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Anyone..want commissions- still need that 50- but I sell em for 15 bucks
Whats with people being named Josh always being ginger? 

I liek it
Monster Island Expanded: Maguma And Kamoebas

Name: Maguma


Species: Mammoth seal

Discovery: 1980

Diet: Piscivore

Color: Brownish gray

Original Home: Prehistoric North Pole

Original habitat: Icey mountains

Monster island arrival: 1982

Monster island habitat: Icy mountain lake

Maguma is a giant species of prehistoric elephant seal that was once found in the Arctic rather than the South Pole. This individual is so large that it was given full aquatic mega kaiju status. Unlike just a normal oversized elephant seal, Maguma possesses 2 large tusks similar to a Walrus.

Maguma was once frozen in ice until in the 1980s he was broken out by missile tests that heated the environment and shocked the ice, soon enough Maguma attacked a nearby base, destroying it into a pile of ruble, that's when a distress call was sent out talking about “a giant seal”.

The MIP intercepted these calls and sent out as quickly as possible too the location of Maguma, luckily for a kaiju he was easy enough to capture as he was miles away from open ocean. Special vehicles where deployed, large tank like equipment that shot out several large rope nets to capture Maguma were used. A special kaiju tranquilizer was used once a soft spot was locate on Maguma under the front flippers. Maguma was then hauled to an icebreaker ship and over the course of a few months was sailed off to Monster island where a series of hot air balloons were attached to a special platform for Maguma and piloted to the icy Mountain lakes within the middle of Monster island.

A perfect habitat as it was very similar to Alaska and to some extent Siberia in the colder months. Vast areas of mammoth step and pine forests but in the middle is a large lake primarily open fresh water that spread out for miles and is unusually deep, sometimes reaching 5 miles in depth. Maguma was set on the western edge of the lake and by the year 2018 has adapted well to the area, feeding on large schools of cold adapted fish or bursting onto land and using its kaiju size to catch and devour large land dwelling animals such as Yaks, horses,deer, bison, mammoth, and other large cold adapted creatures either native or introduced.


Type: Kaiju

Species: Mata Mata Turtle

Discovery: 1970

Diet: Piscivore

Color: Dark gray/ dark bluish green

Original home: South Pacific

Original habitat: Shallow sea

Monster island arrival: 1990

Monster island habitat: Off shore

Population: 1

Kamoebas also known as the Megalo Mata Mata is a giant kaiju species of Mata Mata turtle from the South Pacific ocean that was originally a natural occurring earth kaiju however the first discovered individual of the species was created by the alien Yog from the Planet Jupiter before Yogs death.

The 1970 individual was destroyed by a volcano but in 1990 another specimen of Kamoebas arrived to the shores of Monster island when 3 King ghidorah’s and alien ships attacked monster island. This Kamoebas helped the other mega kaiju to battle the King ghidorah and after the battle settled in the off shores of Monster island where it feeds on various sea life species.

Kamoebas is the second largest known species of turtle only being outsized by Monster island native Zaratan, more than twice the size of Kamoebas. Yet another specimen of Kamoebas washed ashore the coast if Japan in 2003. having apparently been killed by Godzilla.

I need 50 dollars asap- so if anyone would like commissions I do em for 15 bucks a pop! Note me and I'll share my PayPal with ya.
Welll. Huff, I can make cutsie too, I-i can make front page stuff  I have hot girls that are also reptiles.- uuhhgg uhhg


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Hello, My name is Matt! I'm from Iowa! It's pretty bad because it does not have enough tree's. I LOVE TREEZ


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