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NECA Marty McFly

Super Excited that NECA is making Marty McFly action figures, which was revealed at ToyFair 2020....A privilege to get to contribute with Marty's headsculpts. Here's a look at the wax heads.
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Wow that's really perfect! Looks better than the Hot Toys figure head. This is heavy. :)

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Thanks very much. MJF is one of the toughest to do well.... I have a hard time every time I try, and I still don't think I've gotten it....But that's the way it is with likeness work.

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Superb work, love the face expressions!
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Thank you, kindly!
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WOW! These look fantastic! Any idea if they'll make a George McFly? He always gets ignored in toy form, poor guy.
TrevorGrove's avatar
Thanks! I'm glad NECA is pursuing BTTF, too. I have no idea about George, but I'd love to see him and Lorraine, too. With Crispin Glover, I imagine it would be tough to make a licensing deal, though, as he has had a lot of frustration with how he was treated for the sequels.
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Oh yes - I'm a big fan of his. Apparently he made up with Zemekis and all since he was in Beowulf, so one can hope!
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I just see this figure in Toy Fair's gallery, it's beautiful art!
TrevorGrove's avatar
Awesome! Glad you like it. I love what Neca did with the prototypes!
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You're the best
Bensaret's avatar
Do the actual actors who play these characters ever comment on you capturing their likenesses so well?
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Sometimes. I know of a few instances where the actors approved things. For the most part I figure it's their managers, and not the actual actor, so it's hard to know what to believe or if the actor sees these things or likes them. Tweeterhead was one company that insisted on getting in touch with the talent to make sure that they approved, though. We got to have wonderful meetings with the surviving Batman '66 actors at the time (Adam West, Julie Newmar, Burt Ward and Yvonne Craig). Elvira is always one of my favorites, and she really has a great eye for sculpture to recognize what's off and how to fix it. RuPaul was great....It's always heartening when the people who create these characters like the work that I do, though I try not to focus on it. It's best to try to please the fellow fans of these characters, because they're likely the ones who appreciate the collectible the most!
CadaverCrafts's avatar
Ooh you got these Marty-expressions right so well :lol:
TrevorGrove's avatar
Thank you so much! I love sculpting MJF...He's so hard, though. It was really cool to get to do a few expressions, action figures tend to allow for more expression options than other collectibles.
CadaverCrafts's avatar
Was he particularly hard because his wrinkles are so subtle? Sculpting any realistic face sounds extremely hard to me so i'm not sure what the differences are. I think it's really awesome that you didn't "just" do a neutral face but NECA allowed for more variety.
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I never know what makes a face difficult, honestly.... It's always a little mysterious to me. Usually the key is just working it over and over and studying more and more reference until something clicks. It's only stressful when the clock is ticking down (Marty McFly would know what I'm talking about) and you need to deliver but can't. If you have all the time in the world, it's just a matter of taking long breaks to get a new perspective on it.
I agree, so happy NECA does ambitious expressions sometimes. I love trying them out.
CadaverCrafts's avatar
That's right, the deadlines.. How long did you have for this? Or are you not allowed to share this kinda info, i have no idea really haha.
TrevorGrove's avatar
It always differs, and depends on how many projects I'm juggling at once. For NECA, we're usually doing 3 or 4 things simultaneously, and I just focus on getting whatever is a priority done first. It feels like most likenesses get done in about a week, but sometimes it's longer (sometimes MUCH longer if it's a particularly hard one). If I'm not being pressured to get something done, I'll deliberately take more time to push it, but it just depends on what's needed...I'm sometimes making shoes and hands for the small dolls, too, so I have to balance all of that with the likenesses which can make things take longer.
CadaverCrafts's avatar
A week sounds like nothing, really impressive. Thanks for the explanation!
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I always try not to think about time with my work, if at all possible....Since some projects take months and others a week....I just never know what to expect, and it can be the source of depression when things are taking a LONG time.... It's always nice when you have a project that has no time pressure at all... I'm not someone who benefits from pressure, as I work all the time anyway. It doesn't motivate me to do better, it just stresses me out.
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