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Monster Island Expanded: The Giant Behemoth

By Trendorman
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The Giant Behemoth

Name: Giant Behemoth
Type: Kaiju
Genus: Thecodontosaurus
Diet: Omnivore
Discovery: 1958
Original Population: 2
Original Habitat: laurasia
Monster Island introduction: 2/13/1960
Monster Island habitat: Eastern shore
Population as of 2020: 1

The Giant Behemoth is the name of a late surviving Thecodontosaurus that existed on the ocean floor of where the
Laurasian subcontinent was located during the Permian era. In the spring of 1958 this kiaju wondered into a populated district
of the London. This particular large kaiju was mutated by a blast of nuclear radiation that was polluting the waters near London
due too nuclear bomb testing. The reason why this kaiju was awakened was the nuclear radiation mutating the body, was also slowly
killing it, thus the animal was trying to reach what was believed to have been its species original spawning ground which is where
modern London now stands.

As the creature reached the River Thames a nuclear sub shot a missile filled with radium into the animal, almost instantly sending
it into shock then death. A few days later a report was made that another of the same species, un-irradiated, was heading for the cost
of North Carolina. This individual was able to be captured and transported to the Monster Island holding facility for observation.
While at this time the corpse of the original Behemoth was also transported to the facility for autopsy and preservation.
Studies of the live and dead specimens showed this species of dinosaur could create large electric pulses, similar to that of
an electric eel but at a much higher voltage which proved very dangerous for capture and containment.

Being the size of the individuals was competing with that of larger sauropod dinosaurs, the living specimen was taken to
Monster Island and released along the mid eastern shores near the opening of the river leading to the Freshwater sea.
The kaiju being unable to traverse the storming sea around the islands waters, it settled offshore of the eastern side of the
island, feeding on a large variety of aquatic life such as sharks, whales, larger fish and marine reptiles among other species.

The Giant Behemoth has shown no signs of age despite the passing of 60 years by 2020 while being fully active. Both living and
dead individual are male and as of 2020, no female of the species has been discovered, nor any other individuals.

(The Giant Behemoth film is from Artistes Allience,Ltd.)
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