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Last Stand of the Wreckers 4

By trevhutch
4th cover for IDW Publishing's Transformers: Last Stand of the Wreckers mini series.

Last Stand of the Wreckers starts this week, and from what I've seen I think it will become a fan favourite.
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when does the 4th and 5th issue of the last stand of the wreckers come out?
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Issue 4 is out April 21. Issue 5 will be about a month later (mid-May)
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that is so cool! thank you!
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Is that Ironfist's head in the background? That blast mark on the right side looks just like the one he has.

Love it love it! Insta-fave (wish DA would make an icon for that LOL)!
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Nicely spotted. Yes that's Ironfist, but what does it all mean!?! ;)
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Oooo you damn artist types! (Oooo wait, I''m one of those artist types, that's why I'm here! Fail)
Another great cover Trevor! Damn I hope I find these. I love your covers way more than the normal ones. You should tell the IDW guys to cary some - and your 'art of' book at San Diego Comicon this summer :)
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I like the way you use light and shadow on figures. Great work!
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*Rubs hands together while laughing like a Bond villain*
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I love these, I hope they're on some of the comics that come in... =)
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