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This recent discovery of Warm Blooded Icthyosaurs was known for many years by researchers of modern day sea and lake monsters. 

That's what I always think is fossils Discovery's help tell what cryptids are, and vice versa.
Oof, so I spend like 2 weeks redrawing indominus and everyone hates it than I spend an hour drawing the bloop and I get a thousand views?? Like 100 likes and front page on deviantart?
COTW#211:The Bloop

The Bloop was a powerful, ultra-low-frequency underwater sound detected by the NOAA (National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration) in 1997.


The sound shows extreme similarities to noises generated by icequakes in large icebergs, and of large icebergs scraping the ocean floor. The sound's source was off the tip of South America. The sound was detected several times by the Equatorial Pacific Ocean autonomous hydrophone array. This system was developed as an autonomous array of hydrophones that could be deployed in any oceanographic region to monitor specific phenomena. It is used primarily to monitor undersea seismicity, ice noise, and marine mammal population and migration. This is a stand-alone system designed and built by NOAA's Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory (PMEL) to augment NOAA's use of the U.S. Navy Sound Surveillance System which was equipment originally designed to detect Soviet submarines.

It has been argued, however, that the patterns in the variations within the sound indicate an animal origin. Assuming similar noise-making capabilities of a blue whale (the largest known species of animal), the bloop would have to be made by an animal more than 250 feet in length. Others have pointed out that not all animals make the same amount of noise for their size. For example, pistol shrimp, only a few centimeters long, can make sounds as loud as a jet engine. It has been argued that with this in mind, an animal making the "Bloop" noise might be significantly smaller than generally estimated.

In 2014, it was argued the Bloop was the sound of sea ice breaking off of the Antarctic ice shelf, however confirmation of this theory was not possible. Another theory involves an underwater erupting volcano, however, a volcano may not be able to produce such an odd frequency.

Info from cryptid wiki

I dont understand why people dont like anything I draw anymore despite the fact everything in the past was blurry dimly lit and not nearly as detailed.

Oh god forbid I make different than the original source materials everything should just be a carbon copy.
Monster Island Expanded: Indominus Rex
Monster Island Expanded

Indominus rex
Type: Dinosaur
Species: Hybrid
Diet: Carnivore
Color: white
Original population: 5
Original home: Isla Sorna
Monster Island arrival: 2005
Monster Island Home: Mid of island
Population now: 20's 

This Giant man made dinosaur comes from the 2 island Isla Sorna and Numblar, Also known as the Jurassic park islands, the only other islands in the world left were non avian dinosaurs roam.

Indominus rex is a creature created by the Masrani Global Corporation in 1999 along with the spinosaurus, corythosaurus, ceratosaurus and others. Indominus rex was believed by the  Masrani Global Corporation that only 2 where hatched but only survived, however the so believed individuals killed by a sibling actually hatched from its egg and escaped into the Sorna jungles and matured 5 years later. However, being a mismatch of animal DNA, Indominus had the ability to lay fertilized eggs without the need of a male, worse was that unlike other animals that do this, the chicks came in male and female. When a mass die off of dinosaurs in Isla Sorna was noticed, Monster Island was brought to the scene and capture of all individual I.rexs happened soon after. Some time later the Indominus's where brought to the research island to be studied and tested for diseases, a year later they would be released to the northern middle of Monster Island by parachuted crate.

Now unlike the Indominus rex taken to Jurassic World some time later, These I.rex did not posses the extreme intellect but rather on pare with that of the Ingens Tyrannosaurus. 

Indominus posses many attributes of other dinosaurs due to genetic manipulation which helps them survive on Monster island with so many other large top predators.

 The females are much larger and more aggressive than the males so when during mating season, the male would bring an offering, usually a carcass of an animal and if the Female accepts him, they will mate and the male will look after the eggs after they are laid and once the eggs hatch, the mother sees the father as a threat and usually chases him off or kills and eats him.

Indominus posses many attributes of other dinosaurs due to genetic manipulation which helps them survive on Monster island with so many other large top predators. The Indominus Rex has many threats on the Island, one predator that was once reported to come into conflict with is the Vestatosaurus Rex, it's strong bite, powerful body and reasonable intelligence proves to much for the Indominus at this one account, but the Indominus's power to blend in with surroundings, brain power and large claws do come in handy when they need to attack.

Many species are found in the DNA of Indominous Rex which includes: Tyrannosaurus, tyrannotitan, giganotasaurus, velociraptor, ankylosaurus, stegosaurus, jacksons chameleon, African bullfrog, and Golden Hawk and others. A recent study of Indominous rex has braught attention to the small spiked fins found in the spine of the indominous, similar to that of Godzilla himself yet no gojirasaurus DNA has been found in indominus rex.

While on Isla Numblar, The 600 foot mosasaur was going to be brought to monster island as well but it had died in its small lake that did not have any fish or other animals to pray on besides one Induminus rex that was dragged in the water and devoured.…


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Hello, My name is Matt! I'm from Iowa! It's pretty bad because it does not have enough tree's. I LOVE TREEZ


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