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COTW#230: Mountain Giants by Trendorman COTW#230: Mountain Giants :icontrendorman:Trendorman 16 8 COTW#229: Berbalang by Trendorman COTW#229: Berbalang :icontrendorman:Trendorman 21 7 COTW#228: American Hyena by Trendorman COTW#228: American Hyena :icontrendorman:Trendorman 28 4 COTW#227: Deer Women by Trendorman COTW#227: Deer Women :icontrendorman:Trendorman 18 2 COTW#226: Cadborosaurus by Trendorman COTW#226: Cadborosaurus :icontrendorman:Trendorman 33 4 COTW#225: Colossal Claude by Trendorman COTW#225: Colossal Claude :icontrendorman:Trendorman 25 14 COTW#224: Napa Rebobs by Trendorman COTW#224: Napa Rebobs :icontrendorman:Trendorman 21 1 Monster Island Expanded: Konga by Trendorman Monster Island Expanded: Konga :icontrendorman:Trendorman 23 2 COTW#223: Ponik by Trendorman COTW#223: Ponik :icontrendorman:Trendorman 29 1 COTW#222: Puerto Rican Chupacabra by Trendorman COTW#222: Puerto Rican Chupacabra :icontrendorman:Trendorman 25 6 COTW#221: Relic Hominids by Trendorman COTW#221: Relic Hominids :icontrendorman:Trendorman 21 1 Cryptids After People: A lone Bull by Trendorman Cryptids After People: A lone Bull :icontrendorman:Trendorman 32 5 COTW#220: The Red Ghost by Trendorman COTW#220: The Red Ghost :icontrendorman:Trendorman 20 5 COTW#219: The Wendigo Type Sasquatch by Trendorman COTW#219: The Wendigo Type Sasquatch :icontrendorman:Trendorman 23 0 COTW#218: The Yucca Man by Trendorman COTW#218: The Yucca Man :icontrendorman:Trendorman 17 3 COTW#217: The Rougarou by Trendorman COTW#217: The Rougarou :icontrendorman:Trendorman 16 3




COTW#230: Mountain Giants
Mountain Giants are said to be gigantic humanoid creatures found of the Mountains and dense forests or North America.
COTW#229: Berbalang
The Berbalangs are mythical creatures in Filipino culture. They have a human appearance, but resemble the characters of vampires and have wings and slanted eyes. They dig up graves to feast on the corpses.

These creatures could be evidence of Chupacabras existing in ancient asian cultures or of gargoyles. 

There is one account from the 1900s that claimed an explorers witnessed the terror that is the Berbalang.
I never understood people who go onto pictures and just write "cool".

What a waste of time for one world that's so indirect. Don't even bother. 
COTW#228: American Hyena

American Hyena

An american hyena caught on tape.

In the Great Plains of the American West, from at least Montana to Nebraska, there have been reports of an animal that seems to be a hyena. With a sloping back and hyena-like features, this beast was known to the Ioway Indians as the Shunka WarakinSimilar creatures with different names were reported from the lands of other tribes.

The animal was generally described as having dark fur, often black and sometimes red. The shaggy areas were distributed in a different way than on wolves. White settlers also thought they had seen this creature, and some were even mounted as trophies. Although the present whereabouts of these trophies is now unknown, one famous trophy had a picture taken of it, although it might have been a strange-looking wolf mounted by an incompetent taxidermist, only DNA testing could settle the question.

Sightings / Explanation?

As wild America was despoiled, sightings of the animal almost died out. Today, there are still a few, but they are complicated by confusions due to folklore, apparent supernatural characteristics, and likely confusion with other reports of wolves, wild dogs, and dog-like cryptids of several sorts. It is possible that this creature is a remnant that survived all the way up to a hundred years ago, only for the last pockets of survivors to be exterminated before being officially recognized by science. Even if this is the case, it is still of interest to cryptozoologists, whose line of work includes studying animals that happened to go extinct before we could identify them, if those animals survived thousands of years longer than they were supposed to.

Info from the Cryptid Wiki

COTW#227: Deer Women

Deer Women, sometimes known as Deer Ladies, are shape-shifting women in Native American mythology. They can be found in and around Oklahoma, The Western United States, and The Pacific Northwest. They allegedly appear at various times as a human woman, a young beautiful maiden, or a deer. Some descriptions assign her a human female upper body and the lower body of a white-tailed deer.

The Deer Women have been seen as beautiful women just off the trail or behind a bush, calling to travelers, leading some to draw comparisons with the "Nymphs" of classical mythology.

A Deer Woman is often said to have all the features of a normal young woman, except she has hooves instead of human feet and eyes similar to those of deer. Men who are lured into the presence of a deer woman often notice too late that it is not a normal woman that they are being lured by, but before they can get away, the deer woman stomps them to death.

Other stories and traditions describe the sighting of Deer Woman to be a sign of personal transformation or a warning. Deer Women are also said to be fond of dancing, and will sometimes join a communal dance unnoticed, leaving only when the drum beating ceases.

According to Ojibwe tradition, they can be banished through the use of tobacco and chanting. Others say that you can break their spell by looking at their feet, and realizing that they are hooves. Once they are recognized for what they are, the Deer women will run away.

Deer women are thought to be an allegory about attempting to know and understand someone you're attempting to get sexually intimate with. About how it's important to see someone as they truly are, not only as you wish them to be.

Popular Culture

Deer Women were featured as a character in an eponymous episode of the Showtime horror series Masters of Horror. It originally aired in North America on December 9, 2005 and was directed by John Landis, who is best known for his direction of the 1981 film An American Werewolf in London.



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