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COTW#194 Varginha Devil

The Varginha Devil (also known as Varginha's Extraterrestrial) sighting is an extraterrestrial sighting that took place on January 20, 1996; in the city of Varginha (Brazil). It was spotted by three young women, who thought it to be injured. Regardless of its condition, the three women fled the scene, thinking they had seen the devil.


The entity was described as a five foot tall bipedal, humanoid creature. The creature had dark brown skin, a large head with a slender body and large red eyes. Artist renderings also depict it as having three crest-like bumps on its head and no visible mouth

Monster Island Expanded: Ninku
Type: mutant mammal 
Species: Irradiated Gibbon
Color:Gray skin with pale yellow fur
Original home: Vietnam
Original habitat: Lush Rainforests
Original population: 1
Monster island arrival: 1986
Monster island habitat: Northeastern jungle near the mangrove forests
Monster island population: 3

1984 was the year when a giant mutant gibbon was found in the jungles of Vietnam, believing to have mutated from secret irradiated material used during the vietnam war. Ninku was what the gibbon was named after the original village once found in that area of the jungle. Normally one individual creature of not so gigantic size would be left to its own within such a large chunk of rainforest but upon the discovery that this lesser ape had homicidal actions towards anything it sees as humanoid it had to be captured and contained.

Ninku was taken to the "Monster Pound" the nickname for a smaller secondary island off the coast of Monster Island, The monster pound contains large above ground containment habitats and buildings meant to contain creatures less likely to break out of habitation while creatures such as this or large dinosaurs and kaiju are taken to the various levels of underground bunkers and habitats. 

Ninku when taken to its temporary habitat found a 70/60 meter  tropical habitat used to contain larger than 15 foot tall tropical homonids. Tests where made and any passable diseases where treated in order to release Ninku on Monster island. The tested showed that Ninku was female, not only that but heavily pregnant and due to it sarge size had been holding the fetus for over a year at that point and only delivered it around 14 months in containment, giving birth to twin males.

The mutant gibbons where kept in captivity till the young where large and stable enough to survive on Monster Island. They where all then parachuted to the North eastern Jungles of the island away from most large predators. When the metallic parachuted crates touched the ground, the doors automatically opened and released the lesser apes. 

In the year 2018 all 3 gibbons have since become top creatures in their territory which stretches for about 12 miles in all directions, the 3 forming a troop of sorts always traveling together on their 2 hind legs.

Bio: Originally ninku was part of the white cheeked gibbon species from Vietnam, a type of lesser ape species that spend their lives arboreal in the tree tops. The mutation from radioactive material caused the gibbon to have an effect type stance and almost elephantine feet to support its weight. Long arms help the creatures forage for food in the highest trees, feeding on thing slide large fruit and leaves and other creatures like large insects and reptiles. 

Besides having to spend their lives on the ground the behavior and social structure of the mutated gibbons seem almost the same as their original species. 

(Ninku from pachimon)
COTW#192: Momo


Momo is the name of a local legend, similar to the Bigfoot, which is reported to live in Missouri. The name Momo is short for Missouri Monster and it is reported to have a large, pumpkin-shaped head, with a very furry body, and hair covering the eyes.

First reported in July 1971, near Louisiana, Missouri by Joan Mills and Mary Ryan, Momo has been spotted up and down the Mississippi River. It is supposedly a large, 7 ft (~2.1 m) tall, hairy, black, manlike creature that eats dogs and emits a terrible odor. Some suggest it was a rogue black bear. Following sightings in 1972 beginning at 3:30 p.m. July 11, first reported by Terry, Wally, and Doris Harrison, and lasting for about 2 weeks, tracks were found and submitted to Lawrence Curtis, director of the Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden. He deemed the tracks to be a hoax.


  • 1971 - A pack of picnickers reported that Momo came out of the surrounding woods. While they locked themselves in their car, the creature supposedly ate their food.
  • 1972 - Local children reported seeing Momo walk past them with a dead dog. Soon after, a farmer reported a flash of light, growls, and the strong odor that is associated with Momo.
Well my sisters bf was in a motorcycle  accident 2 months ago and just yesterday started walking but...they have a bill of over 1 million dollars for hospital bills.

Why even invent hospitals if it costs that much to have a machine that pumps air. 
COTW#191: Gitmo Bird describes various sightings of pterosaurs in Cuba, stating, "...Californian woman by the name of Patty Carson reported seeing something both inexplicable and frightening in the skies above Guantanamo Bay when she was a little girl living there at the naval base. In 1965, Carson was walking home one day with her little brother when they noticed something large rummaging through tall grass by the side of the road. She recounted how a featherless, winged creature that was as tall as a man and possessed a plenitude of small, needle-like teeth, as well as a long tail with a tip shaped like a diamond, suddenly popped its head and shoulders up over the top of

the grass. She described it as a “flying dinosaur,” and said that it was very close, only about 30 feet away...In 1966, only a year after this incident, Patty’s brother Tom Carson would have another separate sighting of the same beast. This time, the boy, who was 10 years old at the time, saw the creature when he was by himself. Although he only glimpsed it for a few seconds, Tom remembered that it had a tail that resembled 'the shaved tail of a dog.'

At this point, one could be forgiven for questioning the reliability and veracity of these particular reports, but they becomes more intriguing when compared to another eyewitness account that occurred in the same area just a few years later in 1971. A U.S. marine by the name of Eskin Kuhn, who was stationed at the base

in 1971, reported seeing what he described as two 'pterodactyls' one day while taking a break outside of the barracks."

According to, a lady who was on a cruise in the Caribbean saw two pterosaur like creatures.



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