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I remember this series rather fondly. It came on just before the Comic Strip programming block, early in the morning, and I caught two of episodes that aired while wiating for Tiger Sharks to come on. Jenny was one of those avatars of 80s animated hotness and Professor Dewalt was hilarious and I remember Kredos was pretty scary for the time. W.A.T.CH. was your typical 80s cartoon mascot, with the catch phrases and the always getting into trouble.
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I hated that show so fucking much. It aired here on Agro's Cartoon Connection. They actually aired most of it, I think. At least there were more than just four episodes.

I mostly remember one about Dinosaurs that was soooo bad because the animators animated the dinos really horribly without any strong reference, but the whole show was about debunking the Brontosaurus or something, only the whole time they drew it like a Brachiosaurus. I was kinda obsessed with Dinosaurs at the time so this annoyed me.