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Minimalistic The Sims Wallpaper 16:9


I've made a The Sims wallpaper! It's really simple but it got me to learn a trick for other things in blender!

I mostly made it because of my deep love for the Sims. I've played it since i was a little kid. I remember feeling bad when i had to move the "Green" family out of their house to make room for other sims. I bought every single expansion of ALL the sims games. Just not the stuff packs.

I dearly hope Maxis and EA keep on working on the Sims, I've spent many a day behind my pc just to play it. If I ever get kids they will learn the world of gaming via the sims, just like their dad :)

The plumbbob was made in blender 2.49b.

The Sims belongs to Maxis and EA.
This wallpaper belongs to me.
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© 2012 - 2021 treoni
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Can I use this as background for a sims themed subreddit?

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This is amazing wallpaper! The Sims is so cool especially the Sims 3 for me, because it's the first Sims game I got on PC!
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Thank you :)
We all have our prefered Sims game huh, For me it's the first one cuz that's one of the first games I ever played!
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Nice work! (on both versions)
I'd say you've got the shade of green just right on the plumbob.
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Thank you!
Well they both are the exact qame really, I just cutted out a part to get the 4:3 version!

On a sidenote: if you play TS for way too often you get that plumbbob imprinted in your head really :)
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I made myself a plumbob keyring a while back. There are pictures in my gallery if you fancy a look.
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the first thing i saw when i opened this deviation is the glowing green thing (sory i didn play sims so i dunno). but thats the way it should be, and it's slick on my desktop too. two things that mark a great wallpaper. awesome!
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Thank you for the comment :)
I changed the background a bit (added a green glow on the bottom) as it felt a bit too empty. If this is not how you want it please reply and I'll give you the original one!
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looking good! ^_^ tho both versions are perfectly okay..... i like ths one better. why dont you submit it to groups (that is, if you want it to be exposed...)
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I'm submitting it to some groups :)
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