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Maynard James Keenan

A piece I worked on all summer in my limited free-time to celebrate some of the great work of Maynard James Keenan, one of my favorite artists.

The music Maynard is part of in all three bands has been a constant source of inspiration and motivation for me over the years. I’m really grateful to my brother, Trent, for having introduced me to TOOL’s music when I was a kid. It had a genuinely huge impact on me. He and I have gone to many a Puscifer, A Perfect Circle, and TOOL show together, and those are experiences I’ll always treasure.

This piece was sculpted by hand in wax, and cast in resin. Painted with acrylic. Approximately 8” tall.

“Life is too short not to create something with every breath we draw”

More photos here:…
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Zavellart's avatar
Amazing! Is there an LED in his hair?
TrevorGrove's avatar
Thanks, man! I tried wiring in lights to have it all illuminated from within...But ultimately it gave a rather cheap look to it...The best solution, as is often the case, was just to simplify my idea, so I just cast the piece in clear, and painted up to the flame, allowing natural light to catch the flame-hawk....For these photos I just shined a light from the side. The resin really catches light nicely. Thanks again!
Zavellart's avatar
oh so the whole piece is clear cast and you used paint to make it mostly opaque? Gonna tuck that trick away in the mental toolbox for later. I'm actually going to be doing a piece that involves ice really soon so I'll be breaking the clear resin out myself as well. 
TrevorGrove's avatar
Yeah! It works great. I love playing with tinted clear resin. You can do so many things with it. All you have to do is primer it with an acrylic clear-coat like you'd use to seal a finished piece. I hope you have fun with your ice piece.
Hodges-Art's avatar
This is fucking STUNNING! I'm a HUGE TOOL fan... this really is beautiful!
TrevorGrove's avatar
Thanks, man! I'm glad you like it!
SkyPotatoFire's avatar
Well it's awesome.
TrevorGrove's avatar
Thank you so much!
fractured100's avatar
Awesome job on this piece! I almost missed the demon on the base until I scrolled down to write a comment.
TrevorGrove's avatar
Oh cool! I wanted Queen Bee to be a little hidden among the rubble of the base, so that's great. Thank you very much for the kind words.
fractured100's avatar
You deserve it, great work!
dreamfloatingby's avatar
Love the Mohawk too, BTW.
TrevorGrove's avatar
Thank you so much!
Frankblanket's avatar
Great work!  Were the glasses also sculpted in wax and cast in resin?
TrevorGrove's avatar
Thank you! Yes, I did sculpt them in TMS wax....Not always fun, because it breaks a lot, but I just work best in wax....Then once I was able to get it molded and into resin, I could sand and refine it better.
Frankblanket's avatar
I've had very little luck molding small, thin pieces.  Any tricks you've discovered along the way?
TrevorGrove's avatar
Molding is a pain. It often drives me crazy. haha! I've gotten a little better over the years, but not by much. For small pieces, it can be really frustrating. You need good air channels for it to work well. For glasses like these, I just put dowels along each earpiece, all the way to the frames. Then I use syringes to inject the mold with the resin until it comes up the other side. Then just put it in the pressure pot. When you need clear lenses without bubbles, sometimes it takes a good 80 psi to get them out...Anyway, after you have the resin, you can just trim up the earpieces carefully and then sand everything up. The worst is when after all of that you break something while refining the resin....ooof....
Frankblanket's avatar
I haven't invested in a pressure pot yet.  It seems like there's always a new piece of equipment to buy.
Toy makers always make these small parts connected to a number of other small pieces with sprues everywhere.  
It might make sense to use a softer, more flexible plastic or resin to keep them from being too brittle during clean up.
I'll have to experiment with that.
TrevorGrove's avatar
Yeah, a pressure pot is a pricey piece of equipment. Mine has certainly come in handy all these years, though even still, you get airbubbles. It makes the patchwork on the final piece a lot less trouble, though.

Yeah, all those interconnecting sprues is a great method...Whatever it takes to get the hair out of the mold when you pour. Softer resins and plastics are great for anything too brittle. I use Smooth-On's products, and I'm always really happy with them.
Frankblanket's avatar
I use Smooth-On as well. Always reliable, but really expensive.
I've had mixed results with other brands.
TrevorGrove's avatar
Yeah, any time I go cheap, I pay for it. haha! It's worthwhile for reliability...Though that's a big reason a lot of what I make on my own is so small. :D I don't want to spend a fortune to reproduce it.
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DisturbedShifty's avatar
That is fucking AWESOME!  I like this version with the glasses.  Just seems more Maynard for some reason.
TrevorGrove's avatar
Thank you so much! I'm glad you feel that way. I wanted the glasses to give it some levity, but it's great that it also helps bring out the likeness. Thankfully the third eye is 20/20 vision. :)
DisturbedShifty's avatar
You're welcome. Keep up the great work!
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