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Transformers: Wreckers Hardcover

This is the cover I designed for IDW's complete Transformers: Last Stand of The Wreckers hardcover book, released in early 2012.

This book is super-popular among the Transformers die-hards, so I suggest if you are even remotely curious, go get this!

The artwork is an adaptation of my cover art for the first issue.

It's here in a wallpaper friendly 1680 x 1050
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Awesome! I'm definitely going to use this for my laptop!
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Finally got this book a few weeks ago. Awesome read, awesome cover! 
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Awesome! I have the hardcover at home, signed by Nick Roche himself (when he was in Wexford in May)! It IS an awesome story, well worth checking out.
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Hey Trevor, on the final hardcover of this image, there's a weird 'clone stamp' style swipe through Springers leg - any idea what happened there?
trevhutch's avatar
Just got my copies, and you're right, someone at IDW went crazy with the clone stamp on it. Disappointing.
Drivaaar's avatar
Thought so. What a pisser. Still, at least it's not massively noticeable. Otherwise, a cracking book - I coloured the one pager on the last page by the way... Had to get a piece of some LSOTW action somehow! :)
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I haven't seen the actual printed book yet. I can assure you it wasn't there when I submitted it!
n-e-w-r-o-n's avatar
I love your artwork. XD
hanaraad's avatar
Amazing work!! Thanks for sharing! :)
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I have the hardcover and I love the action poses!
WheelJack-S70's avatar
I love your style!
DinKelion's avatar
I saw this the other day in the stores, It's fantastic!
blackcore11's avatar
the cover looks good, ill keep an eye out for this book.
ladyofwreck's avatar
And another SMASHING project done by the ever impressive Hutch! Thank you for this! =D
Dzorek's avatar
Oh gosh I saw the book at a comic book store I recently went to and wanted to buy it so badly. But I didn't have the money to do so. ;n;
Amazing and awesome work though! This looked awesome as the cover for the complete collection.
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