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Han Solo Stormtrooper Portrait

By TrevorGrove
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Yep.....more Ford....:) This is the bare sculpt from the Sideshow Han Solo Stormtrooper PF. The neck piece is from Sideshow's artists, and I just sculpted the portrait to it.

Sculpted in wax.
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This is fucking amazing, I love it.
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That's great to hear, thank you!
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Ever thought about a job at madame tussaud`s? :la:
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Ooooh, I think I'd go crazy doing that, honestly. Those artists do an amazing job, though the expectation for their work to look utterly life-like is nothing I've ever wanted to be part of. :) It's a next level that's a lot of pressure. I'm stunned by those who can do it, but I prefer collectible miniatures. They still leave some room for style, and I enjoy that. I don't want to be taking measurements of someone's face and making sure every dimension is as close as possible.
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I suppose it would be a lot of stress. Still I think you'd be an absolute addition to one of their teams. Sometimes the artist thinks of himself that he's not good enough, although he absolutely is. In your case, it would be like this.

But I see what you mean, it's more pressure than a usual normal job.
I'd also think twice before accepting such a high job.

And yes, miniatures are way more creative! True!
It's the same with me. I don't want to become for example an animator professional for Disney, because I don't want to do exact animation works. I rather like concept art, where the brush may flow and everything is still free.
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you are the best 
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Hah! Far from it, but it means a lot to hear it, thanks.
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Hehheh! Sounds good to me! Thanks!
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You know, from back when people weren't complaining about Star Wars like it was the end of filmmaking.
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Before the dark times.......before The Last Jedi!
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DUDE!!!!! Is that Han Solo/ Indiana Jones/ whoever else Harrison Ford played/ Harrison Ford!?
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Haha! Yep, that's the guy.
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Good lord, that's beautiful work. Absolutely outstanding!
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Thank you, very kindly!
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...We're fine -- we're all fine -- here...  How are you?

Great work, Trevor!
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Heeey, Tim! Thanks, man. Hope you're doing well and still kicking ass!
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Very impressive ! Many details
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