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The Salt River



It's been almost two months since i've gone hiking. Partly because it's sooooo hot (110 everyday) and partly because the last time I went hiking, I almost stepped on a rattlesnake. This was taken in the Lower Salt River, just downstream from Saguaro Lake, north of Phoenix, AZ.
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Action scripts don't work so well in Elements, so these pages that people keep linking to may not work, no matter the version. There are some things you can try. What everyone is trying to say: barring action scripts, you will need to manually sharpen prior to saving for web. See something like this for a brief guide on how to do that. Whenever you resize, you make the image soft and applying subtle sharpening makes it crisp again.

Love the scene though. Beautiful weather and gorgeous light. In all my years in AZ I've never actually made it down to the Salt River. Beautiful spot! Looks very inviting, knowing how warm it is down there. I like the warm colors in the atmosphere and reflected in the water.