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COTW#242: The Slide-Rock Bolter by Trendorman COTW#242: The Slide-Rock Bolter :icontrendorman:Trendorman 26 2 COTW#241: European Man-Horse by Trendorman COTW#241: European Man-Horse :icontrendorman:Trendorman 14 10 MonsterIslandExpanded: Invertebrates 1 by Trendorman MonsterIslandExpanded: Invertebrates 1 :icontrendorman:Trendorman 29 4 COTW#240: The Fouke Monster by Trendorman COTW#240: The Fouke Monster :icontrendorman:Trendorman 17 7 Fun little pumpkin patch idea by Trendorman Fun little pumpkin patch idea :icontrendorman:Trendorman 12 3 COTW#239: M'kuoo M'bemboo by Trendorman COTW#239: M'kuoo M'bemboo :icontrendorman:Trendorman 36 9 COTW#238: Champ by Trendorman COTW#238: Champ :icontrendorman:Trendorman 36 1 Monster Island Expanded: Sauron by Trendorman Monster Island Expanded: Sauron :icontrendorman:Trendorman 33 34 COTW#237: Lechuza by Trendorman COTW#237: Lechuza :icontrendorman:Trendorman 20 0 COTW#236: The Louisiana ThunderBird by Trendorman COTW#236: The Louisiana ThunderBird :icontrendorman:Trendorman 22 3 MonsterIslandExpanded: Toto/Gamera by Trendorman MonsterIslandExpanded: Toto/Gamera :icontrendorman:Trendorman 30 3 COTW#235: The Allier River Monster by Trendorman COTW#235: The Allier River Monster :icontrendorman:Trendorman 26 17 COTW#234: The Mogollon Monster by Trendorman COTW#234: The Mogollon Monster :icontrendorman:Trendorman 17 4 COTW#233: Goblin by Trendorman COTW#233: Goblin :icontrendorman:Trendorman 25 7 COTW#232: Murray by Trendorman COTW#232: Murray :icontrendorman:Trendorman 33 5 COTW#231: The Woods Devil by Trendorman COTW#231: The Woods Devil :icontrendorman:Trendorman 32 9




COTW#242: The Slide-Rock Bolter

Slide-Rock Bolter(Macrostoma saxiperrumptus) is a bizarre creature recounted by the lumberjacks of North America during the 19th and early 20thcenturies. It is believed to live in the mountains of Colorado, but this beast only lived in the mountains where the slope was more than a 45 degree angle. It has an immense head, with small eyes, and large mouth. It has a fluked tail like a dolphin, with enormous grab-hooks.

All day long this creature will just wait for a tourist or helpless creature below it. At the right moment, it will lift its tail, thus loosening its hold on the mountain, and descend rapidly down the slope. With the beast’s mouth wide open it would swallow all that got in its way. Whole parties of tourists are reported to have been gulped up in one scoop by taking parties far back into the hills. Its body is also so large and strong that trees in its path are broken and destroyed. Its own impetus carries it up the next slope, where it again slaps its tail over the ridge and waits.

Description and Sightings

In the mountains of Colorado, where in summer the wood are becoming infested with tourist, much uneasiness has been caused by the presence of the slide-rock bolter. This frightful animal lives only in the steepest mountain country where the slopes are greater than 45 degrees. It has an immense head, with small eyes, and a mouth somewhat on the order of a sculpin, running back beyond its ears. The tail consist of a divided flipper, with enormous grab-hooks, which it fastens over the crest of the mountain or ridge, often remaining there motionless for days at a time, watching the gulch for tourists or any other hapless creature that may enter it. At the right moment, after sighting a tourist, it will lift its tail, thus loosening its hold on the mountain, and with its small eyes riveted on the poor unfortunate, and drooling thin skid grease from the corners of its mouth, which greatly accelerates its speed, the bolter comes down like a toboggan, scooping in its victim as it goes, its own impetus carrying it up the next slope, where it again slaps its tail over the ridge and waits. Whole parties of tourists are reported to have been gulped at one scoop by taking parties far back into the hills. The animal is a menace not only to tourist but to the woods as well. Many a draw through spruce-covered slopes has been laid low, the trees being knocked out by the roots or mowed off as by a scythe where the bolter has crashed down through from the peaks above.

COTW#241: European Man-Horse
The European Man-Horse is a creature with a horde or deer like body with the head of a man. One sighting occurred in Norfolk,England in 1994 when the witness was driving home he came upon a large horse like animal walking on the side of the road but when he looked, he saw the head of the creature was a mans.

Another sighting occurred in 1966 in County Louth, Ireland  the witness was driving down the road where the man horse appeared infront of him, it blocked their path for 2 minutes than raided away.

Interesting to note a Similar entity is found in San Antonio, the Donkey Lady, a lady with the head snd hooves of a donkey that appeared on Donkey lady Bridge. 

Info from Mysteries of Planet Earth by Karl P.N. Shuker.

MonsterIslandExpanded: Tyrannosaurus rex ingens
Name:Tyrannosaurus rex Ingens
Type: Dinosaur Hybrid
Species: Tyrannosaur clone
Diet: Carnivore
Discovery: 1988 first cloned
Original Home: Isla Nublar/Sorna
Original Population: 5
Color: Brown/green/orange
Monster Island Arrival: Sorna:2005 Nublar:2015
Monster Island habitat: Fern Forests/Jungle island center
Population Now: 8

Tyrannosaurus rex was one of the most dangerous of the common dinosaurs 66 million years ago during the cretaceous era. It’s gigantic size and formidable appearance launched the beast to the top of dinosaur populaty.Tyrannosaurus rex grew in both popularity and in knowledge as more and more remains where found of the beast, eventually one find would lead to the resurrection of a beast so dangerous it would compare the kaiju of the modern era.

“Tyrannosaurus rex, tyrant lizard, they reigned for 20 million years. We..we grew several of them, the 7 rulers of the island”. -John Hammond

In 1988 man cloned the second dinosaur of all time, but the first Tyrannosaurus, Ingen was responsible for the first cloned dinosaurs and other extinct species. To date Tyrannosaurus is one of the most dangerous biological creations man has ever constructed, the dna was not just Tyrannosaur but frog, Komodo Dragon and Saltwater Crocodile. Upon adolescents ingen studied habits of the tyrannosaurs, average height around 14 feet and 41 feet in length, 7 tons in weight. The first individual was Rexy, the fan name of the first tyrannosaur, 7 other tyrannosaurs would be breed on Island sorna along with rexy but only she would be taken to Nublar. In 1996 a severe storm would hit Isla Sorna and ingen staff was forced to leave the island as quick as possible, leaving the dinosaurs behind, this caused outbreaks from the enclosures holding many species of dinosaurs, thus the dinosaurs would take to the wilds of Island sorna for more than 3 years.

Meanwhile on Isla nublar, rexy had already been roaming free across the island for 6 years, surviving on the populations of dinosaurs left behind In jurassic park after 1993 and roamed Jurassic park till 2003 when captured by an ingen search team and sold to who would run Jurassic world. In 2015 another disaster would occur causing various deaths both human and dinosaur and all dinosaurs on Isla Nublar would be confiscated and taken to holding facility near monster island for a short while then released to monster island itself  along with the few dinosaurs taken from Isla Sorna in 1999.

2000 was the first wave of Ingens dinosaurs set out to monster island, most species adapted well and would breed into high numbers, Tyrannosaurus rex ingens however only gained 3 more individuals from a breeding pair that was mated back on Isla Sorna, they gave birth to 3 more hatchlings in the last brood.  No other individuals have come from the other tyrannosaurs as they have all mated with non Ingen dinosaurs such as the V.rex and Allosaurus Gwangi, leading to stillborn eggs.

Tyrannosaurus ingens survives in the center of monster island where they were originally parachuted down in large metal crates, they keep in the most center of fern forests and jungle spotted through large areas of grasslands which is patrolled by Polar Tyrannosaurus rex. Tyrannosaurus rex ingens feeds on many of its old pray such as triceratops and parasaurolophus but is an opportunistic predator, meaning it could and will feed almost anything it thinks it can kill, from small mammals to the medium sized sauropods and even columbian mammoth, and giant insects, reptiles and birds.

No fatalities have occured in the species as of 2018.

Rexy is a curious member of the species, she is an older model of Tyrannosaurus ingen thus when she was exposed to radiation of the some of the kaiju, her dna morphed her into a monster while the other tyrannosaurs remained the same. Rexy grew to be 40 meters in length with a half erect poster her body became covered in in crocodilian skales and large horns developed on her brow, she is now on the mutant kaijus of the island so powerful that if she so choose it would be impossible to contain her, much like gorosaurus, gorgo and Godzilla.
MonsterIslandExpanded: Invertebrates 1
Monster Island Invertebrates

Dragon Mosquito: a somewhat common large variant of mosquito with the females measuring 4.45 cm in length

Monster Vinegaroon: Also known as Thelyphonus monstrous  is a type of large whip scorpion measuring 1.2 meters from claws to tail tip. The Monster Vinegaroon can be found in the deserts of Monster island. It also has the ability to discharge a powerful acidic liquid it uses to hunt with. 

Sweeper Beetle: This species of Rhinoceros Beetle over the generations evolved prehensile sweeping organ it uses to filter algaes and bacteria from bodies of water, it is common around the freshwater sea. 

Death Crawler Skolopendra: Several species of centipede and millepede can be found on Monster Island, the largest natural species being the Death Crawler which has a length of 2.1 meters. Found in the deep jungles and rainforests of the island. 

Stego nail: Named for the thagomizer like spikes on its shell, this snail an grow as large as a medium sized lamb. The Stego-snail can be found in extremely humid areas of land on the island such as the swamps and deep jungle. 

Verious Isopoda: An Untold number of Isopods exist in and around the island, the largest of which being longer than 1 meter and an active carnivore. 
COTW#240: The Fouke Monster

The Swamp Stalker of Boggy Creek, also known as the Fouke Monster or Southern Sasquatch, is a large brown humanoid that lives near Fouke, Arkansas.

It has made major news and tracks have indeed been found. It is very vicious and attacks humans. Many people have been terrified by the creature. Local legends of an apelike creature date back to 1946, when it was called the Jonesville Monster(based on the town where it was initially sighted), sighted again in the mid-1960's, the creature didn't make local headlines until 1971 when it was said to have attacked the home of Bobby and Elizabeth Ford.

The Fouke Monster was the inspiration for the 1972 documentary film "The Legend of Boggy Creek", directed by the late Charles B. Pierce, which in turn inspired additional sightings up through the late 1990's. Four more films based around the Boggy Creek Monster were released subsequently between 1972 and 2011.

The Southern Sasquatch is described as a giant, human-like ape creature with long arms, long, dark hair, three toes on each foot and bright red eyes the size of silver dollars. It's said to walk with a shuffling gait and run in a hunched or slouched posture while swinging its arms, like a primate. Original reports from the 1970's describe the creature as 7 feet tall, up to 300 pounds and a chest about 3 feet wide. The creature's alleged footprints are said to measure 17 inches long and 7 inches wide.

The Swamp Monster's purported foot prints have called into question the legitimacy of the creature for many skeptics and researchers. The prints, which have a three toes, are completely unlike the five-toed feet of all known primates



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