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NECA Ace Ventura

By TrevorGrove
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This was a unique likeness project. A very specific Ace Ventura for NECA's upcoming toy. Fun and challenging.
You can check out his stylish tutu here on the final prototype:…

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Love the stretchy face! 
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Thanks! This was a fun, unique project.
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Hehe brilliant!!!
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Ha ha!! Nice!! Well done.

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Thanks man! It was a fun challenge trying to do something so different with likenesses, though the risk of not pleasing anyone is a lot higher. :D
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Ain't that the truth. But when it comes to this character in particular, I think taking a risk was a good move. And you knocked it out of the park.

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You're right, I think it's great to try ambitious expressions with Jim Carrey, even though a lot of people don't like the result....You can't not try to do something extreme with a guy who can physically change so fluidly! Thanks again, Alfred!
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  NECA Ace Ventura by TrevorGrove :iconjimcarrey3plz: :iconsaysplz: Alrighty then!
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Alrighty then Ace Ventura or should I say Jim Carrey you're a funny man love it
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You capture those faces dead on!!!  Love seeing you update!
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Thank you so much. It's wonderful to know the work is enjoyed. I always figure the endless heads becomes boring to people, but it's still fun and challenging to work on. I tend to be most useful to a creative team as just the headsculpt guy. :)
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I love them!  Your ability to capture the likeness so well is really fun to see, and very impressive.  And I love that you still sculpt traditionally, when so much is done via digital mediums.  Digital is awesome, and people do AMAZING things with it, but I love seeing traditional work.  I myself rarely draw traditionally anymore, I'm so spoiled with digital work, so I love seeing physical stuff.
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That's wonderful to hear, thank you again for the support!
I love working traditionally, despite the challenges (like when a sculpture falls off the desk...Though digital artists probably have the same heartache with lost or corrupted files!) Digital is a great tool, like you said. I love that there are so many options for artists to achieve a unique feeling in their work...I love when people see the benefit in ALL mediums. One never has to replace the other.
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You NAILED it yet again! *bowing to your awesomeness*
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Thank you so much! I'm really glad to hear you like it...It was a tricky challenge to try to make something recognizable as Carrey but really extreme in expression. You could do dozens of Jim Carrey heads and probably just scratch the surface of his versatile face...
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You always breathe such life into your work. Capturing a likeness is one thing...capturing a likeness with an extreme expression is "next level" awesome! And absolutely, one could probably devote an entire life's work to sculpting only Carrey expressions (now that's an art installation I'd pay to go see!)
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That's really wonderful to read, and thank you so much! I do love when people attempt expressions, even if it is a bit off, I like to see the effort towards character... I really admire that NECA went for it and wanted me to do something extreme. I never get bored of likeness work, because it's always hard, but to get to do something unique is a thrill.
Seriously I would not be surprised if there is an art show focused specifically on all of Jim Carrey's insane physical range! :D
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