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Monster Island Expanded: Dynastinae monstrum

By Trendorman
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Name: Dynastinae monstrum
Genus: Oryctes
Diet: Omnivore
Discovery: 1950's
Color: Drab gray
Environment: Rainforest,Plains
Endemic: Monster Island
Population: Least Concern

The Dynastinae Monstrum, also known as the Monster beetle, is a species of scarab beetle endemic to the rainforest and plains of Monster Island and are very common among the large insects that have evolved on the island. Fossil discoveries show that this species of beetle had ancestors similar in size and niche to Coconut crabs but was able to adapt and evolve to a life on the forest floor, safe from most predation due to their thick exoskeleton and thus experienced gigantisim to compete with the largest of the native arthropods such as the Poacher Crab and giant centipedes.

The Monster beetles population has not been threatened by the introduction of multiple large herbivores and carnivores though some individual monster beetles can be flattened by large kiaju and larger dinosaurs. An evolutionary advantage used by the monster beetle is the ability to fling its head up like a spring trap at a speed fast enough to break bones and throw of large predatory dinosaurs and mammals into the air.

The Monster beetles production is like that of other scarab beetles, males joust each other for food and females, thus evolving their strong head flinging to move other several hundred pound males. The beetles various shell protrusions and large size has caused their wings to shrink and atrophy. When a Monster beetle reach's full size, the shell to fuse into one hard plate. The four stages of a Monster beetles life comprises the egg stage, the larva stage, the pupa, and the adult. The large size of an adult Monster Beetle has caused the evolution of drill like front claws which can move at a speed fast enough in turning motions to move dirt in vast quantities in order to deposit their 'ping pong ball' sized eggs as their large size proves impossible to lay them in places common scarab beetles do. The larvae will each the size of a small cow before forming into the pupa then eventually the adult, spending 7 years feeding on plant roots before emerging as an adult Monster beetle.

The Monster Beetle is one of the largest native vertebrate species on the island and one of the larger species in general, almost near the size of the common water buffalo and wild boars. The drill like front claws on the animal has lead to the hypothesis that the Monster beetle and the kaiju Megalon, may be closely related, possibly genetic tampering.

(Monster beetle is an original creation, Megalon is owned by toho)
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