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COTW#225: Colossal Claude by Trendorman COTW#225: Colossal Claude :icontrendorman:Trendorman 20 8 COTW#224: Napa Rebobs by Trendorman COTW#224: Napa Rebobs :icontrendorman:Trendorman 18 1 Monster Island Expanded: Konga by Trendorman Monster Island Expanded: Konga :icontrendorman:Trendorman 20 2 COTW#223: Ponik by Trendorman COTW#223: Ponik :icontrendorman:Trendorman 26 1 COTW#222: Puerto Rican Chupacabra by Trendorman COTW#222: Puerto Rican Chupacabra :icontrendorman:Trendorman 23 6 COTW#221: Relic Hominids by Trendorman COTW#221: Relic Hominids :icontrendorman:Trendorman 19 1 Cryptids After People: A lone Bull by Trendorman Cryptids After People: A lone Bull :icontrendorman:Trendorman 30 1 COTW#220: The Red Ghost by Trendorman COTW#220: The Red Ghost :icontrendorman:Trendorman 17 5 COTW#219: The Wendigo Type Sasquatch by Trendorman COTW#219: The Wendigo Type Sasquatch :icontrendorman:Trendorman 21 0 COTW#218: The Yucca Man by Trendorman COTW#218: The Yucca Man :icontrendorman:Trendorman 16 3 COTW#217: The Rougarou by Trendorman COTW#217: The Rougarou :icontrendorman:Trendorman 15 3 COTW#216: The Queensland Tiger by Trendorman COTW#216: The Queensland Tiger :icontrendorman:Trendorman 25 2 COTW#215: The Monster by Trendorman COTW#215: The Monster :icontrendorman:Trendorman 23 4 COTW#214: Alton Bridge Goatman by Trendorman COTW#214: Alton Bridge Goatman :icontrendorman:Trendorman 25 3 COTW#213: The 8 foot Skeleton by Trendorman COTW#213: The 8 foot Skeleton :icontrendorman:Trendorman 17 0 COTW#212:The Gugwe by Trendorman COTW#212:The Gugwe :icontrendorman:Trendorman 20 7




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COTW#225: Colossal Claude

Colossal Claude is a sea monster spotted near the Columbia River in Oregon.


Colossal Claude is said to be 15 to 40 feet long, have a round, tan body, snake or horse like head, an 8 foot long neck, and a long serpentine tail.


In 1934, L.A. Larson, mate of the Columbia River lightship, saw a 40 foot animal at the mouth of the river. Crew members studied it for some time with binoculars.

In 1963, the Shell Oil Company during an oil search off the Oregon coast recorded a video tape that shows a 15 foot animal with barnacled ridges swimming in 180 feet of water.


Colossal Claude is believed to either be an inland whale that was misidentified or possibly a plesiosaur.

COTW#224: Napa Rebobs
The Napa Rebobs are a supposed type of Winged Primate that inhabit Partrick Road in Napa Valley California. They are described as being either 3-4 feet tall with 4 limbs and an extra pair of wings they use for flight. But Rebobs descriptions very from person to person in the town. Some say they are half monkey, half bat combined with robotic parts created by a mad scientist. Others say it's a being made up of branchs and leaves. 

Sightings occur too the modern time. It is believed that if you wait in your car till night time they rebobs will eventually jump and attack your car.
Monster Island Expanded: Konga
Name: Konga 
Type: Mutant ape
Species: Fyto troglodytes
Color: Black furred
Discovery: 1961
Diet: Omnivore
Original Home: Africa
Original Habitat: Congo
Population: 1
Monster island arrival: 1970
Monster island habitat: Steaming jungles too the east of the eastern mountains
Population now: One

Konga is the name given too 2 separate apes belonging to the species Pan troglodytes that have genetically mutated by a serum derived from North American predatory plants that caused them to grow to Kaiju size. The name Konga comes from the African Congo where the first Konga was taken from as an average infant chimpanzee.

British botanist Dr.Charles Decker back in 1961 returned from a trip too the African Congo having been resumed dead the year before. During his time spent in African he discovered a way to use extracts of  predatory plants that could grow both the plants and Apes alike to giant sizes. He returned to England with an infant chimp he used as a test subject which he named Konga. 

He used Dionaea muscipula and Sarracenia purpurea as agents for a serum that he used on this baby chimpanzee that grew him to the size of a biped Western Lowland Gorilla. The Doctor uses hypnosis on the mutant ape to kill fellow scientists that have more credit than he did. But due to some unrelated marital issues of the scientist a Margo Johns injected all the serum into the ape causing Konga to grow too  around 42 feet tall. Konga breaking the hypnosis went on a rampage through London before being shot the death by the British Army at which point Konga reverted back to a normal infant chimpanzee.

The Body was recovered by Monster Island agents that were sent to the the offshore Holding Island in the vicinity of Monster Island. As the body was being tested it was found the body was rapidly regenerating and eventually the chimp woke back up as spry as ever. The ape was kept with the resident chimps that at the time were kept as the particular group of chimps was showing signs of forming a complex spiritual society around an entity that followed that particular troop.

Konga grew to become a large male around 150 pounds and besides ritualistic activity in the group every 3 am the troop behaves like a average chimp troop meaning Konga became an average male. At the time it was believed Konga had a vasectomy  by Dr.Charles so contact with the females of the group were allowed but the discovery of one of the females carrying Konga's baby had alerted the staff that the genes in Konga which were still mutated had been given to a new generation. 

Konga Jr was born as seemingly a normal chimpanzee but slowly over the course of 7 years grew larger and larger, unlike Konga Jr's Father, he grew at a steady rate over those 7 years, becoming roughly the size of a gigantopithicus  before being removed and put in an enclouser for giant ape kaiju, 2 years after that he grew to be 40 feet tall. It was 1970 by that time and it was decided Konga Jr was large enough to release to Monster Island. 

Konga Jr was placed on the eastern jungle side of the east mountains where he by the year 2019 has lived. This time in the wild was shown Konga ages slowly after his growth. Almost 50 years after his release he has not seemed to age physically due to his regenerative ability. And since that time he has sprouted pitcher plants and fly traps from his back. Konga Jr has a dark orange brown blood which is both normal blood cells and chlorophyl. Similar to some animals of the secondary Skull Island, Konga Jr is both plant and animal.  

The plants on his back help against pests like flys and Mosquitos and give him extra nutrients but he mainly relies on fruit, certain leaves, roots and bamboos along with proteins from caught pray which can include water buffalo, mammals, reptiles, large arthropods and birds among others. 

Konga Jr is a social animal thus searches out for several other large  primates that can be found on the island. Though he defends his own few miles of territory he often leaves it to interact socially with a  northern troop of Megaprimatus kong which has became familiar with Konga even though he is twice their size. 

Konga is intelligent and resourceful, using a cave in his territory as his nest as he is too large to climb the trees. He fills the cave with bones of his kills and has  an usual taste for collecting strange shaped logs with he uses as primitive clubs or spears. His father the original Konga died in 2023 of old age on the very holding facility he was first taken too. 
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