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By TrevorGrove
This is another piece from the past, two years old I believe, and today seemed appropriate to bring it back to deviant art. I hope some of you enjoy the old work! painted/drawn on illustration board with acrylics and prismacolors.

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Really excellent.
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Show me the way to go home...
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i love the movie once i saw a flilping 69 inch shark  One of the scariest zelda moments... EVER. Run Away Run Away Run Away Run Away Run Away Run Away Run Away 
Agentf84's avatar
40 years old movie but still the best
NibbleKat's avatar
This is phenomenal.
Peaceful-Child's avatar
This looks amazing!
STARKILLER1138's avatar
Realy, really good! What i like so much s that you put the three men n a bigger Position; so you're signalizing that there is also a big Drama on board between those men, not only the shark.
Great Picture for a great movie!
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Epic man! Great work!
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Holy crap, somebody who actually knows how to draw da!
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 :heart::heart::heart::heart:Fantastic work! :heart::heart::heart::heart:
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"Show me the way to go home...
I'm tired and I wanna go to bed...
I had a little drink about an hour ago and it's gone right to my head...
Wherever I may roam...
By land or sea of foam...
show me the way to go home...
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Good movie song!  :)
S0RR0WPASTA's avatar
Indeed! *sings along*
BrianLadouceur's avatar
Just saw this on the Blu ray documentary. Nice work!
vegiboy3000's avatar
Beautifully done :)
smjblessing's avatar
It looks like Drew Struzan is one of your influences. Like me !
TrevorGrove's avatar
Drew is an amazing source of inspiration. :)
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Brilliantly done.
Bookzforever81's avatar
This is amazing - so realistic. (is secretly hoping this becomes a DD)
Sci-Fi-King's avatar
Well, that is very impressive if i do say so myself and i think even Steven Spielberg himself would love it at such fine detail and accuracy because i certainly love.

I personally would give that 4 and a half stars.
CanveySue's avatar
You have a wonderful gallery :clap: Great job of one of my favourite actors - Robert Shaw
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