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All Hail Megatron cover 15

This is my incentive cover for IDW's All Hail Megatron issue 15 (the third Coda issue). The story deals with Perceptor and his sniper role. I used a sniper crosshair, with other markings to echo his past as a scientist. The style is consistent with the other Coda issues.
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While Perceptor as a kick-ass sniper might be a bit odd, it has worked out rather well.
Chancey-Rose's avatar
dang, Badass Perceptor
Mandylion777's avatar
I love those logo lookalike covers!
Stitchie's avatar
Oh man. This is monstrously awesome. Can't wait to see how Percy got his badass. <3
blackravendesign's avatar
Very nice. Liking the slightly worn look to it, especially round the edges. These comics look great on the shelves with that white frame round them. :)
dryadic's avatar
Concur w/the tshirt idea. This has to be my favorite.
exceedinglyspherical's avatar
Once again, fabulous design work. LOVE.
PriscillaTR's avatar
Awesome!! I love that one! =D
lowman-x's avatar
Make IDW make these as posters!!!

I love how you've incorporated the crosshairs. Reminds me of when he scopes out (ba-doom-tish!) the Decepticon forces heading towards Autobot City: Earth in the movie. :D

Oh, and your description of how you make these made sense. ;)
ll's avatar
Lovely - I think this is my favorite of the ones you've posted so far (not that there's much between them anyhow!)

That said - I see the crosshairs, but I'm missing the "other markings to echo his past as a scientist" - any clues? :D

trevhutch's avatar
Oh I was just referring to the clock-like markings around the outside. I was thinking of scientific dials and measurement and that sort of thing. ;)
ll's avatar
Ahh! :D I see what you mean now - many thanks for clearing that up! :)
NuclearConvoy's avatar
Your COD covers would look sooooooooooooooo badass as t-shirts
exgraphics's avatar
So...badass. I was hoping for a Perceptor-centric issue like a Spotlight...though we got a couple of hints from the SL Drift issue, there is still a huge amount of WTF when concerning him.

Hutch, you've TOTALLY made my day.
exgraphics's avatar
(I can't stop staring at this cover. It's fan-freaking-tastic. I really love your covers.)
lonegamer7's avatar
I partially see the cross hair in the science area of binoculars.
FrankORourke's avatar
Hmmm I still have yet to see any of thse new issues at my local comic shops. :(
WhiteRabbitInk's avatar
That might be because they're not out for months.
FrankORourke's avatar
oh. for some reason every time I see topics posted about all the coming comics I'm always thinking they are out already.
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