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8" retro style JAWS toys coming form NECA, as revealed at ToyFair 2020.

It's shocking to me that these are happening, but very exciting. I'm a huge fan of JAWS, so it was beyond a privilege to get to work on these for NECA. The JAWS trio have been sorely missed in toys and collectibles.

There's one obvious omission for now....Maybe he's in the anti shark cage?
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Hi Trevor,

Do you know why the cancelled the Brody figure? What was the licensing issue? What a shame!

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I know, we're all sad about it. It was a licensing issue with the estate. A shame, and not NECA's fault. At least we're getting Quint!

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I love how you did his hat. I can just feel the weathered, worn, roughness of it. I always found it a challenge sculpting articles of clothing.

Reminds me, my uncle had this old, beat-up S.F. 49ers hat that he just wouldn't part with.

My aunt hated it...

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Haha! Yeah, I remember in my hat wearing days, once you had one you loved, parting with it just never felt right....As disgusting as they ended up getting. Quint's definitely looks like a well loved hat.

Clothes end up being fun for me because it feels like you can be a little more creative with the folds and crinkles. It usually doesn't have to match exactly to feel right, and that's a relief when you're mostly only ever trying to sculpt faces. :)

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Your very lucky to be involved in this! I love this film!
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I feel lucky to have been involved in these, having been a fan of the film for most of my life.
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You all know me... Best movie ever. Very happy to see these. I've been waiting for JAWS figures since 1975. Great job, Trevor!

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I agree, SO happy something is finally happening. I can't believe I had the good luck to get to be involved. I hope many more collectibles happen now.
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Farewell and ado you fair Spanish Ladies...

Great work buddy!!

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Very special to get a chance to return to JAWS after all of these years. I've wanted official toys for JAWS since as long as I can remember....The time has finally arrived (hopefully). I kind of won't believe it until I have them on my shelf. :D
Hope these come out soon.
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Looks like the Brody and Quint are schedules to arrive in late Summer/Early Fall. Can't wait, myself!
I barely have any Neca figures.
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neca better do Godzilla vs kong……..I just want a mokele figure ;-;

titanusTyphon's avatar

if neca did make a figure of mokele mbembe, would his trunk be a bendy wire, or segmented like the necks on the monsterarts ghidorah?

I’m thinking segmented.
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Do you know what that means? It means Hollywood is making a remake and Neca wants to cash on the hype before people realize how bad the movie is.

I could be completely wrong too and their doing it for the fans. I hope it is this option.

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