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Elvira Statue

Hey folks,
Here's a look at the wax original sculpt for the Elvira statue I did this year with Tweeterhead. I believe the statue goes up for order in just a couple of weeks.

Sculpted 1:6 scale in wax, it was a really fun piece to work on.
Thanks for looking,
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My eyeball just popped out
Thank You for sharing
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:) I hope you get one!!
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All I have to say is.....Ohhhhhh Yeahhhhhh!!! :D
It's amazing work, I wish they were releasing it as a kit as well as a prepaint as this would be a great kit to paint!  Look at all that clothing and fold detail.
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I was just watching a bunch of Elvira stuff too. Halloween is a perfect time to sport the Mistress of the dark. Awesome sculpture. 
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Cool! I like this Lady.

superb Trevor. :)


atb --tim

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Yes, finally some detail shots! :) You have such a great talent to capture the likeness of people!
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Ha! Glad you wanted to see some shots! Thank you very much!!
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Superb piece, we just wait her to move and start speaking
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I'm mentally drooling over the amazing attention to detail in your work! Clothes folds and drapery look so natural and soft. The subtle curve to her figure from her calves to her hips and stomach to her neck and face structure. They're all so amazing!
Just, wow. Congratulations on your honed talents and good luck in the future!
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Thank you for such kind compliments. I'm really grateful that you appreciate the work that went into her. She was a difficult one, but such a fun character. It makes the hard work worthwhile when it's appreciated.
Many thanks again!
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Spectacular work as always Trevor!
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Thank you very much!!
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This is absolutely gorgeous work. Exactly how would you go about molding a piece like this? I know the arms (and likely the head) separate from the body, but what about that whip?
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Thank you!

The molding was done by Scott Whitworth, who did a great job. I honestly have very little experience molding, as it's an art form in and of itself...requires lots of care and attention. I'd be curious to see how it all gets molded too.

I do know how to prepare the sculpt for molding though. Elvira here breaks apart very intricately...her hair breaks away from the head. Her arms (as you noticed) and her legs are separate. The whip is sculpted in three separate's one of the more difficult parts of sculpting for get things to break apart for molding, and yet look good put together. :)

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Thanks for the reply! You did a fantastic job of breaking up the pieces...I really can't see most of the breaks, aside from the obvious hair and arms. That's something I'll have to learn how to do eventually if I ever go into miniatures or scale pieces. 'Nice to talk to someone who is already rather used to and skilled at the technicalities of it all. Cheers!
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very cool work.
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