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Cryptids After People: A lone Bull by Trendorman Cryptids After People: A lone Bull :icontrendorman:Trendorman 27 1 COTW#220: The Red Ghost by Trendorman COTW#220: The Red Ghost :icontrendorman:Trendorman 15 5 COTW#219: The Wendigo Type Sasquatch by Trendorman COTW#219: The Wendigo Type Sasquatch :icontrendorman:Trendorman 18 0 COTW#218: The Yucca Man by Trendorman COTW#218: The Yucca Man :icontrendorman:Trendorman 16 3 COTW#217: The Rougarou by Trendorman COTW#217: The Rougarou :icontrendorman:Trendorman 15 3 COTW#216: The Queensland Tiger by Trendorman COTW#216: The Queensland Tiger :icontrendorman:Trendorman 23 2 COTW#215: The Monster by Trendorman COTW#215: The Monster :icontrendorman:Trendorman 24 4 COTW#214: Alton Bridge Goatman by Trendorman COTW#214: Alton Bridge Goatman :icontrendorman:Trendorman 25 3 COTW#213: The 8 foot Skeleton by Trendorman COTW#213: The 8 foot Skeleton :icontrendorman:Trendorman 18 0 COTW#212:The Gugwe by Trendorman COTW#212:The Gugwe :icontrendorman:Trendorman 21 7 COTW#211:The Bloop by Trendorman COTW#211:The Bloop :icontrendorman:Trendorman 106 32 COTW#210: The Bunnyman by Trendorman COTW#210: The Bunnyman :icontrendorman:Trendorman 14 8 COTW#209: The Bear Dog by Trendorman COTW#209: The Bear Dog :icontrendorman:Trendorman 27 3 COTW#208: The American Lion by Trendorman COTW#208: The American Lion :icontrendorman:Trendorman 21 2 MonsterIslandExpanded: Tyrannosaurus rex ingens by Trendorman MonsterIslandExpanded: Tyrannosaurus rex ingens :icontrendorman:Trendorman 29 20 COTW#207: Old South Pittsburgh Hospital's Shadow B by Trendorman COTW#207: Old South Pittsburgh Hospital's Shadow B :icontrendorman:Trendorman 10 0




Cryptids After People: A lone Bull
After human extinction elephants from zoos and safari parks that manged to escape and adapt. If they did than its possible herds of Asian and African Elephants would eventually form and three the years their numbers would grow. Asian and african elephants cannot interbreed so they wouldn't become a singular species. Much like the mammoths and mastadons that existed on the same land thousands of years before, the elephants could find their own niches to coexist with or one would push the other into extinction if they fed on the same things. 

While we can assume elephants would mostly be in the lusher greener areas of the united states like Florida or Alabama we can also assume some elephants that escaped from their enclousers in the south west could exist there. Assuming their know how to forage and to stay around waterholes and streams. Eventually we could call these Mojave Elephants after the Nevada desert. 

Assuming this all could and did happen.  What would happen if a male elephant had by chance passed by a Yucca man. Yucca man is a supposed species of sasquatch that lives in American deserts in California, Arizona and Nevada, presumably near a eater source, feeding on small animals. Insects and possibley on cactus and succulents. How they would have survived is, if humans died by a mass disease and or some nuclear plant explosions, yucca man would have survived due to being so far out of the way in the expanses of the desert. 

The Bull elephant in search of water finds a oasis where other animals have come to drink. But there stands a 9 foot tall lone male Yuccaman. Never seeing this creature before yuccaman stands  hiding behind tall yuccaplants. He will will have to let the elephant pass, with no humans the elephant once again has no predators.  Yuccaman and all sasquatch don't seem to use spears or arrows and other advanced tools, and attacking a 6 ton male would be too dangerous to attemp. 

Where this oasis lies was once the famous Route 66 in Arizona. 
COTW#220: The Red Ghost

The Red Ghost, also known as Fantasma Colorado, is a cryptid and a well known legend of Arizona.


The Red Ghost appears as a very large, demonically hideous camel like creature, with a human skeleton tied to it's back.


Most folks will tell you camels are not found in Arizona’s high country. Truth is, those adaptable beasts can thrive in just about any kind of terrain. The U.S. Army introduced camels to the Southwest back in the 1850s, using them as beasts of burden while surveying a road across northern Arizona. But, the Civil War interrupted the great camel experiment, and most of the homely critters were sold at auction. A few were turned loose to run wild—and therein lies the basis for the legend of Red Ghost.

The story begins back in 1883 at a lonely ranch near Eagle Creek in southeastern Arizona. The Apache wars were drawing to a close. However, a few renegade bands were on the prowl, keeping isolated ranches in a constant state of siege. Early one morning, two men rode out to check on the livestock leaving their wives at the ranch with the children. About midmorning, one of the women went down to the spring to fetch a bucket of water while the other remained in the house with the children.

Suddenly one of the dogs began to bark ferociously. The woman inside the house heard a terrifying scream. Looking out the window, she saw a huge, reddish-hued beast run by with a devilish-looking creature strapped on its back.

The frightened woman barricaded herself in the house and waited anxiously for the men to return. That night they found the body of the other woman, trampled to death. Next day tracks were found, cloven hoof prints much larger than those of a horse, along with long strands of reddish hair.

A few days later, a party of prospectors near Clifton were awakened by the sound of thundering hoofs and ear-piercing screams. Their tent collapsed, and the men clawed their way out of the tangle just in time to see a gigantic creature run off in the moonlight. The next day, they too, found huge clovenhoof prints and long, red strands of hair clinging to the brush.

Naturally these stories grew and were embellished by local raconteurs. One man claimed he saw the beast kill and eat a grizzly bear. Another insisted he had chased the Red Ghost, only to have it disappear before his eyes.

A few months after the incident with the miners, Cyrus Hamblin, a rancher on the Salt River, rode up on the animal while rounding up cows. Hamblin recognized the beast as a camel, with something tied to its back that resembled the skeleton of a man. Although Hamblin had a reputation as an honest man and one not given to tall tales, many refused to believe his story. Several weeks later, over on the Verde River, the camel was spotted again, this time by another group of prospectors. They, too, saw something attached to the animal’s back. Grabbing their weapons they fired at the camel but missed. The animal bolted and ran, causing a piece of the strange object to fall to the ground. What the miners saw made the hair bristle on their necks. On the ground lay a human skull with some parts of flesh and hair still attached.

A few days later, the Red Ghost struck again. This time the victims’ were teamsters camped beside a lonely road. They said they were awakened in the middle of the night by a loud scream. According to the terrified drivers, a creature at least 30-feet-tall knocked over two freight wagons and generally raised hell with the camp. The men ran for their lives and hid in the brush. Returning the next day, they found cloven-hoof prints and red strands of hair.

Im thinking of idea for the Cryptids After people Idea. Im thinking of, with humans extinct  wild monkey population supposed chimp and escaped chimp populations would steadily grow, eventually spreading out through Southern Florida, while monkeys stick to themselves.
territorial dispite break outs beween troops of Chimpanzees and Skunk Apes. 
MonsterIslandEpanded: Ogra and Gorgo
Name: Ogra and Gorgo
Type: Kaiju
Species: Aquatic dinosaur 
Color: Dark brown green
Discovery: 1961 
Diet: Carnivore
Original Home: Irish Sea
Original population: 2
Monster island arrival: 1999
Monster Island home: Inland Sea
Environment: Inland seas freshwater depths
Population in 2019: 2

Ogra and Gorgo are the names of 2 individuals of a species of Aquatic dinosaur that at some point in the past roamed across the many tropical island that would one day form europe. The appearance of these beasts in Irish and Viking mythology as dragons called Ogra lead to the belief that these creatures where nothing more than legend until a volcano eruption off the coast of Ireland  and the discovery of deceased ancient fish species floating in the sea was discovered. 

Gorgo as it was later named had started attacking coastal towns of ireland until the beast was driven away by villagers according to Captain Joe Ryan who saw the event from his fishing vessel than would go on to actually capture Gorgo than subdue the beast under several fishing nets and tranquilizers. Joe Ryan would soon sell the beast to a British circus owner who dubbed the creature Gorgo, after the Greek mythological monsters.  Gorgo was measured to be 50 feet long and 17 feet tall.  He was then put on display at a carnival in London before reports started to come in of tidal waves rushing through the River Thames washing away several villages and harbors. 

Ogra had appeared and soon came to land causing millions of dollars of damage before locating her offspring. England's air force of the time retaliated, rushing Ogra with fighter jets, dropping bombs and firing missiles which had no effect on her. When the air force had retreated, she smashed through the  fences and walls holding her son in, freeing him, within doing so, both returned to the sea, and wouldn't be seen again until 1995.

In 1995 Ogra and Gorgo reappeared on Monster island when the Kilaaks ship and several King ghidorahs had attacked both the Island and major cities of the Earth.  Ogra had first showed up back on the radar when a ghidorah appeared flying above Celtic sea. This particular ghidorah was small, with only a wingspan of 280 feet, as it flew over the Celtic sea, Ogra launched from the water like a great white shark, taking the ghidorah into the depth of the ocean to never be seen again.

A few weeks later she appeared on Monster island where the  and 3 individual gigantic Ghidorahs where attacking, it seemed she had a natural way of knowing of the battle that was taking place on Monster island. Ogra came to shore where Gorgo stayed as he was still the roughly the same size due to slow kaiju growth cycles. 

Ogra and the other monsters battled and eventually won the fight, destroying the ghidorahs and the Kilaakian mother ship. Ogra survived the encounter and now she and her son now exist together on the island, living within the freshwater sea of Monster Island.

Life on the Island

Ogra and Gorgo live off of large fish and shore dwelling animals of the freshwater sea.  Gorgo is many centuries younger than his mother Ogra and has a build and size similar to that of a tyrannosaur while his mother has a more upright build similar to other large kaiju. It is assumed as Gorgo grows he will take a more upright stance. 

While Gorgo may be 100 or more years old, he is still an infant in his species. Due to the fact they seem to be the only ones of their species which where named /Gorgo individualis/ it is believed 1 or 2 Gorgosaurus are to exist at one time or they are the last of their species which may have been wide spread sometime in the past. Ogra and Gorgo live within a 3 mile radius of eachother, as in this is the furthest Gorgo will wonder from his mother which explains how Ogra didn't immediately  when her son disappeared. 

Ogra can often times be found sparing and battling against the other kaiju like Gorosaurus and Godzilla. Of course these are never fatal battles and are more comparable to practice fights between "friends" which large kaiju often show between some others. 

Gorgo and Ogra of from the film Gorgo.


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