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COTW#239: M'kuoo M'bemboo

The M'kuoo M'bemboo is a dinosaur or reptilian creature found in west Cameroon, in Africa.              

Rendering of a Moeritherium, an extinct aquatic mammal of North and West Africa

Reported only once, it is apparently known to the local peoples, who named it. Despite the similar-sounding names, this is not just another local name for the Mokele Mbembe. The creatures are drastically different.              

The herbivorous creature is beyond massive, with a head alone that is described as the size of a full grown hippopotamus. It has a 'gurgling' roar, is described as shiny black. The head is compared to that of a seal, but 'flattened from above to below'. It appears to be at least semi-aquatic, as the one report described it exiting an aquatic cave and lunging out of the water.

Supposedly, it attacks hippos, but it does not eat them. This would explain why no hippos live in the region.

It could be possible that a Herbivorous species of Marine reptile or mammal found itself with in the African Cameroon or more likely a seal or even a large Crocodile. It can also possibly yet unlikely be an extinct Pyrotherium or Moeritherium that somehow survived for 66 million years or shorter in Cameroon.

I'm so sick of Killer clowns, I'm so sick of the killer clown trope. The only ones who did it right where Killer clowns from Outerspace and from there on out. The idea was beaten to death. It's like zombies, theres so many killer clowns that all they do is piss me off. I feel bad for professional clowns. They probably can't even find work anymore. 

Ohhh it's a clown but their killer ohhh, they arnt even funny, killer clowns are just, basic murdering in clown suit and passed off as a movie monster. 

And dont even get me started on people who actually caused this fear by committing actuall murder while dressed as a clown.  It's such an awful thing and it's been done to death in media, why do it??  

It's like 60 percent of all Halloween stories is Preworn and torn clown items and masks. 

Stop it, make up and use more of the forgotten monsters. 

Wheres the killer kangaroos. That's what I wanna know. 
COTW#238: Champ
Champ,  Champie, or Champy, is the name given to a reputed lake monster living in Lake Champlain. The lake is a natural freshwater lake in North America and partially situated across the U.S.-Canada border in the Canadian province of Quebec and across the Vermont-New York border. While there is no scientific evidence for the cryptid's existence, there have been over 300 reported sightings. The legend of the monster is considered a draw for tourism in the Burlington, Vermont and Plattsburgh, New York areas. Like the Loch Ness Monster, most regard Champ as a legend. Others have speculated that it is possible such a creature does live deep in the lake and is possibly a relative of the plesiosaur, an extinct group of aquatic reptiles. Lake Champlain is a 125-mile (201 km)-long body of fresh water that is shared by New York and Vermont and just a few miles into Quebec, Canada. {C}The Champ legend has become a revenue-generating attraction. For example, the village of Port Henry, New York, has erected a giant model of Champ and holds "Champ Day" on the first Saturday of every August. As the mascot of Vermont's lone Minor League Baseball affiliate, the Vermont Lake Monsters, Champ became more prominent after the team was renamed from the Vermont Expos to the Vermont Lake Monsters. Champ has been the primary attraction of the New York - Penn League affiliate since their inception. Several nearby establishments, including a car wash, use "Champ" as a logo. The scientific name Champtanystropheus americansus has been proposed.


In 1977, amateur photographer Sandra Mansi released a photograph that appeared to show a plesiosaur-like body and neck sticking out of the lake. Mansi later showed the photo, which is similar to the famous "Surgeon's photo" of the Loch Ness Monster, to Joseph W. Zarzynski. The entire bay of the lake where the photograph reportedly was taken is no deeper than 14 feet (4.3 m). According to Joe Nickell, there are few explanations for how a giant creature could swim, let alone hide, in such shallow water. Furthermore, it has been suggested that the object in the photograph could possibly be a rising tree trunk or log. Rotting trees often gather gas in the process of decay, and sometimes rise to the water's surface at considerable speed.

Recent Sightings

Champ reportedly can be seen in a video taken by fishermen Dick Affolter and his stepson Pete Bodette in the of 2005. Close examination of the images may be interpreted either as a head and neck of a plesiosaur-like animal and even an open mouth in one frame and a closed mouth in another; or as a fish or eel. Although two retired FBI forensic image analysts, who reviewed the tape, said it appears authentic and un-manipulated, one of them added that "there's no place in there that I can actually see an animal or any other object on the surface". One piece of evidence, though not a "sighting" per se, is the recording of echolocation from within the lake by the Fauna Communications Research Institute in 2003, working as part of a Discovery Channel program. The group has concluded that the sounds they have recorded are similar to that of a Beluga Whale or perhaps an Orca, but not of a known animal, and no dolphin or whale species have been previously known to live in the lake.

Info from cryptid wiki

Monster Island Expanded: Sauron
Name: Sauron
Type: Possible God
Species: Tyrannosaurus 
Diet: Carnivore
Discovery: 1994
Color: Dark tan orange scales with dark blue feathers
Location: Mojave Desert
Population: 1

Sauron is the name given to a dinosaur like creature that is at the year of 2019 is in hibernation 276 meters below the surface of undisclosed area of the Mojave desert which is under close observation by the MIP and other branches of the government. Though Sauron is a medium size and strength monster, it seems to give off a kind of scientifically unidentified  energy that's associated with beings who are real "Gods" and "demigods". 

Sauron appears in Navajo mythology around seven thousand years ago, this gives all info on what Sauron may do if it was reawaken. In Navajo myths it is said Sauron was an immortal dragon that was immune to arrows and spears, even fire could not physically harm it in any way. It was said Sauron rained over that region for several generations feeding on human and animal alike, Sauron was even blamed for the extinction of what's described as mega fauna that once loved in that area.  The reason for its extreme appetite was that according the legend, Sauron gained immortality by devouring living creatures. 

When the major food supply of that area died out, Sauron went into hibernation  where it rests too this day.  It's believed that the appearance of humans  and the major extinction of megafauna is what made Sauron go into hibernation. While human cause extinction of more and more creatures, the chance of Saurons reawakening becomes and less of a chance. However there is roughly 8 billion humans as of 2019,should this spot of the Mojave desert become heavily populated by suburbs and towns then Sauron would reawaken and feed. 

Seeing as Sauron is so far underground in the Mojave desert,there is no need to relocate it too Monster Island and instead is being studied by an on location lab setup in the same cave Sauron is in. A maximum of 7 people are allowed in the lab because if any more people are present, Sauron will awaken for a short feeding. 

The Navajo's mythology has an interesting prophecy that states Sauron will rise the day a great cataclysm arrives from the sky and reshapes the world into a place unseen since a time before humans, and will battle to defend his territory and use what's left of humanity in the South west of what was America as his immortality food source. 

It's issued Sauron is either a species of unidentified tyrannosaur that somehow gained immortality and the ability to breath fire, becoming a god, or that it is an entity that assumed the form of a tyrannosaur and remained in that body. 

There are other gods confirmed too exist,confirmation that is kept from the public, Mothra, Thor, Zeus, now Sauron are all examples of only a few real gods. 

/Sauron is a character from the 1994 video game Primal Rage/

COTW#237: Lechuza

Lechuza are either shape-shifting witches or spirits in Hispanic folklore. Tales of Lechuza are quite popular in Mexico and Texas.

Appearance: A human-sized bird with a woman's face

Lore: Lechuza are women who have sold their souls to the devil in exchange for magical powers. At night, they transform into monsters with a bird's body and a woman's face, similar to depictions of harpies in Greek mythology. They then fly through the night in search of prey.

When a Lechuza finds her target she will perch in a location where she can't easily be seen and then will make either strange whistles or the sound of an infant crying. Anyone who attempts to determine where the sound is coming from is at risk of becoming Lechuza's dinner. Lechuza will then swoop down and carry off the confused and horrified individual.

In some versions of the story, the Lechuza is the spirit of a witch who was murdered by locals. Her spirit returns in the form of the bird-monster to get revenge. In other tales, the Lechuza is the vengeful spirit of a woman who has returned from the grave to torment the living and to seek revenge.

In modern times, most reported run-ins with the witch-bird involve her swooping down at cars driving deserted roads at night.

Powers: As a witch, Lechuza possesses supernatural powers. One of the powers of the Lechuza is to summon storms. Sightings of Lechuza are believed to coincide with thunderstorms. Lechuza possess the power to shape-shift into bird-monsters at night. Lechuza also possess the ability to disguise their voices to appear as if it is the cries of an infant in order to draw it's human prey closer. Finally, it is believed that hearing the cry of the Lechuza is an omen that someone in the household will die, a trait more commonly found in tales of the banshee. Lechuza are immune to weapons and bullets and possibly are immortal.

Defense Against Lechuza: Lechuza fear salt. Upon hearing the call of a Lechuza one should immediately began cussing her out. Doing so will drive her away. Don't go outside to investigate hearing a strange whistle sound or the sound of a baby crying.

Info from cryptid wiki



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