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COTW#199: Mannegishi


MannegishiThe Mannegishi is a cryptid and myth of the Cree Natives of Canada. According to the Cree, there are two kinds of people: normal people like you, and the miniature people like the Mannegishi. They say that the Mannegishi is a mischievous trickster.

It is reported as a small, human-like entity with slender arms and legs, with each hands sporting six fingers each. The thing that makes this cryptid unique is the large head, big eyes, and the lack of a nose or mouth. They are an aquatic based cryptid, and spend most of their time in dams in the river. This cryptid has a very peculiar method of breathing. It absorbs the oxygen through the water through its skin—notably, this is similar to one method of how amphibians breathe.

Another description says that the Mannegishi is a very hairy being with a narrow face with 'the whine of a dragonfly'.

The Mannegishi are adept crafters and use stone as their primary medium. They have been known to carve pictographs into stone. They are also found often within rock dwellings such as caves, typically by rivers and streams.

Cryptids/myths/monster after man: The Beginning

2050 was a year of change, a year of extinction of rebirth for the planet simply due to a mass disease that wiped out all of modern humanity.

This is a common idea about life after the human race dies out but what about cryptids after man, myths monsters and legends, if they do exist what would happen to them in this situation.

This new series i’m starting won't be a weekly thing and probably will only have a few pieces in it, and this is my own project that won't be a group and is only going to be me. It will be like Cotw but 100 percent speculation due to the fact it’s about things that might exist doing something that might (will) happen.

It all starts here, the site of the first victim of the diseases a sighted was reported of cryptozoology’s most mythic figure- Mothman.

Mothman was sighted right after the first death of the unknown disease that would eventually wipe out humanity as we knew it. But something strange happened, a giant beast twice as the size of mothman swooped down from the heavens and landing eith a great thud, screeching and screaming, eventually chasing away the red eyed flying humanoid Mothman.

It was too show not only what laid in the human races not too far off future but the future for creatures,entities and forces unknown.

COTW#198: The Lake Worth Monster
The Lake Worth Monster is a satyr-like creature that terrorized the people of the city of Lake Worth in Texas in July of 1969.


A few couples that had seen the Lake Worth Monster were the first to do so and, soon on, it became a phenomenon. Reporter Jim Marrs followed up on the story and wrote an article, which made front page news. The headline was, "Fishy Man-Goat Terrifies Couples Parked at Lake Worth." The couples described it as goat-and man-like with fur and scales.

John Reichart's car was supposedly damaged by the Lake Worth Monster after it jumped out of a tree. As proof, he had a foot-and-a-half-long scar on it. The police finally decided to investigate, yet yielded no answers.

Only one day after Reichart's incident, reports came in of a creature hurling a tire from a bluff at bystanders.

Allen Plaster Photograph

In October of 1969, a man named Allen Plaster took a picture of the Lake Worth Monster, which is the only photographic evidence of the creature. The picture shows a large, white body. The image was then given to Sallie Ann Clarke.


The "creature" hurling a tire was found out to a man. "Vinzens", as he was called, admitted in 2009 that he was involved with the tire-throwing. He claims that he was rolling a tire along with some friends that hit a bump and went into the air, eventually landing apparently very close to the bystanders.

KDFW, a Fox-owned television station in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, did a lengthy report in November of 1999 about the Lake Worth Monster. It interviewed some of those whom saw it, such as Reporter Jim Marrs and Sallie Ann Clarke. The report announced that some high school students admitted to police to have pranked people by dressing up in a gorilla suit and parading around the lake in 1969.

Though that doesn't explain why it would be goat like or have scales-

Info from Cryptid Wiki

It's on my half awake mind that I think if things like Allosaurus vs The Pope Lick Goatman 


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