jpg
Just another update on the progress of the Tom Waits Wallhanger castings. KJ sent me this picture of her cleaned up casting of the grey resin version..

Just drop me a note and I'll give you pricing info if you'd like one.

I'll continue posting pictures of the final pieces as KJ sends them to me. I can't wait to finally get this guy on my wall after all of these long years. :)

 photo 13332847_514069588800530_2212829244778174533_n_zpsnily0nc4.jpg
Hey folks,

The Tom Waits wallhanger piece is being cast up now, if you're interested in having Tom hanging around your walls. Here's a shot of KJ (of Studio RGC working on one of the faux bronze castings.

 photo 13235266_511664585707697_4555227647546439482_o_zpsuyxoei6m.jpg

Send me a note for pricing info if you'd like one. They'll be cast up in grey or faux bronze resin, hollow for weight, and ready to hang on a wall.

Some day, I'll finally make a NEW Tom Waits sculpture, (Lord knows I've tried about 4 times since this one).

Hey all!

Debuting back online at long last, our "Breaking Bad" GroveBroToons can now be found again through our web presence for all works created by my brother Troy and I.

Grove Brothers Gallery:

If you have an interest in our "Breaking Bad" toons, please follow us on deviantart or facebook to see updates and tons of photos of our painted resin prototypes.

Hey All!

Is anyone interested in a copy of the Waits piece that I salvaged into a wallhanging piece? I would like to do a limited casting run of them in faux bronze, and now we finally have a workable mold for it! I'm gauging numbers to calculate costs. If you're interested, let me know and I'll look into it!

"...The things you can't remember, tell the things you can't forget, that history puts a saint in every dream"

 photo Waits_Color_Test_zpsae3d612b.jpg

Amazingly enough, the loud and irritating minority of clueless fear mongers managed to get Toys R Us to pull the "Breaking Bad" figures from shelves.

Somehow 20 some odd years of toys aimed at adult collectors made it past her, but Breaking Bad was too egregious to be ignored. :) Can you believe this lady got any media attention?

If you want to help out in keeping fun collectibles on toy shelves (which are very obviously designed and marketed for adult collectors) please take some time to sign this petition. We can hopefully cancel out their nonsense before it spreads into other fun collectibles.

KEEP Breaking Bad (and other Adult Collector) Figures On TRU Shelves

This is definitely the strangest and one of the most delightful things I've ever seen one of my sculpts used for.

Watch Heisenberg fly across the desert and see just how high his 99% pure crystal can get you. ;)


Hello all!

Dan Greenfield over at 13th Dimension approached Tweeterhead for a nice interview about our Catwoman '66 Maquette.

You can check out the interview with Tweeterhead's Chad Colebank, and yours truly in the links below. You may also find a few words from Julie Newmar herself. :)

Part 1
Part 2

It's a pleasure to be part of Tweeterhead's Batman pieces...more to come!

Hoping your 2014 is creative and rewarding!

It's gonna be a very busy one for me, and I'm genuinely looking forward to it all, and sharing what I'm up to.

Thank you all for taking your time to look at the work I do, and to leave comments. it's something I really appreciate.

To my fellow Creative Crusaders, you all inspire me more than I probably let you know. Thanks for being awesome!
"I don’t know but it’s been said you do or don’t and then you’re dead.
So climb away. Get higher, son. Never straight, Just move ahead." - Puscifer song Trekka
Hello All!
Sorry I've been away so long.

Here's a preview of an upcoming statue I sculpted with Tweeterhead.
Elvira Mistress of the Dark!

It was an absolute joy to work on this with Tweeterhead and to get feedback and support from Cassandra Peterson as we made her.

Look for preorders to begin in October through Sideshow Collectibles and Tweeterhead, if you're interested.

I'd imagine I will be able to share sculpt shots soon.

She was painted by artist David Fisher, who did a fantastic job.

Thanks for looking! Best to you all-

Pictures borrowed from
And Chris Wooten
And AFI…

Toyfair begins this week, and here are some prototype photos of some of the Breaking Bad toys coming up.

I love the plushes too....I'm SO buying all of this stuff. :D

I worked on the figures and bobblehead.


Uncharted Nathan Drake PF from Sideshow Collectibles
Up for Pre-Order on January 31

Here's a link with further info!…

And some nice photos of the finished PF. I only worked on the headsculpt, the rest was accomplished by the Sideshow team!