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Sherlock and Watson

I just wanted to say again how much I appreciate all of the new folks that have stopped by to look at the Sherlock and Watson sculpts.

All of your overly kind words are very much appreciated, :) and I'm glad fellow fans of the show are as excited as I am to see these upcoming 12" figures from Big Chief.

Many thanks to all of you!
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Fantastic! :) Very coooool!! I love Sherlock BBC! You made me happy:) Thanks for your work! :)
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These are amazing!!
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There are perfect. Absolutely flawless! No wonder they headhunted you - pun intended :-P Can't wait to see the finished product!!  
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Man, I just...I can't even explain, even to myself, how incredibly talented and amazing you are. This is absolutely marvelous!!!!!
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Haha! That is very kind of you. It's really nothing, but I'm glad you like them. Sherlock is one great show.
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So crazy amazing! I've been looking through all of your gallery, it's all unbelievable.
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:) Hey, thanks, man. I appreciate you taking time to look at the work, and thank you for the kind compliment.
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Thank you so much for your artistry. You seriously made a dream of mine come true though your talent. I cannot wait to get the Sherlock figure! He wouldn't have looked right without your skill :)
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That's wonderful to hear, and thank you for letting me know. I'm really glad you like the sculpt, and I hope the figure meets your expectations! Enjoy!
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Absoluty fanatastic!
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This is so amazing!!! You got every single detail right!!!!
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I just finished the first two seasons of the show. Hadnt known about it until i saw these awesome sculpts! Can't wait to grab the figures!
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Okay three words : These are awesome!!!!!!
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:) Thank you, kindly!!
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So...these have been made into ACTUAL Sherlock figures?
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Yep! Available for pre-order from Big Chief Studios.
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OH...are they going to be available in Canada any chance?
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