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Winners Don't Act Like This

By trevmun
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EDIT EDIT: Several people brought this up--even though I don't directly spoil anything in the sixth book (because the entire flash is a parody of ev-ry-thiiiing), it does hint at a major plot point. So it's a semi-spoiler. If you've miraculously avoided getting spoiled by lamers thus far, and're trying to keep all knowledge of the book out of your head, don't watch this flash. D: Though, I figure most everyone knows the major plot points or has heard the non-spoiler rumors before the book's release, so it won't hurt ...

Speaking of spoilers, it goes without saying that it's not a good idea to read the comments on this deviation if you don't want to be spoiled--as expected, there's spoilerdicks who think they can somehow "get back" by posting spoilers in the comment box. Too bad they don't realize the futility of doing that, and are in fact proving they're no better than the two knuckleheads in the flash.

(For the anonymous guy on 4chan who tried to organize a spamming of my comments box, I hope you're enjoying that ban the 4chan admins gave you! :D )

EDIT: Yes, I KNOW the flash file is off-center. I'm not sure what happened; the flash file views fine on other sites and locally. It seems to be some sort of HTML bug in DeviantArt itself; try right clicking on the huge white space, you'll notice you get the usual HTML right click menu instead of the one that pops up with Flash.

Oh, and as the preloader says, I was going for a sort of "voiced comic book" style here, so it's not exactly animated. Hence, BEAUTIFUL COMIC BOOK-O-RAMAVISION!

Over the past few days, since the release of the sixth Harry Potter book, I've been thoroughly disgusted with the behavior of quite a few people on the 'net. Seems like half of the internet's population is out to ruin the enjoyment people get out of reading that book by spoiling all the major plot points. Hell, one glance at, or the Harry Potter-related articles on Wikipedia (which are, as of this submission, being endlessly vandalized by trolls) will show that easily.

I'm no Harry Potter fan, and have never read the books, so that just goes to show how old this crap's gotten to be, when someone totally unrelated to the HP fandom has to go and make something like this.

Anyway, for all you Harry Potter fans out there (and anyone else who's tired of watching the trolls crap all over the internet), I present to you this public service announcement. Enjoy!
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That was awesome. Those are what real life trolls look like.
Gaaralover1000096's avatar
O.o omg..... I love this...
Salohcin-Silverwing's avatar
there's a 10th circle of hell reserved for internet trolls.
riddiculus101's avatar
haha this is awesome. It sure gets the point across.
00Crazy's avatar
Man, really, that's called world. And, Trev, you pwned again! (Was that related to bomb-heal?)
Rebel94's avatar
Have you Harry Potter fans ever thought that these people act like that because of the way you guys react to them?
trevmun's avatar
I've never read the books, nor watched the movies. Neither of the guys who voiced for this thing were fans of Harry Potter, either.

We were all just sick and tired of how people went to any length to ruin the day of fans of that series.

You don't have to be a fan of something to be utterly disgusted by hecklers, nor do you have to be a fan to be so irritated as to want to slap some fools upside the head for their behavior.
Rebel94's avatar
I thought those ebaumswold guys were funny :3
Cynder-Wolf's avatar
This is gold :XD:

But unfortunately so true :no:
habib03's avatar
i hate those kind of people but i hate more when they think their better then me just because the have already watched or read it...
RustyCaffeine's avatar
These are my people :XD: Well ok maybe not
LadyMortiana's avatar
this is a masterpiece. I hate spoilers x_x
and this flash is greatly done! Bravo! :clap:
MarsW's avatar
HAHAHA! This is SO good!! Instant fave!
SealfiveLight's avatar
So totally faved because true. I hate those spoiling sons of a *navi*.
KremlinDusky's avatar
Smuppy... (giggles)
ChibiRoxasChan's avatar
YAY!! This is funny. :rofl:
linkthehero13's avatar
Don't be a Spoilerdick. lol!!
kazerniel's avatar
ex dee ex dee :D :D
polaris15's avatar
Wow, nice message!!!
AnnStrud's avatar
I agree so much with your reaction to spoilers... I won't stop imagine the people who spoil like this two loosers!!!
snakevenom458's avatar
Wow, the nerdiness and noobishness seriously scared me.
No joke.
Jounouchi's avatar
XDDDDDD Thats siiis soooo funny!
ParadoxPortal's avatar
Well, of course the sound is grating and annoying, but it matches the two main losers in the animation. Good work. Low quality sure but good point. I happen to be an HP fan. What I just absolutely despise about spoilers or people who claim that HP lovers have no life, it's that they ALWAYS say that when anybody gets remotely excited about ANY fandom. If someone gets into something and is a fan that equals loser to THOSE people. I suggest that spoilers actually get involved and invest themselves in something so that they'll have a happier life and won't feel the need to put a ding in other people's interests.
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