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MonsterIslandExpanded: The Chase and the Fall

By Trendorman
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This was fun, a its a redo drawing that somewhere on deviantart, but because deviantart is a below average working website now with its new format, i couldn't find it so i'm just going to upload this as a whole new piece, tell me what you think, to me this almost feels like a scene thst could have happend in The Lost World.
A chase on the plains has been caught, a young Uintatherium is running from a pair of mated Brutornis that run along side it and nip at its though and abdomen till the beast stumbles under its own legs and falls, sliding across the dirt and grass and creating a dirt clowd.

The Uintatherium wall large and stout, has a long neck which can be peirced and broke by the brutornis bone crunching bite. A cadaver on the plains like this can draw in various predators and scavangers, brutornis can not take their time and will have to eat quickly before the larger carnivores start of appear.
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Good job, your representations of cryptids and kaijus are great. I have a great doubt about the King Kong movie from 1933 as well as its remake from 2005, Skull Island which is Kong's home is located in Sumatra / Indonesia where curiously sightings of a giant Bigfoot-like creature known as Orang have been reported Gadang by the locals, probably that was the source of inspiration to create the character of King Kong, however it should be remembered that Kong was not the only inhabitant of Skull Island (not counting the natives), said island was also the habitat of dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures. So my question is, in Sumatra / Indonesia are there mythological or cryptid beings similar to dinosaurs or other prehistoric animals? And if there are, what are the names of these creatures?
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I said that your work is great and when I saw brutornis I remembered King Kong and I remembered that in the 1933 film as in its remake of 2005 Skull Island is located in Sumatra / Indonesia where sightings of a type creature have been reported Large bigfoot named Orang Gadang. So my question is whether in Sumatra / Indonesia there are cryptids or mythological beings similar to dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures? and if there are, what are the names of those creatures?
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I wouldn't know at thr mokent. I could see

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