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Monster Island Native and non-native Species:
Mega Kaiju:
Godzilla Junior
King Kong
Gaw and the Death-Runners
Skull Crawlers
Cave Dragon
Gorgo species
Giant Condor
The Pterodactyl
The Sea Baragon
Smog Monster
El gusana
Ice Baragon

Predatory Ground Sloth
Megaprimus Kong
Razorback Boar
Native Hog Boar
Skull Island Cave bear
Shisha King Caeser
Columbian Mammoth
Eohippus Gwangi
Giant Mutant Bat
Fisher Bat
Greater Spectral Bat
The Shrewster
Sinbad Saber Toothed cat
Monster Island Deer
Tropical Pronghorn
Water Buffalo
Howler Monkey
Giant Walrus
Skull Island Gaur
Tuft Deer
Long Walker
Burglar Monkey
Skull Island Tree Kangaroo
Skull Island Deer
Adrien’s Giant Squirrel
Sylvilagus Quasisciurus
Fur Seals
Devil Monkey
Monster Capybara 
Cave Fisher
Valley Hippo
Skull Python
Mutant King Cobra
Fake Sail
Skull Turtle
Cockatrice Lizard
Monster Island Chameleons
Monster Island Caiman
Varanis Kumi
Varanis borealis
Alien Reptile
Q Serpent
Crawler Lizard
 Great Chasm Lizard
Great Grey Agama
Flizards species
Skull Island Water Monitor
Dirt Turtle
Peter’s Mud Agama
Honey Tongue
White Wedgehead
Trident Chameleon
Skull Island Giant Gecko
Aquabates Testudinidai
Yamata no Orochi
Rhino turtle
Monster Sulcata
Sloth turtle 
Archeovaranus clamyd

Giant Salamander
Omnibus Anura
Swamp Beast
Serkis’ Frog
Thomas’ Torrent Frog
Satanic River Frog
Saffron-Bellied River Toad
Monstrum Psittacus
Mutant Hummingbird
Giant Rooster
The Gappa
Irradiated bird
Great Skull Vulture
Ornimegalonyx insulam
Desert Toucan
Piranha Vulture
Monstrum Casaurius
Carrion Parrots
Carrion Storks
Skull Island Egret
Skull Island Hawk
Jackson’s Amber Woodpecker
Denham’s Dark-Wing
Dapper Crow
Martial Parrot
Monster Island Moa
Monster Island Eagle
Fish and Aquatic:
Giant Gar
Chin Walker
The Blue Underbite
Monster Island Minnows
Dolphin piranha
Duckweed Catfish
Tropical Monster Placo
Lung fish
Giant catfish
Barem Starfish
Saw fish Species
Naomi’s Nutcracker
Purple-Striped Rasbora
Prickle Fish
Driscoll’s Shingled Catfish
Morsel Fish
Jaguar Freshwater Flounder
Kyle’s Black-Speckled Freshwater Flounder
Hasselt’s Catfish
Boyen’s Fusilier Cichlids
Black Freshwater Flounder
Naomi’s Pearl Catfish
Watts’ Rope Eel
Ancestral piranha

Arthropods and Invertebrates:
Giant Honey Bee’s
Giant Centipede
Various ant and termite species
Poacher Crab
Destroyah crabs
black pseudoscorpion
black titannelid
giant black widows
Various Cockroaches
giant sea arthropod
The Crab Spider
Monster Ant spider
Dire Wolfspider
Horseshoe Crabs
Chasm Spider
Giant Pit Crab
Tentacle Bug
Various Skull Island Centipedes
Spore Mantis
Sponges and Corals
Sea Urchins
Mother Longlegs
Chirping Ant
Jack’s Red Crayfish
Golden Yabby
Rufus Stream Shrimp
Clouded Long-Clawed Prawn
Wicked Weaver
Monster Triops
Monster Island Achatina
Monstrum Slug
Carboniferous solifugid

Tree Octopus
Tar Squid
 Mire Squid
Ammonites and nautiluses

Dinosaurs and Pterosaurs:
Tyrant Acrocanthosaurus
Brontosaurus Kongi
Styracosaurus denhamii
Skull Island Tyrant
Stegosaurus driscolli
Death Jackal
Polar Pteranodon
Partridge Creek Beast
Polar Tyrannosaurus rex
Tyrant Tyrannosaurus
Obelisk Island Bird
Mokele Mbembe
Brontosaurus Baxteri
Vestatosaurus rex
Polar Triceratops
Styracosaurus Gwangi
Allosaurus Gwangi
Pteranodon Gwangi
Ornithomimus Gwangi
Brachiosaurus Ingens
Triceratops Ingens
Stegosaurus Ingens
Ankylosaurus Ingens
Indominus rex
Parasaurolophus Ingens
Corythosaurus Sornaensis
Apatosaurus Nublarensis
Pachycephalosaurus sornaensis
Styracosaurus Ingens
Edmontosaurus Nublarensis
Microceratus Nublarensis
Ceratasaurus sornaensis
Gallimimus Ingens
"Velociraptor" antirrhopus nublarensis/"Velociraptor" antirrhopus sornaensis/'Raptor'
Dilophosaurus Ingens
Ceolurus Ingens
Tyrannosaurus Rex Ingens
Dryosaurus Ingens
Othnielia Ingens
Hypsilophodon Ingens
Stygimoloch Ingens
Metriacanthosaurus Ingens
Spinosaurus sornaensis
Spinosaurus Tyrant
Compsognathus sornaensis
Carnotaurus Ingens Chamelonis
Troodon ingens
Cearadactylus Ingens
Pteranodon ingens
Dimorphodon ingens
Micro Indominus
Emela Ntouka
Scansoriopterygid Basilisk 
Chasmosaurus: Subspecies C.belli, C.russelli
Pachyrhinosaurus: Subspecies: P.lakustai, P.canadensis, P.InGens
Centrosaurus: Subsecies: C.birkmani, C.apertus
Wooly rex

Marine Reptiles:
Crater Lake Monster
Elasmosaurus serpents
Skull Island Sea Serpent
 Elasmosaurus Borealis

Mammal like Reptiles and Others:
Swamp Dimetrodon

Zombie Village
Pumpkin people

b>Robots and tech:</b>
Fire Fighter Jet Jaguar
Picea Critchfield
Thorny Noxius Skull Island Berries
Skull Island Ferns.
Monster Venus Fly traps
Arctic tentacle plant
Poisonous Cactus
Mini Biollante
Vampire Plant

 Bladed Ram
Carboniferous Building
The Island( Different Island and its animals)
Skeleton Humans
Skeleton T.rex
Skeleton Mammoth
Skeleton Triceratops,
Skeleton Pterosaur
Skeleton Shark
Skeleton Crocodile
Skeleton Horse
Skeleton Minotaur 
Skeleton Hadrosaur 


More will be added 
I had an idea about the identity of the yara-ma-yahoo

. According to legend the Yara-ma-yahoo is a red humanoid creature in Australia with a giant mouth bulging eyes and suction cups on its hands and feet it uses to climb, it is said to hump people during the day and suck peoples blood and eat people only to throw them up over and over until they become a Yara-ma-yahoo.
I had the Idea that what if it is actually a relative of the Gastric Brooding frog. Adapted a life in the trees and grew to become roughly the size of a monkey, that would explain its suction cup hands and feet, Me it evolved a dark red skin in order to retain moister and giving birth through its mouth would explain the idea of Yara-ma-yahoo eating people and throwing them up as others as its own species, and both the cryptid and the frog are both from Australia
It is time for the next step in of Deviant art! Commissions~ 

The going rate is 10 Points and I will need it in advanced and at that point I will start to sketch!

These will be black and white photos of the drawings so I will not over charge.

These are the groups you can choose

Paleoart: 10 points  Jurassic Park - Parasaurolophus (M) [V.1] 

Kaiju: 15Godzilla2014plz 

Furries: 17Kai la 

Humanoids: 20 points. Blank Face Emoji 

You choose what you would like me to draw and give me a description!  I will say if I can do it and Then give me the points then your drawing will be done in 1-3 days! 
Write the rules in your journal entry if you are tagged
Write 13 things about yourself
~Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions.~
Tag some deviants. Make sure they know they are tagged
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Tagging: .....I don't know any other people...

1) Would you give up drawing for a million dollars every week for the rest of your life?
 -Oh yes, I would donate to a lot of nature centers

2) What type of music is your taste mostly made up of?

3) Cats or Doggos? (pets)
-All animal

4) If you could switch lives with any fictional character, who would It be?

5) Do you prefer Harmonious colors or Contrasting colors?

6) Pork Chops and Apple Sauce, Yes or No
-I hate pork

7) If you could have any type of dog in the world for free, what type of dog would you pick?
ALL of them!

8) If you could kill anybody in the world and not get in trouble, would you do it? If yes, who would it be?

9) Are you listening to music rn? If so, what song?
-No, ed edd n eddy

10) What time do you wake up every morning, on average?

12) Would you ever consider scientifically transforming into a tree just to see how it feels? (I don't mean to get sappy,,,,,,)

13) Cheetos,, Puffs or Crunchy?

I can't wait till the 6 extinction.
Tagged by :iconkingbiollante: , but on request because I was a bit too impatient. Btw, thanks to him!

1. What was the very first Godzilla movie you saw?
A: Godzilla Tokyo SOS, Back when Netflix had like 15 Godzilla movies...Fuck Netflix

2. What are your favorite designs of Godzilla?
A: Godzilla Final wars! He just looks amazing!...or she.

3. What are your favorite kaiju in the series besides Godzilla himself?
A: Gorosaurus! King of the Dinosaurs!

4. What are your brutally honest thoughts on the 1998 film?
A: Film sucks, Zilla herself deserves as much love as Godzilla, The people are stupid and terrible, Poor Zilla and Zilla junior are just animals caught in an atomic blast.

5. Your favorite Godzilla movies?
A: I can't pick a single one..Perhaps...Final wars.

6. What do you think of Godzilla: The Series?
A: Seen every Episode! I have the series on DVD! It is what inspired me to make Monster Island, With that sciency look at it.

7. What kaiju would you like to see make a resurgence into the series again?
A: Gorosaurus! Rodan! That one Vulture from Godzilla vs the Sea monster.

8. What are your favorite Godzilla video games? Godzilla save the earth!

9. What did you think of the Godzilla Power Hour show?
A: It was too cheesy, even for Godzilla. DITTO

10. Who are your favorite recurring actors for the series?
A: Akihiko Hirata, ....I don't focus on the humans

11. Favorite unmade/scrapped creations?
A: If it's true, Godzilla vs The Devil

12. Who is the best music composer in the films?
A: Akira Ifukube

13. Are you looking forward to seeing the Godzilla anime movie this year?
A: Yes. That was proved to be a hoax

14. Are you also looking forward to Godzilla: King of the Monsters and its next follow-up Godzilla vs. Kong?
A: Stop making remakes Hollywood. Make creations, ass munchers

15. What do you think of both versions of Return of Godzilla and 1985?
A: I like em! Though I need to watch

16. Would you consider Godzilla to be part of the Marvel universe given that it there was a series that chronicles him and he fought the Avengers?
A: I assume the Godzilla from Marvel is just a dragon they called Godzilla.

17. What other monsters would you like to see Godzilla fight against?
A:  Cloverfield!!! Cthulhu, Gamera, Wolfman

18. What is the lamest kaiju to be part of the Godzilla series?
A: Non< If you can imagine them realistically

19. What franchises would you like to see have a crossover with Godzilla?
A: I've never really cared for crossovers, but Gamera, I guess.

20. What is absolute WORST Godzilla movie you saw?
A: 2014, And since I can't say it wasn't Godzilla....IT can go F*** Itself, Hollywood go burn yourself down.
If I see another feminist yelling directly as me as I go for my dinosaur figure Shopping i'm goig to slam their head with a parking meter.

Nothing has happened shut the f*** up, if anything, your aigns ha killed millions of trees and you basicly killed yourself. Ya dumb people, men and women both.
1. You have to post ALL the Rules.
2. Each person has to share 13 things about themselves.
3. Answer 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
4. Tag 13 people. (if you can)
5. Tag-backs are ALLOWED.

Questions for me

1. If you were gay? I was fine with gays, Till I realized how self absorbed they were.

2. Do you know number one's reference? No

3. If you could be any animal, what would you be?  Mokele Mbembe

4. Favorite animated movie? Walking with dinosaurs 1 2 3 4 5 6

5. Favorite childhood cartoon? Ed Edd n Eddy

6. What really grinds your gears?  People

7. What's your favorite supernatural or spooky story? I bought a Haunted Piano

8. Any Fears? Mr.Potato Head man, Really

9. Any goals in life? What ever happens, happens

10. Are you the cats meow? Cats are nicer to me than most

11. Am I asking stuff that's too personal? No

12. Am I a cinnamon roll? I wish

13. I've run out of original things to ask haven't I? No.

I have no one to send this to, they all left with the Ex girlfriend, That's Modern Kids for ya.
You know Christmas? You know what represents christmas the most? Not santa, non ginger bread or penny wistles, not trees or jesus, actuallly it is, a glass of Cola, black and rottful like childrens spoiled lives or snow on the side of the street.

Enjoy it, it's me recording the video from the Nebraska Lincoln Mammoth museum
So I just got back from my towns Bass pro Shop, which is an outdoor themed store where is known for hunters buying guns and knives to kill wild life, That part I don't like so to cope with that I pet all the taxidermy animals.

Now with the depressing stuff out of the way I tell you all the amazing stuff they had, The main reason I wanted to go is they have couch's in front of a big fire, that is what you see when you walk into the door, and the super main reason is because in the middle of the store they have this big huge fish tank with 30 different freshwater American fish such as Bluegill, sturgeon, alligator gars, catfish and others and the tank had a big water fall coming from the second story, the ceiling of bass pro I swear is 50 feet in the air.
After that we walked passed a man made indoor pond filled with salmon and we found this part of the place were they were doing a Santa picture thing and it was almost over, me and mom went in and I played with all the stuff meant for kids and the guy dressed as Santa walked by and gave me a cold stare, It was funny, after that we took a trip up the elevator and My dream isles came into view. Deep fryers, spices for meats, skillets, chef tools, there was spices for pork, beef and chicken when you are out camping, which I wish I had money for to use in the kitchen, We came across some brewing stuff, I wanted to get some stuff to make mead but I'm not old enough to drink, than my heart melted when I came across a box labeled Home made Root beer kit, So I decided that is the only thing I want for Christmas in real life, Maybe I will buy it for myself, I couldn't stop thinking about making my own root beer, I'm very easily amused.

After that we traveled down from the food kits and meat spices and got to this other part with foods, and I found a can that is Corndog bread mix, funnel cake mix's and pancake stuff, there was a tin of Moon pies, there was these amazing cook books and pickled jars of foods, Cotton Candy stuff, more seasoned stuff like popcorn seasons and popcorn bags than there was a big set up on different hot sauces and Moonshine, then there was, Just so much stuff I couldn't even name, My mouth was watering, than there was a section on these amazing smelling candles I got blueberry pine and coffee smelling ones.

I was a good day, very good  day.


Now you all know a bit more about me...I'm a cook and a food lover.

Pink Dot Bullet - F2U! Finish the questions.
Pink Dot Bullet - F2U! You don't have to tag.
Pink Dot Bullet - F2U! Name this something interesting.
Pink Dot Bullet - F2U! Answer honestly!

1. What's your name?

Pink Dot Bullet - F2U! Matt, I Was originally going to be Arson than middle name Nick, BUt now it is Matt Larson (Then last name)
2. What's your gender?

Pink Dot Bullet - F2U! Male.

3. What's your sexual orientation? 

Pink Dot Bullet - F2U! Straight, But I think a lot of People are cute, but only like 4

4. What's your favorite color?  

Nature green and brown, color of the sun burned rocks, the blue sky.

5. What's your favorite movie?

Pink Dot Bullet - F2U! Gojira

6. What's your favorite video game?

Pink Dot Bullet - F2U! Pacman original

7. What's your favorite book?

Pink Dot Bullet - F2U! the Non fiction book of WitchCraft.

8. What's your favorite animal?

Pink Dot Bullet - F2U! All rhino Species, Alive and Extinct, and the Birds, also known as Dinosaurs

9. What's your favorite pass-time?

Pink Dot Bullet - F2U! Hugging my pillows, Bull Crap, I throw knives.

10. Ready to move to the next section?

Pink Dot Bullet - F2U! Yay! I'm helping! I'm having a wonderful time!

Let's get to know you a bit deeper

1. Pick a song that describes you.

Pink Dot Bullet - F2U! Dare to be Stupid by Weird Al

2. What's your idea of the perfect date?

Pink Dot Bullet - F2U! Whatever the other person want's to do, I'm just an attendant. UNless it's like hurting animals and plants or something like that, If that is what they want to do, You get stitches in there skull!

3. What do you normally wear?

Pink Dot Bullet - F2U! Boxers, SHorts, my glasses and a oversized T.shirt

4. Do you have any talents?

Pink Dot Bullet - F2U! I can throw a world class hissy fit 

5. You're stuck on an abandoned island, pick 3 items. 

Pink Dot Bullet - F2U! Hatchet, hand held scythe and a 10 gallon Jug of Water

Here's the weird questions

1. Kinks?

Pink Dot Bullet - F2U! Prepare to hate me, I like Chubbyness and Hugs

2. What color shirt are you wearing? 

Pink Dot Bullet - F2U!  Gray T.shirt

3. Do you think you wasted your time?

Pink Dot Bullet - F2U! No,  Not at all

4. Got a crush?

Pink Dot Bullet - F2U! Yes But I don't know if having a date is the same as having someone crush on you so I have a crush/date on someone who may or may not crush back.

5. Most embarrassing moment this month?

Pink Dot Bullet - F2U! I got mad at my date for something I did..

IS that the end? 

Well I guess I'll JUst tag people randomly but not for you to do them, Just to see what they think.


I can't think of anyone else.

I found my new Favorite Song, I suggest you listen in, It has Johnny Cash in it and it is about Ghosts of the Dead.

I just like it and you should go listen to it, I know of it because my dad Played a lot of Tony Hawk's American Wasteland, he was a hard core skate boarder..I wasn't, He was a little disappointed, Wish I learned, not for him but for me, But my dad is a great person.
With everyone leaving because of the Hurricane, it could be a new chance to be over grown with plants, a good home for alligators to breed, dogs to go back to wild packs and cats to hunt on the over grownth paths, and in some small areas the forest will grow and not be cut down, and the Skunk ape can have more room for it!
You know you're not healthy when you eat 2 family boxes of Family kraft macaroni.

Ehh i'm good with living another 40 years
I just say this split second back round part were a Gorilla Grabs onto a minotaur's leg and pulls him off a cliff like King kong did to the V.rex

Could a fully grown male Silver back gorilla take on an unarmored Minotaur?
1. You have to post ALL the Rules. 
2. Each person has to share 13 things about themselves. 
3. Answer 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer. 
4. post 13 facts about yourself
5.Lol nope
6. you cant say that you don't do tags
7. Tag-backs are ALLOWED. 
8. YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY!! Unless you're talking ABOUT the entry. 
9. You have to finish within a week. If you don't finish in time, you have to do whatever the creator tells you. 
10. Be creative with the title.

1. Who is your favorite OC?

Grin the skeleton when someone else draws him

2. How do you feel about albinos??
Albino's are animals created when the pigment glad does not function properly giving them white skin and hair.

They are part of nature and are just as beautiful as any other animal, even if you are an albino peafowl.

3. What is your favorite art style?
Realistic Paleoart!

4. Traditional or digital? Digital that looks like traditional

5. Who is/was your childhood hero?

Steve Irwin....

6. What is your greatest inspiration for art? Nature and my Lovely lass :icondignotion:

7. What was your favorite story book growing up?

This one big 500 page picture book like finding Waldo but it was like not Waldo but Find the objects in the picture they were either crazy pictures with like a million things going on or a real life picture of like a city made of toys and train tracks for toy cars, robot, all that crap.

8. What is your favorite show of all time?

Ed Edd n Eddy!!!!!!!

9. What's one cool fact about either your home town or country?
I come from Council Bluffs, It has became a really...druggy, ..Black/Mexican gangster place. But not the cool gangsters from the 30s, the big idiotic pants around the legs guys with backwards hats, wadda ya expect? It was originally a railroad town. But the part I like is the historical side of town the Idiots stay away from because the police station, library, Graveyard and Squirrel cage Jail which is either authority or history filled, I like learning about the History or how the town was formed! Besides that, kill off all natives and animals and cut down all trees part, and from that happening comes the most awesome part of the town, All the Ghosts and spirits from around the town, The graveyard has a haunted Angel statue that is said to move at night and can kill you, also at the graveyard the legend of the missing heads is passed around Elementary school kids, The legend goes that somewhere in the mismatched haphazardly placed graveyards lays 4 different skulls hiding behind old tombstones. That's only 2 legends from around town...
10. What is your favorite season?

11. What is your greatest fear?
People leaving to colonize other planets and spread to kill those planets.

12. If you had a superpower what would it be??

Animal Shapeshifting, I would use it to Protect endangered wildlife from poachers.

13. Do you believe in magic?

I Don't believe in magic, I know it works...

My questions.

Your favorite Ice cream flavor?

Your favorite food?

Your favorite animal?

Your favorite Dinosaur?

Your favorite plant?

Your favorite Drink?

Your favorite Fictional Monster like Godzilla, Dracula, alien, Jason Voorhees or anything like that.

Do you believe that there is more or less than one god?

Could you survive on a 5 mile wide Tropical Island in the middle of the ocean?

DO you have basic skills to surviving in the wild?

Can you build a fire with no modern tech. Only wood, leaves and 2 rocks?

What country or country's does your heritage come from?

Ancient Samurai warrior vs sword wielding Robot with programmed honer from the Modern age, Who wins?


And what ever others to make 13
Here is my question, I want answers, More questions, debates, lots of Activity, I want to know what would become of the Cryptids of the world is some hypothetical Disease Wiped out every human in the world within at least a 3 week period, with no one to keep the power plants in check, they all go off, some 20 times more powerful than than Chernobyl.
After all these events occur, It's about 1 year after the Power plants exploded, What's happening with the Cryptids, along with the normal flora and fauna?
How many of the Possible humanoids go extinct with us? If they are flesh and blood creatures such as the Goatman's across the US, Bigfoot, Pigman, the Jersey Devil, WHat's happening with them?
Will any cryptids populate to a large number, What cryptids will go extinct? At the same time this is happening, Zoo and safari animals such as Rhinos, elephants, giraffes, ostriches, Zebra, Chimps and other escape from their cages and enclosures and escape into the wild, in San Diego, Many of the mentioned animals along with others escape into the once bustling Sea side city, Creatures adapted to the desert such as Elephants and Lions survive in their new Radiated world.
Would they be Killed off by the Mountain Pine Devil?
On the Other side of America The Jersey Devil Hides in the Pine barrens which now with no more Loggers, will grow year by year, If it is sentient, will it notice that there are no more humans wandering through the forests?
In a parallel with with America, Australia is left for the Animals and plants both native and imported by humans, Now in a world where they no Longer exist, Animals in cages and enclosures break out in the Outback and Jungle, that is the ones able to exist, which again include Elephants, Hippos, Giraffes, Ostriches and others of the sort. Now with no more cars and factories working, smog and carbon dioxide is not being pumped into the air at 40 billion tons annually.
Alien big cats that have been invading Australia for at least 100 years are able to spread across the continent along with escaped house cats and other Big cats escaped from zoos after people died out.
At the same time as so many large animals are now free to roam Australia, this is noticed by 2 large Hidden Predators, Surviving Megalania in the Jungles and the Burrunjor from the hot outback find Elephants searching for food and water in the hot sun, the 25 foot long Theropod dinosaur will have to Fight for this new large source of food, as elephants are more than capable of defending themselves. Also with no humans around, Small concentrated Populations of Thylacines are exploding in size, in an ironic twist of fate, an animal that people worked so hard for to make extinct now uses People's old homes as places to raise their young.
Traveling to the Congo, Extinction rates are going down and the Jungle is growing, 3 creatures that are taking advantage of this is the Mokele mbembe, the Emela Ntouka and Kongamato among others, With no people around, no more tribes in the area which were infected by visiting Travelers, the Nonavian Dinosaur population and pterosaurs are allowed to grow and soon roam the Congo just like the Ancestors did, 100 million years before them.
What are you thoughts? Whats happening to other Cryptids, flora and fauna in Other countries?

And to help me talk about this is Doctor:  :iconcryptoartist:
Just thought I'd bring this up, not to Offend Anyone or Any Beings that can see this...Gremlins...

But I have been looking around, reading through some Bibles and I'm noti ing Alot of stuff in the Bible is stolen From Norse mythology, The Ancient Celtics, egyptions and even Greece..

Even The Rapture, the Great flood and Adam and Eve all come from Norse Mytnology, just in a different Order, Half of all Who die as Warriors are Brought to Valhalla to fight with Odin and Thor in the Event Ragnarok, which both die in the End along with Odin, The earth is almot ckmpletely destroyed, than a giant flood covers the earth and is healed, only a few gods, say, maybe 3, and 2 humans are left to Fill the Earth.

Kinda weird, What if the 3 Gods after Ragnarok is "God" what ever his name is, Jesus, son of that God, and the Devil, The Horned God of nature turned evil and insane after the Events that occure, and Then "God" is like,  you know what would be funny? If we told the Adam and Eve we were the Only Gods ever, hehehe

Jesus: Haha, thats a Good one, But I don't think they will fall for it.


Jesus: Hmm...Wow, You were right

Vishnu: What happened when I was at the Space Store?