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Audrey Hepburn

An Audrey Hepburn attempt from some time ago. Very challenging likeness...Some likenesses blindside you by how insanely difficult they are. You can't find the subtle things needed to unlock the character. I agonized over this one for some time.

Some day I'll get back around and make a new one... Usually when you attempt someone a second time, knowing what to expect helps you find your way to some better solution.

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K8r-t0t's avatar
This is so fantastic! Reading your desc made me examine her features more closely and I am just totally blown away... I think it's great!
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I'm really glad you like it, thank you! I'm curious what it will be like to sculpt her again whenever I make another piece of her. Sometimes just being prepared for the difficulty helps you for the next time.
lavalamp-genie's avatar
Already waiting for the new one...
TrevorGrove's avatar
Thanks! Some day it'll happen...Probably years from now, but I look forward to sculpting her again.
lavalamp-genie's avatar
Years? Ouch!

I know... you are a very busy man :)
TrevorGrove's avatar
Unfortunately! Time just keeps moving so quickly and I rarely ever get any time to work on my own projects anymore. A good and bad problem. :)
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I think you definitely nailed it. In a lot of the old movies & photographs they often used a soft focus lens on the female actresses. I would imagine that made it all the more difficult.
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I really appreciate reading that, thanks! I struggled so much on this...It ended up being a really lousy professional experience, but I still want to some day get back around to making my own version of Audrey...Something not intended for production so that I can make different choices that aren't dependent on eventual paint. Some day, some day. That's a good point about the soft focus used for actresses. I'm not even sure why this one in particular ended up being so difficult.... It's just the puzzle of the face....Some people feel right when you're 75% there, others feel completely wrong unless you're 98% there...I never know what to expect. The "Breakfast At Tiffany's" hairstyle was also weirdly hard....Maybe a "Sabrina" Audrey would come together better. I like her cute short hair.
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amazing work
TrevorGrove's avatar
Thanks so much!
CadaverCrafts's avatar
"I agonized over this one for some time" Oh man, and i think she looks so gorgeous. She has a very special face and what is think is particularly difficult is that you have to sculpt her without make up even tho she's wearing quite a lot. Make up can really influence how the face and eyes look so that's 10 times harder... Then again, you managed to do it with a clown before ;) I just think it's very impressive.
TrevorGrove's avatar
Thank you so much! You're so right, women tend to be so hard to sculpt well because of how their features are often accented with make-up....In this case I needed to consider how production paint would be done, too, which means not sculpting the line of the eyebrows, and so forth....When I sculpt her again I'm going to approach it differently. I was stunned by how difficult she was to do remotely well, and the project ended up going poorly because of how long it was taking me..but that's the nice thing about art, we can always do something again for ourselves on our own time...I love her, it would be great to sculpt something again some day....Maybe Sabrina or Roman Holiday!
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Stunning likeness as usual bud.

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A very young version of Audrey .  Easily recognizable.   
McGlad292's avatar
Spoilers: That woman’s head is actually a beehive!
magnoliamist's avatar
Wow! So realistic. I can tell there was a lot of work put into this, it is a very detailed piece of art
TrevorGrove's avatar
Thank you, kindly!
It seems like you can use a person as a model to push the plastic cast on on them and then fill in with Clay . Many just show the plastic it’s like
MatesLaurentiu's avatar
I'd love to see this painted, I'm sure it would look good and you did an awesome job on a very difficult model. 
TrevorGrove's avatar
Thank you very much! I'll make another Audrey at some point. I agree that this one could never really work well without a great paintjob, so it's hard to guess what needs to be done. It's often the case with sculptures of women.
MatesLaurentiu's avatar
It's a great model nevertheless. Keep up the good work!
I-GUYJIN-I's avatar
Oh this is a tough one! IMHO Audrey's most captivating feature was the combination of her eyes and eyebrows that gave her that innocent doe look. Her face was so picture perfect it almost looked stylized. Still I think you did a damn good job at it! I recognized the likeness right away.
TrevorGrove's avatar
I agree, it's just not something you can pull off well in sculpture before paint....Or if you do, you need to intentionally sculpt her brows and eyes to get the proper shadowing to give the right impression. The next time i sculpt her I want to do that. Thanks so much! She was murder to get even to this point, and I got depressed by the project, but....There's always an opportunity to try again!
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