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COTW#234: The Mogollon Monster
Mogollon Monster is a type of bigfoot originated from Mogollon Rim, Arizona. Reports of footprints, video, and hair samples have been documented, but no conclusive evidence has been found to date.

Physical Characteristics

The Mogollon Monster is reported to be a bipedal humanoid over 7 feet tall with inhuman strength and large eyes that some claim to be "wild and red". Its body is said to be covered with long black or reddish brown hair, with the exclusion of the chest, face, hands and feet. Reports claim it has a strong and pungent odor described as that of "dead fish, a skunk with bad body odor, decaying peat moss and the musk of a snapping turtle".


It said that the creature is omnivorous, nocturnal, and very violent. It is generally reported to walk with wide, inhuman strides; leave behind footprints measuring 22 inches in length. It was said to produce whistle sound or scream and explore campsites during night. It is also believed to consume deer and other wildlife by decapitating them.


Reported sightings range along the Mogollon Rim, from Prescott, Arizona north to Williams, Arizona, southeast to Alpine, Arizona, south to Clifton, Arizona, and northwest back to Prescott.

  • The oldest known documented sighting of the Mogollon Monster was reported in a 1903 edition of The Arizona Republican, in which I.W. Stevens described a creature seen near the Grand Canyon as having "long white hair and matted beard that reached to his knees. It wore no clothing, and upon his talon-like fingers were claws at least two inches long." Upon further inspection he noted "a coat of gray hair nearly covered his body, with here and there a spot of dirty skin showing." He later stated that after he discovered the creature drinking the blood of two cougars, it threatened him with a club, and "screamed the wildest, most unearthly screech".
  • Another early documented sighting was recounted by cryptozoologist Don Davis. During the mid-1940s he was on a boy scout trip near Payson, AZ, of which he gave the following account: "The creature was huge. Its eyes were deep set and hard to see, but they seemed expressionless. His face seemed pretty much devoid of hair, but there seemed to be hair along the sides of his face. His chest, shoulders, and arms were massive, especially the upper arms; easily upwards of 6 inches in diameter, perhaps much, much more. I could see he was pretty hairy, but didn't observe really how thick the body hair was. The face/head was very square; square sides and squared up chin, like a box".
  • A member of the White Mountain Apache Nation in Arizona by the name of Collette Altaha stated in 2006, "We're not prone to easily talk to outsiders, but there have been more sightings than ever before. It cannot be ignored any longer." "No one's had a negative encounter with it," said Marjorie Grimes, who lives in Whiteriver, the primary town on the reservation. When asked about her encounter she reports that "It was all black and it was tall! The way it walked; it was taking big strides. I put on the brakes and raced back and looked between the two trees where it was, and it was gone!" Regarding local reports, Tribal police lieutenant Ray Burnette states that "A couple of times they've seen this creature looking through the windows. They're scared when they call." He stated "The calls we're getting from people — they weren't hallucinating, they weren't drunks, they weren't people that we know can make hoax calls. They're from real citizens of the Fort Apache Indian Reservation.

Info from Cryptid wiki
COTW#233: Goblin

Goblin is a legendary evil or mischievous creature; a grotesquely evil or evil-like phantom.

They are attributed with various (sometimes conflicting) abilities, temperaments and appearances depending on the story and country of origin. In some cases, goblins have been classified as constantly annoying little creatures somewhat related to the Gnome. They are usually depicted as small, sometimes only a few inches tall,Artist's rendition of a Goblin.sometimes the size of a dwarf, or even the size of a small child. They also often are said to possess various magical abilities. They can be very greedy and love money. They can also shapeshift into animal forms.


Goblins are tricksters, and are known for rearranging items in the house, tangling horses, banging pots and pans, removing the clothes from sleeping humans, knocking on doors and walls and even digging up the graves to scatter the bones around. Goblins like to borrow horses and ride them all night. If a horse is tired in the morning, it is said a goblin rode it. If a horse is panicking, the goblin is trying to mount it.

Goblin women steal human babies, replacing them with ugly goblin babies. Goblin babies are sometimes known as "oafs" or "crimbils".

Mine goblins make knocking noises by stricking pickaxes and hammers against the stones. Some miners take the resulting sounds as a sign of good luck, believing they indicate the presence of rich deposits of ore. Other believe that they (Kobolds and Wichtlein) just imitate the miners to fool them. As a death companion he is sometimes accused to cause underground fires or warn for the coming deaths. To avoid the Knockers' wrath, a pastie (traditional miner meal) should be left for them.


The English Hobgoblin loves to live in homes where he makes much trouble for the people who live there. Some other reside in mines where they search for treasure/trouble. Still others of the family prefer grottos, often residing in the same one for their entire life.

One fabled origin for Goblins is in France, in a cleft of the Pyrenees, from which they spread rapidly throughout Europe. They hitched a ride with Viking ships to get to Britain. Bryn y Ellyllon, 'The Hill of the Goblins',  is a place in Somerset. The Gap of Goeblin is a hole and underground tunnel in France.  

Info from cryptid wiki. 

This image is a drawing recreation of the Goblin that lived in our garage and my whole family personally saw. And we even still have the slashed skulls of the opossums it seemed to too feed on and leave in a pile in the garage. 

COTW#232: Murray

In Papua New Guinea there is a cryptid called the Murray. It was first seen by a canoe of native villagers. The next
day it was claimed to be seen by two missionaries. This animal is said to be a bipedal, amphibious creature, approximately 6-feet in width, with two, short forelimbs, legs as wide as palm tree trunks, a long neck, and a slender tail. The creature's head has been compared to that of a large eyed bovine with teeth as long as a man's fingers. Its back is said to have "largish triangular scoops" and its epidermis has been likened to that of the more familiar crocodile. It looks like a T.rex and could be a surviving one. It is often confused with the Carolina Murray lake monster Messie. After it was accused of eating some dogs, six policemen with M-16 assault rifles and some villagers carrying bush knives tried to find the monster but found nothing. In June of 2000, reports emanating from Irian Jaya (the Indonesian section of New Guinea) stated that missionaries had traveled to the Lake Murray region armed with paleontology books in order to confirm these reports. According to this account, island natives grew agitated when they saw the images of a dinosaur which they believed to be the monster in the lake. It was spotted by a man who saw it while playing tennis in during June, 2013.

Info from cryptid wiki

Monster Island Expanded: Rhedosaurus
Name: Rhedosaurus
Type: Aquatic dinosaur
Species: rhedosauria 
Diet: Piscivore 
Color: Dark ashy blue
Original home: Arctic Circle
Original habitat: Early cretaceous forests
Population: 1
Monster Island Arrival: 1957
Monster Island Habitat: South Eastern Mountains
Population as of 2019: 1

Rhedosaurus is a species of quadruped Aquatic dinosaur that once roamed the rain forests of what would become the Arctic. Being frozen in what is assumed to be the first instance of the poles freezing. This individual would remain frozen for 100 million years on the brink of death until a nuclear bomb test super heated that particular area of the Arctic circle and released Rhedosaurus.

Rhedosaurus made its way down the east coast of North American and was first reported when he sunk a fishing ketch near Grand Banks than destroyed another near Marquette than Rhedosaurus made his way to Massachusetts where the sound of a lighthouse drew the beast near as the sound of the horn mimiced the mating call of rhedosaurus's species. Upon its discovery of the lighthouse Rhedosaurus destroyed it. 

Rhedosaurus is not a singular species, rhedosaurus fossils have been found along the banks of the Hudson River and soon it was theorized this rhedosaurus was heading towards the Hudson River. When the creature arrived the military shot a bazooka into its throat unleashing a prehistoric contagion before fleeing back into the sea. This Virus caused several fatalities for those exposed but could not pass person too person.  

It was decidedly so a radioactive isotop would be shot into the beasts neck too burn it from the inside out. It was an effective strategy killing off the deadly bacteria and causing rhedosaurus too go into a hibernation where it sank into the bay of Coney Island.   

The recently created Monster Island Task force took too the area where Rhedosaurus fell and took it too the holding facility where it was tested under special conditions too see what diseases remained, it's DNA and other needed info. Rhedosaurus remained in hibernation for 4 years before its body had repaired itself enough too return to activity. 

When rhedosaurus reawakened in 1957 it was released too the South Eastern Mountains of Monster Island where it lives among twisted vines and high rock formations of the relatively cool misty mountain air too this day.

Rhedosaurus Lives a predatory life style similar too crocodilians as in waiting for his meal to unknowingly wonder by him. Rhedosaurus will then bite downwards into the pray items neck
COTW#231: The Woods Devil
The Woods Devil, or possibly Woods Devils, could either be a single Bigfoot or a more likely group of them that have roamed the woodlands and hills of Coos County, New Hampshire since the 1930s. These skinny and Sasquatch-like creatures and they are described as being tall at around 7-9 feet and has shaggy tan-gray hair. An unusual trait, slightly similar behavior to the Hidebehind, or even the Whirling Whimpus, is that this Bigfoot uses the trees to hide. It is said that these creatures will hide behind a tree when a human is coming, and stays behind that tree until the coast is clear. If there is no cover to hide in, the Woods Devil will stand perfectly still. Outdoorsmen, hikers, and others alike have described hearing screams of these creatures echoing the hollows of Coos County. It isn't exactly known for sure if the Woods Devils are old lumberjack tales of fearsome critters, or if it is an actual subspecies of Bigfoot.

Info from cryptid wiki


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