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All Hail Megatron TPB Vol 3



This is my cover for the TPB collection of recent Transformers: Spotlight issues for IDW Publishing. I wanted to depict that the issue contained 5 stories about different characters, and link it stylistically to the covers I had illustrated for the All Hail Megatron series. Top to Bottom: Blurr, Jazz, Drift, Cliffjumper, Metroplex.

I threw in a bit of Autobot typography for effect. It gives the whole thing a Japanesey feel - and I know how you guys love things that are Japanesey ;)
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The stories of a speed freak, cool dude, ninja, hothead and citybot in one package. I've generally avoided this one despite buying the other Spotlights, as I never really liked All Hail Megatron. It came across like a bad GI cartoon episode, with extra violence and Michael Bay-seque moments.

Your covers for it though are excellent.