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Eggceptional Vacation Get Aways Auction!
Life got you down? Looking for something to put a spring in your step! Miss the times when you were small and everything in the world seemed fresh and new? Then you clearly need to come on down to Trevor and Calex’s Eggceptional Vacation Get Aways! We guarantee these exotic destinations will make life feel as fresh to you as the day you were born! Each destination is an exciting adventure just waiting to change your life forever! There’s no need to make any preparations or pack a suitcase! Just come on down to our barn and we’ll take care of everything you need! We’ll get you all packed and shipped to your new destination in our climate controlled transports for maximum comfort! All you have to do is relax and nap the day away; then you’ll wake up to a brand new world! Hurry in now! Space is limited as we only have ten vacation packages left! Trevor and Calex’s Eggceptional Vacation Get Aways is located in the old previously abandoned old barn right off the interstate! Come on in and say hi! Oh and don’t worry about the flash of light as you enter the door.

So What Is This?
Trevor and Calex’s Eggceptional Vacation Get Aways is a collaboration between The Trevor Fox and Calex The Neko. It takes the form of a Your Character Here auction with ten slots available to bid on. This YCH is Transformation/Age Regression themed. Each of you who enters will be regressed to a small egg that hatches into a brand new species in a new setting. If you win one of the ten slots then you will receive both art of your character and a story explaining what happens to you after you hatch from your egg.

So We Turn Into Eggs?
Temporarily yes! Your character will be regressed down to an egg as a way to facilitate their transformation! Then that egg is shipped off to a new universe. There you’ll hatch into an infant of whatever species your egg was from!

So What Do We Turn Into?
That is a mystery! There are ten eggs and they are from all kinds of different universes. Some of them might be from actual mythology and legends, others might be from video games, anime or TV shows. You have no way to know which egg is which until you win! Of course… A few of you might be clever and have a little bit of an idea what some eggs are based on their design. If you figured it out! Awesome! Good for you! You win a cookie! I’ll set it right here next to your egg for when you hatch! But please don’t spoil the surprise for anyone else! Oh! But I will drop one hint. Not every egg is from a different universe. There are a few special eggs whose stories will be connected to each other. Which eggs those are you’ll have to just wait and see.

So What Do We Get?
If you participate and win one of the ten auctions you’ll receive the following:

-One group picture of everyone in their egg forms. Your egg will be recolored to your color scheme.
-One Post Transformation picture of your character now hatched from the egg as their new species.
-One story of what happens to your character after they’ve hatched what kind of life they now live.

All art will be done by Trevor and all writing will be done by Calex.

So How Much Does It Cost?
These will be auctions and we’ve based the starting bids on the idea that you are getting two commissions, both a picture and a story. The initial starting bid is slightly discounted from the cost of getting a full commission from each of us. The group egg picture is just a freebie that was not calculated into the cost.

Starting Bid For All Eggs is $70.
Auto-Buy is $150.

So How Long Will This Take?
Bidding will go for one week once it has opened. After that we will begin work immediately to release these as fast as possible. Please be patient. Remember, there will be 10 pictures and 10 stories for us to work through. So this will take time for us to release all of them. We cannot guarantee that every picture and story will be 100% done before the start of the new year. We apologize for that, and we understand waiting is difficult. But this is a major project and will take time to complete. We will however work as hard as possible to get these out as quickly as we can.

So How Do We Bid?
Bidding will be done on the original upload of the Egg Picture and rules on Trevor Fox’s Page. If you’re not on that upload now there will be a link below in the description pointing you in the right direction. If you’re already on that page, awesome! Just scroll on down to the comments! You should see a spot for each specific egg on where to bid! Just pick out the egg you want and start bidding! Reminder that starting bid is $70 and Auto-Buy is $150!

What Are My Responsibilities If I Win?
Obviously, the most important responsibility is to pay the bill after you win. In addition to that we will need references for your character. Upon receiving your invoice you have 72 hours to pay it. If the invoice is not paid within 72 hours then we will either go to the next bid below yours or reopen the slot for bidding. Other than that… Remember, we will be both providing art and a story. We need not just a reference to your character’s appearance but their personality as well! This doesn’t need to be exceptionally detailed, but a few sentences about how they act, how they speak, their outlook in life and how they might react to the situation is appreciated! We can work with as much or as little information as you want here! After that you’re in the clear! And of course you can repost your picture and story wherever you please so long as you link back to us with credit.

Can I Purchase More Than One Slot?
Of course! If you have the money and want to buy multiple slots you’re more than welcome to! If you use the same character… It might cause some oddities in the event you purchase two stories that are secretly connected but… We’ll figure our something there. Probably involving portals, or maybe time travel. Something will happen! The point is you can bid on as many different eggs as you want! Just remember though, you will be expected to pay every auction that you win. So bid responsibly! There will be plenty of time for you to be an irresponsible little hatchling after you’ve been turned into an egg and hatched!

Take My Money Already!
More than happy to! Check the slots below to start bidding or for a link to where you can place a bid! And thank you. Thank you so much for your support! We hope you enjoy your Eggceptional Vacation.

-Trevor and Calex………

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Halloween Costume Bombchu
Part of my Halloween event! Metrohunter from FA grabbed this slot!

Tuli's bag of candy had been snatched by a rogue bat! He chased the bandit into the woods, but he could not keep up with it. He had gotten SO much candy this year, too! His head lowered and his fists clenched in anger. The Bombchu costume head fell back over his face as he clenched his eyes shut. A spark seemed to light inside of him, and he smelled smoke in the air. He was going to make that bat pay and he was going to get his candy back! He opened his eyes wide and began to smile a crazy, maniacal grin. He looked through the tree tops and saw the bat! He began to run towards it on all fours as the bat glanced down and saw a manic rat beginning to climb the tree he had nested in. And what's worse, there was a hissing bomb on the end of this rat's tail...

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Halloween Costume Stitch
Part of my Halloween event! This costume was bought by EccoCode on FA!

Miken had already gotten a bunch of candy! People had complimented him on his Stitch costumes, and he earned himself quite a haul! He reached his hand into his bag, unable to wait until he arrived home to have himself a snack. As his hand shifted through the candy, it began to tingle and feel odd. He removed his hand from the bag only to find a very coarse and muscular forearm attached to his body! He was shocked and dropped his candy bag as his entire body started to shift and change. He could feel himself starting to lose control, grabbing his head as an overwhelming feeling of anger and rage began to consume his very being. When he opened his eyes again, he growled as drool fell from his mouth onto the ground. A monsterous Stitch stood where the dolphin used to be. 

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Halloween Costume Bubble Dragon
Part of my Halloween event! :iconkickahaota: grabbed this spot!

It was going to be a good halloween! Kick had managed to grab a good Bubble Dragon outfit and a matching candy bucket to boot! It was shaped like a bubble that Bubble Dragons so commonly let loose from their mouths. As he strolled along, he suddenly felt a rising pressure from within and let out an uncontrollable hiccup! It was so powerful that it knocked Kick on his rear, and he saw bubbles floating in the air in front of him. He covered his mouth, wondering if those bubble had indeed come from him, when he hiccupped again. This time, the involuntary convulsion was cut off from a large bubble swelling from his mouth, expanding larger than any bubble he'd ever seen blown. He hadn't even noticed how his body had changed to become a cute, round dragon...

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Halloween Costume Dry Bones
Part of my Halloween event! Gifted as a present to :iconjoltink: from :iconscotchhideyoshi:!

The happy roo bounded along, content with his purchase of halloween costume and looking forward to the treats that he would get this halloween. And he hopped along, though, the mask seemed be yanked down over his face. Alex stumbled and fell onto his rear as his face was completely covered by the mask. It seemed to be getting tigher on his body. He began to struggle, pushing up on the mask as hard as he could. Finally, he heard a pop and opened his eyes! Had he gotten it off? He looked down and say his hands holding his head high above his body...was that his body? Wait, what was going on?! Questions and confusion consumed the new Dry Bones as this Halloween became a bit more real for them.

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There's a fun event going on right now on Twitter where people are naming 4 movies or 4 games that were significantly impactful to their life.

Let's see if I can pick my top four here. #GameStruck4

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
Super Mario RPG
Final Fantasy X

It's funny. Metroidvanias are my favorite genre, but these. These showed me that story/gameplay can co-exist in a beautiful way.

FFTA was SO important to me. It was my first FF game. Bought it when I was around 14, and I loved the characters and story in it. I even started drawing concepts of me and my cousin being sucked into Ivalice and becoming adventurers! I still love the theming of the story. It deals with 4 kids who have it hard in life being sucked into an alternate reality where they're able to live out their dreams and become the people they've always wanted--make the friends they've always wanted. But even though that's the case, the main character realizes that they all need to face the hardships of life and overcome them. It's especially tragic with the main character's brother, who is a cripple in the real world but can walk in Ivalice.

FFCC was a game that had a dark undertone despite its cutesy setting. The music was beautiful, and I played this game with my friends a lot. Lots of bonding there. The characters' stories mostly ended in tragedy, and the final fight was surreal and neat.

Super Mario RPG was my VERY first RPG. I also did not understand the humor, and I took EVERYTHING seriously in this game. Which is a bit embarrassing looking back now. But, I loved to read, and the combination of story and gameplay was soooo much fun for me!

Final Fantasy X is still an absolute joy, even to this day. The setting, the music, the story, the characters. Everything is so beautiful and dreamlike. I really love the world that's crafted with X. I think they did a marvelous job, and I still love to go back to it today. This game is...a trip. The story is unlike any other that I've seen, and I think they did a great job in telling it.
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