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NECA Alien 1979

NECA has revealed more of the Nostromo crew that they're bringing out for the Alien 40th anniversary line of toys. So great to get to work on so much of the crew. Some great actors I never thought I'd get to sculpt as toys.


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Wow!! Brutal!!!

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Thanks so much, man!
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I love these! Melting Ash looks so happy :lol: I can't believe this movie is that old! Can't wait to see the final toys!
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Thanks so much! It was a really fun project to be part of.
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You nailed them out.
 What the scale ?
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These are all in about 1:6 scale. They get shrunk down for the final toys through magic. :)
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lol Understood ;) (Wink) 
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OH SHIT SON!!! These are legit. And some of your best work.

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Haha! So glad you like them. I loved the chance to work on such a great group of actors from one of the best films.
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Who doesn't want a Harry Dean Stanton action figure!
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Man you ALWAYS nail those likenesses........and even without color and the finish on the eyes, which really brings all the life to painted sculptures and can really bring it all home at the end.............amazing

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That's great to hear, thank you! It's always a challenge to sculpt likenesses. I suppose had it ever gotten easy I'd have gotten bored years ago. It's still so difficult to this day. The one aspect of professional work I could never control, though, was which characters I'd get a chance to work on. Thanks to NECA, I've been able to sculpt actors and characters I never dreamed I'd get to work on, unless I did them myself on my own time.
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YES FINALLY!!!!!! I have so many alien figures but not a single Ripley I've been waiting all my life for one!
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Awesome! I hope you'll enjoy her when she gets released.
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Oh that's amazingly cool, the whole crew! Next one needs to be the cat :D I love how goopy you managed to make Ash's head, it will be really interesting to see how it will look painted later on because i think the sculpture is already so detailed it pretty much works on it's own. Super impressive!
TrevorGrove's avatar
Oh man, that Ash head was fun...I feared the goop would hide the face too much, but it ended up working out ok. We got to shove those weird wires and ping-pong balls up his neck hole, too, when you flip it over.
Jonesy's likeness would be very hard for me, I sculpt animals poorly! :D
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Oh neat, i thought the back would be more simple but that sounds pretty great! :D
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I don't know what those Alien androids are made of.....spaghetti and ping pong balls with curdled milk, I guess. :) the secret to AI has been within our grasp for YEARS!
CadaverCrafts's avatar
Haha :D I mean i don't think any scientist has ever TRIED to build a fully sentient android with milk, pasta and ping pong balls so it's impossible to tell if it would work- for now!
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Heheh...It's in the mooovies, it's gotta work! The bigger problem may be preventing your pasta bot from betraying and attempting to murder you.
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